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SAR/STR Writing

Course Format: Live Online

    Learning Points

    • Determine when a SAR/STR needs to be filed
    • Know your SAR/STR audience
    • Identify essential information to include in SAR/STR
    • Prepare an impactful and comprehensive narrative
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    Intended Audience

    • Intermediate career AML professionals
    • Compliance professionals
    • SAR writing teams
    • Transaction monitoring managers
    • Internal FIU
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      Course Structure

      • Four-week online certificate
      • Available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)
      • 30-minute introductory video featuring case studies and foundational principles
      • Two 90-minute interactive live virtual classrooms
      • Pass a 20-question multiple choice test and you will receive the SAR/STR Writing Certificate
      • Your results are available immediately