Login/Create Account Information

  • Do I need to be a member of ACAMS to be able to create an account?

    No. As a recruiter or employer you do not need to be a member of ACAMS to create an account.

  • How can I create an account?

    In order to utilize the career site you must first register and create an employer account. You may be prompted to validate your account. The validation process is simple and it only takes five minutes during regular business hours, and protects our users from spam. Also, validation is required to view the resumes on the site. Please follow validation instructions provided, and if you have any specific questions or concerns please contact the support team at (U.S.) 860-437-5700 (Monday through Friday 7:30am–7pm EST), (Europe) +0207-956-8888 or via email at clientserv@yourmembership.com. To login or create an account, click here.

  • I am having trouble logging in, what should I do?

    You must be a registered user to access the career site and post positions. If you think you are already registered you can click on the link “Forgot your password or having trouble logging in?” on the login page.

    Before you submit your email address to retrieve your password, be sure to test your browser cookies. They must be enabled. If you still cannot login, enter your email address in the provided fields and click “Retrieve Password.” Your login information will be emailed to you.

    Please note that this site is powered by YourMembership. You may be a registered user on another career site powered by YourMembership. Please try logging in with those credentials. If you are still having trouble, please call us at (U.S.) 860-437-5700, (Europe) +0207-956-8888 or email us at clientserv@yourmembership.com.

  • Why do I always get logged out? It seems I am always having to log back in.

    For your security, the software logs you out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you are using your own computer and you want to deactivate this feature, next time you login, check the checkbox “Save my login information.” This will keep you logged in from your computer until you log out of your account by clicking the “Logout” link.

  • What are cookies and why do they need to be enabled?

    Our system requires cookies in order to function properly. A cookie is simply a small piece of text stored on your computer by your browser. They are used for authentication and storing your website preferences. You can check your browser settings to adjust and customize your preferences.

  • How do I enable cookies?

    For chrome users: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=en

    For Internet Explorer users: Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options. Click the Privacy tab, and then, under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.


  • How do I post a job?

    To post a job you must be a registered user and be logged in to your account. Under the Employers tab, you can click on the “Post a Job” link, which brings you to the “Post/Create a Job” page. Choose the type of posting you wish to purchase and scroll down to enter your posting details.

    Please be sure to fill in all required fields marked with a red asterisk (*). All other fields are not required; however, we do recommend you provide as much information as possible to the jobseekers. When you have entered all the information, you can preview and post your job.

  • Is there an option to list a salary range or salary details?

    Employers have the ability to include details on salary range when posting their jobs. Located within the Job Details section of the job posting page, this feature will allow jobseekers to see a specific salary or salary range when viewing the job. Please note, it is not required that employers include this information—rather it is an option now available to them.

  • Is there a place where I can include the URL to my company in the job posting?

    Yes. Once you enter all your information for the job posting you also have the option to add a URL that will take future candidates to your company’s website.

  • Do you offer any services that will help me review a job post?

    While we do not have career expert staff onsite that offer this service, our YourMembership customer service representatives are trained to assist employers in this manner. They have reviewed postings and offered suggestions to help assist employers with better wording, generating more views, and more. To contact customer service, call (U.S.) 860-437-5700, (Europe) +0207-956-8888 or email clientserv@yourmembership.com.

  • Where is the spell check?

    You have the ability to spell check your job postings. This feature can be accessed within the job posting page by clicking the spell check icon on the HTML editor’s toolbar.

  • How long does it take for my job posting to be searchable by jobseekers?

    The job postings may take up to an hour to become viewable on the career site by jobseekers. Please note that you may not be able to search for your position by all possible search terms immediately after the posting goes live, as it can take up to 24 hours for all of the possible keyword combinations to be entered into our search system.

  • How do I edit my currently posted job?

    To edit a currently posted job, login to your employer account and click on the “My Jobs” tab. Here you will see the name of your position listed and to the right an icon with the heading of “Actions.” Mouse over this icon and click on the Edit link. Please note that if you try to edit an expired job you will be directed to repost or renew the job.

  • What are “My Jobs?”

    In this tab you have all the tools to view and manage your jobs and your colleagues’ jobs. We have given you all the tools to search for a specific job, edit the posting, repost or renew, and even easy access to posting a new job.

