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    The ACAMS U.S. Capital Chapter is at the heart of the U.S. regulatory universe. Many of our members work daily with the people who monitor and enforce federal AML laws and regulations. Other members have the distinction, shared by thousands across the country and the world, of being part of the front line of defense against the crime of money laundering. This combined perspective and knowledge puts the U.S. Capital Chapter at the crossroads ofwhere vigilance meets compliance. This Chapter is dedicated to the mission of ACAMS, the strong growth of the CAMS certification within the AML community and doing our part in strengthening the inherently close bonds of regulators, law enforcement, law makers and AML

    To join as a chapter member, you must have an active ACAMS membership.

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    What opportunities are available by joining the ACAMS U.S. Capital Chapter?


    • To be part of a unique AML community in the midst of the people and institutions that shape our regulatory environment;
    • To learn and share AML best business practices face-to-face with peers and AML community leaders and experts;
    • To attend presentations from subject matter experts, plus representatives of the regulatory and law enforcement communities;
    • To add your voice, experience and expertise in a local effort to promote, expand and enhance the AML community; and
    • To continue to make ACAMS and the CAMS certification the hallmark of the best in the AML profession.

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