Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation: Panacea for Financial Crime Compliance or Pandora’s Box?

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  • When: January 20, 2020
  • Time: 1-2PM GMT
  • Level: All

The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) has improved a number of functions within the anti-financial crime industry, including risk assessment, transaction and account monitoring, as well as investigative, due diligence, and intelligence analysis processes. However, adopting AI and RPA tools also carry risks, raising concerns for compliance professions about how transparent the way the tools work actually is and what their implications are for organizational accountability. During this webinar, our expert panelists will identify both the benefits and potential problems associated with AI and RPA for the financial crime compliance industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Exploring the capabilities, practical applications and benefits of AI and RPA, including reducing costs, effectively managing risks and increasing productivity
  • Reviewing real-life cases where AI and RPA are applied to CDD and screening controls using natural language processing and text mining techniques
  • Auditing AI and RPA systems to troubleshoot problems, including data quality or algorithmic bias issues

Who Should Attend

  • Compliance Personnel
  • Technology Officers
  • Industry Consultants


  • Europe
  • Global
  • Bank

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Samantha Sheen
  • Samantha Sheen

  • Financial Crime Prevention Advisor


Sam is a financial crime prevention professional with over 15 years of practical experience in compliance.  Sam holds a number of qualifications and is recognised as a subject matter expert in the field of financial crime. Sam’s previous work experience includes working as MLRO, Data Protection Officer, CCO and Group Head of AML for various financial institutions, both offshore and in Europe. Sam also worked offshore for several years as the first legal counsel to the financial regulator in Guernsey and subsequently set up the financial crime division, overseeing the examination of a variety of financial institutions. She continues to maintain ongoing engagement with other regulators on financial crime matters.

Sam has extensive training experience in the field of financial crime prevention and corporate governance matters. She has most recently been involved in projects related to FinTech businesses and the use of RegTech, to mitigate financial crime and list management relating to the screening of customers and third parties. Sam most recently worked with ACAMS Europe as its AML Director. Sam is recognised by ACAMS as a subject matter expert in sanctions and has co-authored a number of online certificate courses, facilitated working groups on 4/5AMLD in Europe and is a recognised subject matter trainer on financial crime. Originally from Montreal, Quebec Canada, Sam holds a Bachelor of Public Administration and a Law Degree, in which she is qualified as a barrister and solicitor. In addition, Sam holds her Master’s in Business, specialising in risk management.


Anna Issel
  • Anna Issel

  • Head of Business Line AFC for Wealth Management
  • Deutsche Bank AG


Anna Issel is a Managing Director and Global Head for AFC Wealth Management. Her responsibilities include advising WM on all financial crime related topics, including high risk KYC files as well as optimisation of processes related to client on-boarding and client monitoring.

Anna spent almost her entire career at DB, joining as an analyst c. 15 years ago. She has held leadership positions in Group Strategy, focusing on Principal M&A as well as Integration and Transformation. Subsequently, Anna joined Group Audit as a Chief Auditor for Anti-Financial Crime, building out dedicated AML and Sanctions teams, and working closely with key regulators such as FRBNY, BaFin, and ECB.

Anna was educated at European Business School in Germany and got an MBA degree at James Madison University in USA.

Luca Primerano
  • Luca Primerano

  • Chief AI Officer
  • Napier


Luca Primerano is the Chief AI Officer at Napier, where he focuses on running artificial intelligence programmes partnering with tier-1 universities and clients. Luca has extensive experience in decision automation and digital transformation that he gained at Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Deloitte and has an MS in engineering from Politecnico di Milano specialising in anomaly detection, data correlation and pattern identification.

Malcolm Wright
  • Malcolm Wright

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Diginex


Malcolm Wright is Chief Compliance Officer at Diginex and is based in Hong Kong. Prior to this, Malcolm was Chief Compliance Officer at Revolut in London. In his earlier career, Malcolm held senior several leadership roles within Thomson Reuters’s anti-financial crime business, including overseeing the development and launch of World-Check One and sitting on the leadership that brought the world’s first KYC Managed Service to market.

Malcolm speaks internationally on a variety of topics in particular the FATF Recommendations for Virtual Asset Service Providers. He also sits on international committees including chairing the AML Working Group at Global Digital Finance, an industry-led initiative setting codes of conduct and best practices for the crypto-asset industry. In this respect, Malcolm has also designed and validated an industry answer to the FATF Recommendation 16 for virtual asset firms.