  • How can I sort my jobs?

    When you access “My Jobs” you can sort the default view by Position, Start date or End date (the column headings are blue and underlined for easy identification). When you click on the Position heading, jobs will be sorted in alphabetical order. If you click on the Position heading again, it will sort itself in reverse alphabetical order. By clicking on the Start Date heading, your postings will be sorted by newest to oldest. By clicking on the Start Date heading again, it will sort the dates by oldest to newest.

  • What is keyword search?

    Simply enter a keyword to search by job name, position title, company name, or job description. You can also enter the city name here to search for jobs posted for a specific city (if it was entered when the posting was created). If you have a YourMembership Job ID you can also enter it here to get quick access to a specific job.

  • What are advanced search options?

    If you have a lot of jobs to manage, advanced search will help you narrow your results.

    • Posted Between – Enter a date range to view jobs posted last week or last month, or whenever you think the job was posted.
    • Status – Simply select the status of the jobs you wish to view. For example, if you want to see how many expired jobs you have, select “expired” from the Status drop-down menu.
    • Country and State – Select a country and/or state to narrow your search even more.

    Input all your search criteria and click the Search button. Your search results will be displayed below with a summary of the criteria you entered. If you need to change anything, simply click “Show Advanced Search Options” to modify your previous search.

  • What is “Your Search Results for Criteria”?

    Here you can view the search criteria you selected before your search. You can remove any entered criterion by clicking the red X next to it. Edit your advanced search by clicking Show Advanced Search Options and expanding the advanced search menu.

  • What is Show Details view?

    Show Details provides you with a quick look at the posting information without having to leave the “My Jobs” page. Job Details provides a YourMembership Job ID assigned by the system. Here you can also view the job name, position, company name and a preview of the job description. Stats shows the number of views—if available—on the job board, and the number of applications if you chose to allow online applications via the job board. Please note that “views” is only available on participating sites. History will display dates the posting already ran. If you renewed or reposted this job, the renew or repost dates will be shown here.

  • What happens when I stop a job?

    You can stop an active job by clicking the checkbox next to it and then clicking the Stop button. Stopping a job will simply hide it from the jobseekers, but it will not delete it from your account. Stopped jobs are still active, since they have not reached the end of their expiration date. You can easily activate a stopped job by clicking the checkbox next to a job and then clicking the activate button.

  • What happens when I delete a job?

    When you select a job to be deleted it will be removed from your account completely. Please note that deleting a job posting does not cancel your order. If you are looking to cancel your order or have any questions about deleting a job, please contact customer support at support@yourmembership.com, (U.S.) 860-437-5700, or (Europe) +0207-956-8888.

  • What happens when I activate a job?

    You can activate a stopped job by clicking the checkbox next to it and then clicking the Activate button. Activating a job will make it visible to jobseekers, so that they can view the posting and apply for it. Please note that you cannot activate an expired job. You can only activate jobs if the posting date is still current. If the job is expired you first have to renew or repost it.

  • Can I view expired job postings?

    Yes. Once you login, go to “My Jobs.” This section allows you to view active and expired job postings.

  • Why does my active job show up in expired jobs view?

    It may be because it is expiring today. We just wanted to remind you that the posting is about to run out in case you want to renew it.

  • How do I renew a posting?

    You can begin renewing your posting up to four days before it is about to expire and up to four days after it expires. To renew a job posting, login to your employer account and click on the “My Jobs” tab. Here you will see the name of your position and to the right an icon with the heading of Actions. Mouse over this icon and click on the Renew post link. If your post is already expired, you will not see a “Renew” post link. Instead, you will see a “Repost” link.

  • What is renew and repost?

    You can renew a job for the same duration as the original posting product four days before it expires and four days after its expiration date. Outside of that eight-day window, you will be directed to repost the job and choose a posting product available on the job board.

  • How can I post a new job?

    To post a new job, simply click the “Post a New Job” button located directly below your name and logout link, or you can click on the “Post a Job” link at the top of the view.

Products and Pricing

  • What payment options do I have?

    We offer a variety of payment options. You will be prompted with available options after you create the posting. To view options, click here.

  • For the passive jobseeker package—how often do emails get sent out to financial crime professionals?

