Assumed vs. Actual Risk – The New World of Behavior Based Risk Modeling

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  • When: January 22, 2019
  • Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET
  • Level: All

Financial Institutions have developed a view of assumed risk based on a number of different inputs from scores to KYC information and negative news searches. How accurate is this view, however? In this webinar, we will learn that behavior is the ultimate determinant of actual risk and that measuring behavior, and most importantly, changes in behavior require new techniques, tools and technologies.

Learning Objectives

  • Why our current model of assumed risk is both inefficient and ineffective
  • Why the foundational element of a behavior based model lies in segmentation
  • Why movement between segments is a far better determinant of risk than our standard refresh or review cycles
  • How these techniques can be integrated with existing systems to dramatically enhance the performance and operational efficiency of the financial crimes organization

Who Should Attend

  • Compliance Personnel
  • General Counsel
  • Risk Officers


  • Financial Institutions
  • Fraud Detection
  • Europe

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Douglas Stevenson
  • Doug Stevenson, CAMS

  • Global Head of Financial Services
  • Ayasdi


Doug Stevenson is a VP and the Global Head of Financial Services at Ayasdi. As a certified anti-money laundering specialist (CAMS) and certified financial crimes investigator (FCI), Doug comes to Ayasdi from Pitney Bowes where he served as the General Manager of their Global Financial Crimes and Compliance business unit. Prior to Pitney Bowes, Doug was a managing director at Apprenda and Alfabet and a director at StreamBase Systems. Doug has more than 18 years of experience in the financial services industry across banking, capital markets, asset management financial crimes, enterprise compliance, quantitative strategies, and fraud management.

Jim Richards
  • Jim Richards

  • Founder and Principal
  • RegTech Consulting


After 30+ years as an attorney, prosecutor, and BSA officer Jim has decided to take that experience and help others. His new company RegTech Consulting is developing the next generation of AML and Financial Crimes Professionals, technologies, and programs. His firm offers mentorship to BSA or AML officers and supports with building or supporting financial crimes programs for venture capital funds, local banks, multinational financial institution, and cannabis businesses.

Corey Cardine
  • Corey Cardine

  • Global Financial Crimes Data Analytics
  • Crowe


Corey Cardine joined Crowe LLP as a Senior Manager, Global Financial Crime in November 2018. He is part of an advanced analytical context team at Crowe which is helping clients implement machine learning, network analytics, and topological data analysis to help fight financial crime. Corey is a recognized leader in financial crime technology and analytics. As the former head of Compliance Technology at Wells Fargo and Global Head of Risk Analytics Financial Crimes at HSBC, he has over twenty-five years of experience in being accountable for and delivering technology and analytical components of successful AML regulatory remediation programs for the US and large global banking organizations. In 2015, he was appointed as Global Head of Financial Crime Analytics at HSBC Group in London and lead the implementation of innovative analytical techniques and remediation of HSBC’s global regulatory orders until his retirement in 2018.