New AML Challenges and Solutions for Asian Financial Institutions (in Mandarin)
亚洲金融机构面向反洗钱新的挑战和解决方案 (以普通话进行)

  • When:17 February 2017日期 : 2017年2月17日
  • Time:10:00am – 11:00am (HKT)时间 : 10:00am – 11:00am (香港时间)
  • Level: All程度 : 适合所有人

As the banks start the new year, they are facing a formidable challenge: how to design, implement and manage an AML model that will satisfy the requirements of different regulators.

Although the emphasis and details may vary from one jurisdiction to another, banking supervisors have a clear agenda: to improve banks’ condition, risk controls and compliance culture.

随着新的年度开始,银行面临着巨大的挑战︰如何设计、 实施和管理有效的反洗钱模式来满足不同监管机构的要求。不同司法管辖区的监管要求可能不同,但都有明确的议题︰提高银行的体制、 风险管控和合规的文化。

Learning objectives include 学习目标:

  • Reviewing impact of global AML initiatives on Asia Pacific
  • Analyzing latest regional AML/CTF initiatives
  • Dissecting recent cases to formulate effective institutional defense measures

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Speaker(s) 讲师

  • Joyce Hsu, CAMS-FCI | 许胧方 (CAMS-FCI)

  • AML Director – North Asia | 北亚区反洗钱合规策略总监
  • ACAMS | 公认反洗钱师协会

Bio | 简介

Ms. Hsu has over 27 years’ experience in the banking industry and joined ACAMS as a subject-matter expert last year, with the primary responsibility of developing and executing a strategy in AML/CFT training and knowledge-sharing with a focus in the Mandarin Chinese language. Previously, she was in charge of security and investigation service for Citi Taiwan. Her previous experience includes 5 years being responsible for providing Financial Crime and Operational Risk Management solutions for a leading Consulting firm with a particular expertise in AML and Operational Risk Management. Her expertise is focused on financial crime management and investigation. Various roles included progressing from being a front line operator, sales to senior manager of a headquartered-operation center with further progression into a risk manager role. Some accomplishments included: building up Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud Management for tier one banks in China; designing and implementing ORM tools and systems for an entire bank; and leading a team to develop the banking operation management capability for one of the largest banks in China.

许胧方女士拥有逾27年银行从业经验。她于2016年加入公认反洗钱师协会(ACAMS),为协会的| 北亚区反洗钱合规策略总监,主要负责反洗钱和反恐融资活动相关议题的培训及知识共享策略的制定和执行,尤其是对以华语为主要语言的大中华区。此前,她曾任职于花旗银行(台湾),主管安全和调查服务部门。许女士在防范金融犯罪和风险管理领域拥有尤为丰富的从业经验,曾连续5年负责为一家全球领先的顾问公司提供金融犯罪和风险管理解决方案。她擅长金融犯罪管理和调查。许女士在银行任职期间曾担任多种职位,从基层客服、销售,到总部运营中心和风险管理。她的成就包括:辅导中国多家第一级银行建立反洗钱和反欺诈管理机制、为中国四大行之一设计反洗钱及合规体系,为四大行之一设计规划全面风险管理体系,以及带领团队为一家中国超大型银行打造银行集中运营管理机制及流程。

Lynn Na Li
  • Lynn Na Li, CAMS-Audit | 李娜 (CAMS-Audit)

  • Executive Director of Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services | 审计及法证调查服务执行总监
  • Ernst & Young (China) Advisory Limited | 安永(中国)

Bio | 简介

Ms. Li accumulated over 18 years’ experience in financial industry with ample knowledge in operational risks, ethics, compliance, and experience in middle and back offices. With over 13 years of her career in Financial Crime Compliance, her experience covers a wide range of sections including Anti-Money Laundering, Sanction, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption, etc. She has deep understanding of AML and Sanctions processes and procedures, the China regulatory landscape as well as the regulators’ expectations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, US and Japan.

Ms. Li holds an MBA from Chinese University of Electronics, Science and Technology. During her banking experience, Ms. Li took the responsibility to conduct the first round of FATF Mutual Evaluation representing the bank she worked in 2006. She was involved in great amount of translation of stipulations and was appointed to compose and revise many AML laws and regulations. In 2008 Ms. Li leading her team, assisted The People’s Bank of China to compose the basic framework of the book “Anti-Money Laundering: Global Experience and Reference”, and was responsible for the composition of “The Section of Japan”. She was awarded as “Remarkable Individual of AML” by PBOC each year since 2008 to 2015. In 2014, she led her team to win the title of “Remarkable Institution of AML”. In 2016, as a representative of her bank, Li Na was elected to be the deputy team leader of AML Professional Group in Shanghai Banking Association. In 2017, Li Na was invited to join the AML Professional Group, organized by PBOC Shanghai Branch, as a critical group member. At present, the IRA standards and procedures of the security section are completed by the team.

As a senior professional expert in the industry, Li Na was frequently invited by PBOC, China Banking Association and other organizations to give lectures. In 2017, as an extraordinary global member of ACAMS, she and her experience was depicted in the special edition of ACAMS’s magazine.




Joanna Chi-Jen Ching
  • Joanna Chi-Jen Ching, CAMS | 庆启人(CAMS)

  • Prosecutor | 检察官
  • Taiwan High Prosecutors Office | 台湾高等法院检察署

Bio | 简介

Ms. Joanna Chi-Jen Ching receives her LL.M. degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in the U.S.A. She has been a Public Prosecutor in Taiwan for more than 25 years since November of 1991. She devotes most of her career in financial crime investigation and prosecution in various field offices throughout Taiwan. In 2002, she was awarded by the US State Department as a Fulbright Fellow to conduct independent research on computer crime in the George Washington University Law School, Washington, DC. Later in 2006, she was invited to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program of the US State Department on “international crime issue”. In 2008, she was responsible for investigating a very famous money laundering case about Taiwan’s former President Chen, Shui-Bian. She frequently speaks at some international conference regarding cross border crime, anti-money laundering and human trafficking. She is also a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) of Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) and a CAMS Trainer. Currently she is working in Taiwan High Prosecutors Office.

庆启人女士于1999年毕业于美国宾州大学法学院(University of Pennsylvania Law School),取得硕士学位。庆启人自1991年起担任检察官,迄今已逾二十余年,服务单位遍及台湾各地检察署,侦办案件多为重大犯罪、经济犯罪及跨国犯罪。于2000年至2005年间于法务部检察司负责研究经济犯罪防制、查缉计算机犯罪与侵害知识产权之政策督导、国际司法互助协议之谈判及反洗钱之政策及立法。庆启人于检察司任职其间,因表现优异而于2002年间,为美国国务院授予傅尔布莱特学者(Fulbright Fellow),赴美国华盛顿特区之乔治华盛顿大学法学院(George Washington University Law School)从事为期6个月之计算机犯罪之研究。嗣于2006年,再度受美国国务院之邀,参与国际菁英领导计划,赴美进行为期三周之「国际犯罪议题」考察。2008年,台湾爆发前总统陈水扁之洗钱案,即由时任主任检察官之庆启人负责海外洗钱案之调查。侦办案件之外,庆启人经常受邀于国际会议演说有关跨境犯罪、反洗钱及防制人口贩运之议题。她也是公认反洗钱师协会(Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialists , ACAMS)认证之反洗钱师(Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, CAMS)及反洗钱师之导师(Certified CAMS Instructor)。庆启人因办案成效卓著,而于2013年9月获擢升至台湾高等法院检察署担任检察官,目前负责上诉审法院关于重大犯罪之公诉并督导跨境犯罪之查缉。