Live CAMS Exam Preparation Seminar – Macau (June 2019)
公認反洗錢師認證考試 (CAMS) 現場備考培訓課程 – 澳門 (2019年6月)

  • Date: 26 June 2019
    日期: 2019年6月26日
  • Where: Macau
    地區: 澳門
  • Venue: MGM Cotai
    Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau

    地點: 美獅美高梅

In this one day seminar, the instructor(s) will guide you through various topics in the CAMS Study Guide with useful sample questions. Candidates are welcome to discuss questions, exchange ideas and interact with instructor(s) and classmates throughout the seminar.

Attendees will receive six Qualifying Credits towards the CAMS Exam eligibility requirements.

This Mandarin Chinese Live CAMS Exam Preparation Seminar is FREE to attendees who are joining the ACAMS Inaugural Macau Symposium – “Enhanced AML and Financial Crime Tools & Techniques” with the CAMS Certification Package.

For registration and enquiries, please contact



凡參與6月27日ACAMS 第一屆澳門 《加強反洗錢/打擊金融犯罪實用工具和技巧》研討會並已購買國際公認反洗錢師資格認證考試(CAMS)之人士,可免費參加普通話現場備考培訓課程。


Agenda-at-a-glance 課程概要

*The seminar will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese*

8:00 – 9:00 Registration and Morning Tea
09:00 – 09:10 Welcome Remarks & Brief Introduction to ACAMS
09:10 – 10:45 Money Laundering Risks and Methods (Part I)
洗錢的風險及方法 (第一部分)
10:45 – 11:00 BREAK
11:00 – 11:30 Money Laundering Risks and Methods (Part II)
反洗錢的風險及方法 (第二部分)
11:30 – 12:30 International AML Standards (Part I)
國際反洗錢標準 (第一部分)
12:30 – 13:30 LUNCH
13:30 – 14:00 International AML Standards (Part II)
國際反洗錢標準 (第二部分)
14:00 – 15:00 Anti-Money Laundering Programs (Part I)
反洗錢合規制度 (第一部分)
15:00 – 15:15 BREAK
15:15 – 15:45 Anti-Money Laundering Programs (Part II)
反洗錢合規制度 (第二部分)
15:45 – 16:30 Conducting and Supporting Investigations
16:30 – 17:00 Exam Themes Review, Wrap Up, Q&A

Pricing 價格

CAMS Exam Candidates
Macau Symposium Attendee
Non-Symposium Attendee
Free 免費 USD 350 (350美金)

Registration Closed

Instructor 講師

  • Joyce Hsu, CAMS-FCI | 許朧方 (CAMS-FCI)

  • AML Director – North Asia | 北亞區反洗錢合規策略總監
  • ACAMS | 公認反洗錢師協會 (ACAMS)

Bio | 簡介

Ms. Hsu has over 27 years’ experience in the banking industry and joined ACAMS as a subject-matter expert since 2016, with the primary responsibility of developing and executing a strategy in AML/CFT training and knowledge-sharing with a focus in the Mandarin Chinese language. Her 20 years within group, she has worked and charge not only front line but also operation and risk department. Previously, she was in charge of security and investigation service for Citi Taiwan.

Her previous experience includes 5 years being responsible for providing Financial Crime and Operational Risk Management solutions for a leading Consulting firm with a particular expertise in AML and Operational Risk Management. Her expertise is focused on financial crime management and investigation. Various roles included progressing from being a front line operator, sales to senior manager of a headquartered-operation center with further progression into a risk manager role. Some accomplishments included: building up Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud Management for tier one banks in China; designing and implementing ORM tools and systems for an entire bank; and leading a team to develop the banking operation management capability for one of the largest banks in China.

許朧方女士擁有逾27年銀行從業經驗。她於2016年加入公認反洗錢師協會(ACAMS),為協會的反洗錢合規策略總監,主要負責反洗錢和反恐融資活動相關議題的培訓及知識共享策略的製定和執行,尤其是對以華語為主要語言的大中華區。她在集團工作的2 0年中, 不僅曾在第一線工作, 還曾經負責集中運營和風險部門。此前,她曾任職於花旗銀行(台灣),主管安全和調查服務部門。許女士在防范金融犯罪和風險管理領域擁有尤為豐富的從業經驗,曾連續5年負責為一家全球領先的顧問公司提供金融犯罪和風險管理解決方案。她擅長金融犯罪管理和調查。許女士在銀行任職期間曾擔任多種職位,從基層客服、銷售,到總部運營中心和風險管理。她的成就包括:輔導中國多家第一級銀行建立反洗錢和反欺詐管理機制、為中國四大行之一設計反洗錢及合規體系,為四大行之一設計規劃全面風險管理體系,以及帶領團隊為一家中國超大型銀行打造銀行集中運營管理機制及流程。