The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF)

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) is a leading provider of premium public courses, executive education, eLearning and tailored learning solutions with emphasis on the Financial and Professional Services Sector.

The EIMF specialises in professional qualifications, training courses and seminars for the Financial Services (Banks, Investment Firms, Funds, and Payment Institutions)) and Professional Services (Accountants, Lawyers, Fiduciary Services Providers, and Marketers) Sectors in the MENA region through a large number of specialised programmes and in-house training provision.

The EIMF offers a unique and diverse experience to each participant. It offers a large portfolio of learning and development programmes which are constantly updated to meet the ever-changing market needs. Participants can take advantage of the EIMF programmes through classroom or online training upon their individual needs.

The EIMF strives to satisfy the developmental requirements of busy professionals making sure that every programme is tailored to their needs in terms of content and delivery.