Reviewing the Impact of the Latest FATF Guidance on the Crypto Industry

  • When: | 日程: March 6, 2020 | 2020 年 3 月 6 日
  • Time: | 時間: 12PM – 1PM JST
  • Level: | 対象レベル: All | 全レベル

** This Webinar will be conducted in Japanese **

** このウェビナーは日本語で行います **

As the G20 has highlighted in 2019, virtual asset service providers (VASPs) face significant money laundering (ML) and terrorist financing (TF) risks that all countries must assess and mitigate. In responding to such an urgent need to prevent criminal and terrorist abuse of the sector, FATF finalized the FATF Standards on VASPs in June 2019, following by public consultation on Recommendation 15 (New Technologies). Recommendation 15 7(b) seeks to introduce wire transfer recommendations required of the traditional banking sector into the crypto industry. That is, originator and beneficiary information is collected, screened and transmitted between correspondent institutions with the objective to prevent criminals and terrorists having unfettered access to the financial system.


Learning Objectives


  • Reviewing the impact of the latest FATF Guidance on the crypto industry.
  • Providing guidance and clarification for Virtual Asset Service Providers;
  • Analyzing key business, product and services of VASPs, and possible abuse of digital currencies to identify unique risks and risk mitigation
  • 仮想通貨交換業界に影響を及ぼす最新のFATF勧告を検証
  • 仮想通貨交換業者(VASP)への説明とガイダンス
  • 仮想通貨を用いたビジネス、商品・サービスの概要を把握し、AMLの観点から固有のリスクやリスク低減策事例を理解する

Who Should Attend


  • Compliance Personnel
  • Technology Officers
  • Vendors / Technology Providers
  • Industry Consultants
  • Transaction Monitoring Specialists
  • コンプライアンス担当者
  • 技術責任者(テクノロジー・オフィサー)
  • 提供業者(ベンダー)・テクノロジー業者
  • 業界コンサルタント
  • 取引モニタリング専門家

Region / Industry


  • Global
  • Banking
  • Fintech
  • 世界各国
  • 銀行業
  • フィンテック

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Masahiko Hibino
  • Masahiko Hibino, CAMS | 日比野 正彦、CAMS

  • Country Head of Japan | ACAMS 日本代表
  • ACAMS | 公認 AML スぺシャリスト協会

Bio | 略歴

Masahiko Hibino, CAMS is the Country Head of Japan at the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) based in Tokyo. Prior to joining ACAMS, Mr. Hibino had served 25 years at JPMorgan Chase Japan and London as Corporate & Financial Institutions Client Executive and various Products Manager (capital market and tax-based financing) and four years for AML / Compliance solution business, as Sales Director of Japan at Fortent Inc. and Co-head of Actimize Japan, for three Japanese mega bank group.

チェース・マンハッタン銀行東京入行後、25ヶ年JPモルガン・チェース銀行(国内外)にて事業法人/金融法人営業及びプロダクトマネージャー・セールスを担当。2007年より2009年まで、Fortentセールスディレクタージャパン、2010年よりActimizeジャパン共同代表。この間、3メガ銀行向けAMLソリューションを担当。2010年9月よりACAMS (公認AMLスぺシャリスト協会) 日本代表に就く。



Arisa Matsuzawa
  • Arisa Matsuzawa, CAMS | 松澤 亜里沙、CAMS

  • Deputy Director | 室長補佐
    AML/CFT Policy Office | マネーローンダリング・テロ資金供与対策企画室
    Strategy Development and Management Bureau | 総合政策局
  • Financial Services Agency | 金融庁

Bio | 略歴

She’s been involved in FIs/DNFBP/VASPs supervisory since April 2018, from on-site inspections, off-site monitoring, to periodical outreaches to those sectors. In addition, she works closely with VASPs self-regulatory body, JVCEA to monitor the development of newly implemented FATF Standards to VA industries, and to closely liaison with FATF stakeholder when necessary.

Before joining JFSA, she worked as senior auditor participating APAC and Global audit, and leaded local AML audits. Previously she was working as AML/Sanction Compliance Officer, Transactor/RM, and other Japanese bank both in Tokyo and Singapore.

Yuichi Takano
  • Yuichi Takano | 高野 祐一

  • Assistant Manager | 課長
    Self-regulatory Div. | 自主規制本部
  • Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association | 日本仮想通貨交換業協会

Bio | 略歴

Since last year, Mr. Takano has administered JVCEA’S Working Group that is established so as to discuss issues with regard to the FATF’s travel rule in Virtual Asset industry. Prior to taking his position in JVCEA, Mr. Takano served at DMM Group in Legal Department and was involved in many cross-border businesses including Virtual Asset and Blockchain space.


Daisuke Nakao
  • Daisuke Nakao, CAMS | 中雄 大輔, CAMS

  • MUFG BANK, Ltd. | 三菱UFJ銀行
  • Chief Advisor | チーフ アドバイザー
  • Planning Department | グローバル金融犯罪対策部
  • Financial Crimes Office for Japan, Global Financial Crimes Division | グローバル金融犯罪対策室(日本)総括グループ

Bio | 略歴

Mr. Nakao joined The Bank of Tokyo in 1987 after graduating from the International Christian University. He has been in the present section since 2009, having previously experienced various positions in Tokyo, London and Paris.

1987年 国際基督教大学 卒業後、東京銀行に入行 東京、パリ、ロンドンでの勤務を経て2009年より現部署。