Fortifying Compliance Strategies to Fight Human Trafficking

  • When: July 22, 2016
  • Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM ET
  • Level: All

Ten Important Questions Regarding Human Trafficking

The International Labour Organization estimates there are 21 million people being held in various forms of slavery around the world, generating $150 billion every year in criminal profits. Migrant smuggling, sex trafficking and forced labor are scourges affecting all regions of the world, and with their illicit earnings being laundered through the global financial system it is incumbent on compliance programs to be vigilant in spotting and blocking criminal proceeds. This engaging panel examines this pervasive global issue to identify common typologies that indicate potential trafficking, detail best practices for investigating red flags, and develop strategies for partnering with law enforcement to bring perpetrators to justice.

Learning Objectives

  • Establishing institutional risk models that incorporate organized crime typologies
  • Examining funnel accounts and other common criminal behaviors to sharpen detection of human trafficking operations
  • Partnering with law enforcement to leverage investigative resources and facilitate comprehensive investigations

Who Should Attend

  • Law Enforcement
  • Compliance Officers
  • FIU/FCC Team Members
  • Internal Investigation Personnel


  • Global
  • Africa
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • MENA
  • North America
  • Bank

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John J. Byrne
  • John J. Byrne, Esq., CAMS

  • Vice Chairman
  • AML RightSource


Erin Clemens
  • Erin Clemens, CAMS

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Guzman & Company

Phillip Deluca
  • Phil DeLuca

  • Senior Vice President
  • US Bank

Peter Warrack
  • Peter Warrack, CAMS

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Bitfinex


Mr. Peter J. Warrack is the Chief Compliance Officer at Bitfinex. He was previously the Director, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and FINTEC Advisory, and Compliance Officer with the Bank of Montreal (BMO). He also manages ‘special projects’ and advises on major AML/CFT investigations and is a Certified Bitcoin Professional. He is formerly the Director AML Advisory and Director Risk Intelligence at BMO.

Prior to his current role he built two highly capable AML Financial Intelligence Units (AML FIUs) at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and BMO often described as “Universities of AML”.

Mr. Warrack was recruited to Canada by RBC leaving behind a successful career in law enforcement in the UK. In Canada, he successfully built and pioneered RBC’s intelligence –led fraud prevention approach setting the standard for ‘the culture of intelligence’ and intelligence-led analytics before specializing in AML.

Since coming to Canada, Mr. Warrack has been a proponent of joint / law enforcement investigations and actively involved with law enforcement in the legal sharing of information and best practices, which has resulted in numerous arrests and the interdiction of crime.

In January, 2016 Mr. Warrack initiated a joint public/private sector partnership to address human trafficking and sexual slavery in Canada, collaborating with law enforcement, FINTRAC, peer banks, government, and NGOs, the first of its kind in Canada and the subject of much and continuing success.

Mr. Warrack frequently presents and publishes on subjects including intelligence, fraud, money laundering, risk, human trafficking, and AML / Blockchain is often referred to as a practical academic and thought-leader. His contribution to the AML profession was recognized by his peers in 2011 when he received the Association of Certified Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) Professional of the Year Award.

In 2016 Mr. Warrack obtained his Certified Bitcoin Professional designation and was a guest speaker at the largest blockchain training conference in the world held in Toronto. Mr. Warrack’s work in providing thought leadership in this area and the links between cryptocurrencies and human trafficking continues in liaison with industry peers, law enforcement, and the technology sector internationally.

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