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AI for Financial Services

Course Format: Self-paced Online

    Learning Points

    • An introduction to the basics of AI and its impact on financial services
    • An overview of the potential implementations of AI within an organization
    • A deep dive into determining if your business is prepared for the future
    • A focus on successful implementation of AI solutions
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    US$ 350,00

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    US$ 350,00

    Intended Audience

    • Existing FinTech compliance staff
    • Compliance professionals
    • E-gaming businesses
    • Members of FI intelligence/investigation teams
    • Law Enforcement
    • AML Professionals
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    Course Structure

    • Four-week online certificate
    • Available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)
    • Content split into four sections, complete these at your own pace (within four weeks)
    • Pass a 58-question multiple choice test and you will receive the AI for Financial Services Certificate
    • Your results are available immediately
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