ACAMS Product Info Session



The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) designation denotes a superior level of understanding of international AML/CFT principles. Obtaining CAMS Certification distinguishes you as an AML/CFT authority and helps mitigate institutional financial crime risks. Internationally renowned and accepted, world governments acknowledge the CAMS Certification as the gold standard in AML/CFT compliance.


CGSS is a certification that equips an organization’s workforce with a credential to compliance with sanctions, in a world of increasingly complex laws, regulations, and policies. CGSS is global, allowing multinational institutions to strategically and uniformly apply the same program for all global employees. Make your workforce CGSS-certified and demonstrate to regulators a strong commitment to compliance in sanctions.


Effective KYC/CDD is essential to preventing financial crime, and CKYCA - the new CKYCA certification provides a new global standard for professionals in the sector.


Monitoring transactions for suspicious activity is an essential function of AML compliance programs. This new CTMA certification establishes a new global standard for the knowledge and skills required for alert investigators, and helps organizations address financial crime risk by ensuring their personnel are properly trained and demonstrate their knowledge through a formal certification exam.


This session is exclusive to ADB members only.


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年度无限畅享整个 ACAMS 网络研讨会资料库

开通 ACAMS 网络研讨会高级订阅账号,即等同于获得一张无限制访问年卡,可解锁 ACAMS 网络研讨会资料库的所有内容,包括即将举行和现有的免费和付费网络研讨会。800 多个小时的培训,涵盖 40 多个反金融犯罪主题。

Who Should Attend?

BSA / AML Officers
KYC / Onboarding
Risk Manager


AML Audit / Testing
AML Overall
Anti-Bribery / Corruption
Chief AML Role and Responsibility
Corporate Banking
Counter-Terrorist Financing
Enforcement Actions
Financial Compliance Controls
Financial Crime (Fraud)
Law Enforcement Relationships
Politically Exposed Persons
Risk Assessment

Skill Area

AML Compliance Skills and KYC / CDD
Predicate Crimes and Typologies
Investigations and Suspicious Activity
Governance and Oversight
Auditing and Assurance
Compliance Technology


Correspondent Banking
Private Banking