APAC Focus: Quarterly AML / CFT and Financial Crime Briefing (in Mandarin)
亚太区季度反洗钱 / 反恐融资和金融犯罪简报 (以普通话进行)

  • When:
    14 December 2018 (Friday)
  • Time:
    10:00am – 11:00am (Hong Kong Time)
    早上10时至11 时(香港时间)
  • Level:

During the webinars, the speakers will have an in-depth discussion about the recent AML challenges among greater China or Asia Pacific region. Case studies or future AML prospects maybe also covered in the quarterly webinars.

于网络研讨会中, 我们的讲者将重点探讨、回顾或前瞻大中华地区、以至亚太区的反洗钱 / 反金融犯罪的挑战、进行个案分析及计划未来的最佳反洗钱工作框架。

Learning Objectives 学习目标

  • 形势分析:梳理、总结近期中国及大中华区的洗钱风险挑战及反洗钱监管形势,分析未来反洗钱监管与合规重点
    Analysis of Overall Situation in AML: Summarize the recent money laundering risks and regulatory scrutiny in Greater China, and analyze the future AML supervision and compliance priorities.
  • 政策概要:概括、分析中国反洗钱监管落地“风险为本”监管思路,实施法人监管及细化监管要求的相关监管制度要求
    Regulation Summary: Summarize and analyze the ‘risk-based’ approach utilized in China AML regulatory regime as well as the detailed regulatory requirements on the implementation for financial institutions.
  • 分类评级:中国监管全面推行反洗钱分类评级工作,推动法人义务机构关注反洗钱治理框架设计、实施措施要点以及加强对高风险领域管控及内部监督措施等方面的工作开展。
    Institutional Risk Rating on AML: China regulator requires all financial institutions to conduct self-evaluation on ML/TF risk and relevant controls, in order to further enhance the design of AML governance framework, implementation, the risk mitigation measures on high-risk areas and AML internal control.


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Moderator 主持人

  • Joyce Hsu, CAMS-FCI | 许胧方 (CAMS-FCI)

  • AML Director – North Asia | 北亚区反洗钱合规策略总监
  • ACAMS | 公认反洗钱师协会

Bio | 简介

Ms. Hsu has over 27 years’ experience in the banking industry and joined ACAMS as a subject-matter expert last year, with the primary responsibility of developing and executing a strategy in AML/CFT training and knowledge-sharing with a focus in the Mandarin Chinese language. Previously, she was in charge of security and investigation service for Citi Taiwan. Her previous experience includes 5 years being responsible for providing Financial Crime and Operational Risk Management solutions for a leading Consulting firm with a particular expertise in AML and Operational Risk Management. Her expertise is focused on financial crime management and investigation. Various roles included progressing from being a front line operator, sales to senior manager of a headquartered-operation center with further progression into a risk manager role. Some accomplishments included: building up Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud Management for tier one banks in China; designing and implementing ORM tools and systems for an entire bank; and leading a team to develop the banking operation management capability for one of the largest banks in China.

许胧方女士拥有逾27年银行从业经验。她于2016年加入公认反洗钱师协会(ACAMS),为协会的| 北亚区反洗钱合规策略总监,主要负责反洗钱和反恐融资活动相关议题的培训及知识共享策略的制定和执行,尤其是对以华语为主要语言的大中华区。此前,她曾任职于花旗银行(台湾),主管安全和调查服务部门。许女士在防范金融犯罪和风险管理领域拥有尤为丰富的从业经验,曾连续5年负责为一家全球领先的顾问公司提供金融犯罪和风险管理解决方案。她擅长金融犯罪管理和调查。许女士在银行任职期间曾担任多种职位,从基层客服、销售,到总部运营中心和风险管理。她的成就包括:辅导中国多家第一级银行建立反洗钱和反欺诈管理机制、为中国四大行之一设计反洗钱及合规体系,为四大行之一设计规划全面风险管理体系,以及带领团队为一家中国超大型银行打造银行集中运营管理机制及流程。

Speakers 讲者

LI Xiaojie
  • LI Xiaojie, CAMS-Audit | 李小杰 (CAMS-Audit)

  • Director, Financial Services Risk | 金融服务部总监
  • Ernst & Young | 安永(中国)企业咨询有限公司

Bio | 简介

Ms. LI Xiaojieis Director in Financial Services Risk Management of Ernst & Young. She has experience in anti-money laundering consulting, evaluation and rectification assistance for large commercial and policy banks, China Branch of global foreign banks, Chinese and foreign insurance companies, and various fund management institutions.

Ms. Li has extensive experience in Anti-money laundering and counter -terrorist financing risk management that relate to banking, financing and electronic payment, she is well-known AML/CTF experts, compliance management experts in china. Ms. Li is appointed as a visiting professor at the People’s Bank of China, Zhengzhou Training Institute and the researcher of China Centre for Anti-Money Laundering Studies FuDan University.

Prior to joining EY, Ms. Li has been the Senior Director of a financial services group leading AML Center supporting risk control for a big technology company’s national and international business, responsible for set up AML framework aligned with business growth. And Ms. LI has been the head of Anti-Money Laundering Division of one of top global banks managing AML compliance control, establish risk management strategy and risk appetite, build suspicious monitoring mechanism and system platform, supervise AML training, inspection and performance assessment. as the first pilot unit. As the first pilot unit, led the program to complete the comprehensive reforms work of Anti-money laundering of PBOC.

Ms. Li was graduated with bachelor of engineering degrees from Wuhan University of Technology, Master degree of professional accounting and Master degree of finance in the UNSW Australia. In addition, she got Advanced AML Audit Certification, CAMS, CDCS (Certified Documentary Credit Specialist) and CPA Australia.


李小杰女士具备丰富的银行、支付等金融机构的反洗钱、反恐怖主义融资方面的从业和管理工作经验,身为业界知名的反洗钱/反恐怖主义融资专家,目前为中国人民银行郑州培训学院客座教授、复旦大学 中国反洗钱研究中心特聘研究员。


李小杰女士在武汉理工大学获得工学学士学位,并于澳大利亚新南威尔士大学获得商学硕士学 位(国际会计专业、 金融专业)。 曾获国际公认高级反洗钱审计师(Advanced AML Audit Certification )、国际公认反洗钱师(Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist®, CAMS)、跟单信用证专家 (CDCS)、澳大利亚注册会计师 (CPA Australia)资格。

  • ZHU Feimo | 朱非墨 (CAMS-Audit)

  • Senior Manager, Financial Services Risk Management | 金融服务部高级经理
  • Ernst & Young | | 安永(中国)企业咨询有限公司

Bio | 简介

Mr. Zhu Feimo is a Senior Manager in Financial Services Risk Management of Ernst & Young. He provided AML advisory service to a great number of financial institutions including banks, insurance companies, securities companies, fund management companies, etc. He has extensive experience in AML organization structure, risk assessment, control and procedures, IT solution, etc.

Prior to joining EY, Mr. Zhu Feimo was employed in a tier-1 multinational bank and possess over 10 years’ experience in financial services risk management. He is currently a member of AML training team in a leading multinational bank. He is also a Certified Public Accountant of CICPA.


在加入安永之前,朱非墨先生曾供职于某跨国银行,拥有超过10年的金融业从业经验。目前是某跨国银行反洗钱培训团队的兼职讲师。曾获中国注册会计师 (CICPA)资格。