    The job flash email containing your posting will be sent out once during the course of your posting.

  • What is a banner ad and what are the ad specifications?

    We provide three different products for a banner ad. You can choose between a 30-day banner, a 90-day banner and a 6-month banner. A banner ad is displayed on the 10 most popular pages visited by jobseekers inside the job board. The ad specification options are:

    • Skyscraper ad: 160x600px (Featured on the Career Center homepage).
    • Leader Board ad: 728x90px or 180x150px (Featured on the Career Center Homepage at the top or bottom of the page.
    • Banner ad: 300 x 250px, 250x250px or 180x150px

    To add a banner ad, please contact Karla Monterrosa-Yancey at editor@acams.org or Alexa Serrano at aserrano@acams.org.

  • What are the 10 most popular pages visited by jobseekers?

    Job Search page, Job Search Results page, Job View page, Job Alerts page, Jobseeker Account Settings page, Career Resources page, Company Profile List page, Jobseeker My Account page, Resume Completed page, Resume View page.

  • What is a network posting?

    Our job board is part of the YourMembership Network of job boards. If you purchase a job posting that includes posting to the Finance Job Board Network, your post will appear on sites that belong to this network.

  • Who is included in the Network member sites?

    • Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance
    • American Society of Women Accountants – Houston Chapter
    • American Woman’s Society of CPAs
    • Arkansas Society of CPAs
    • Association for Computers and Taxation
    • Association for Financial Professionals – Nashville
    • Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS)
    • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)
    • Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals
    • Association of Government Accountants
    • Association of Public Treasurers of the United States
    • Beta Gamma Sigma
    • California Bankers Association
    • CareerBank
    • Colorado Society of CPAs
    • Commercial Finance Association
    • Compliance Week
    • Credit Union National Association (CUNA)
    • CunaCouncils.org
    • FinanceITjobs.com
    • Financejobs.NET
    • Financial Planning Association
    • Financial Planning Association of Florida
    • Financial Planning Association of Illinois
    • Financial Women’s Association of New York, Inc.
    • FindMortgageJobs.com
    • Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants
    • Global Association of Risk Professionals
    • Hedge Fund Association (HFA)
    • Hedge Fund Conferences
    • Identity Theft Protection Association
    • IMA
    • insideARM
    • IOFM Accounts Payable Exchange
    • Kentucky Bankers Association
    • Management Networks/Institute of Finance and Management
    • Michigan Bankers Association
    • Minnesota Association for Financial Professionals
    • Mortgage Bankers Association
    • NABA – National Association of Black Accountants-Philadelphia Chapter
    • NABE’s EconJobs.org
    • National Association of Black Accountants – Cleveland Chapter
    • National Association of Black Accountants – Pittsburgh Chapter
    • National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives
    • Nebraska Society of CPAs
    • New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants
    • NJBankers
    • North Dakota Society of CPAs
    • OBA Career Network
    • Ohio Society of CPAs
    • Professional Risk Managers’ International Association
    • Society of Financial Service Professionals
    • Society of Louisiana CPAs
    • Tampa Bay Association for Financial Professionals
    • Tennessee Society of CPAs
    • Texas Mortgage Bankers Association
    • Texas Society of CPAs
    • The American Bankers Association Career Center
    • The Institute of Internal Auditors
    • Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC)
    • USFN’s JobMart
    • Utah Association of CPAs
    • Washington Association of Accountanting & Tax Professionals
    • WIB Job Connect
  • Can enterprise members get a discount?

    Please refer enterprise member discount questions to Karla Monterrosa-Yancey at kmonterrosa@acams.org.

  • Can I view resumes for FREE?

    For security reasons, when you first visit the resume bank you will be asked to send in documentation, so that YourMembership can verify that you are a valid employer and not a spammer. Once you are validated as an employer, you will be able to view resumes for free; however, you will not be able to view jobseekers’ personal contact information.

  • What is a Resume Bank and how does it work?

    The resume bank is set up as a pay-per-prospect system. All resumes are posted anonymously and employers are only charged (unless they purchased a subscription) if the jobseeker agrees that he/she is interested in the position and would like their contact information released.

    How the process works: The employer is able to browse all resumes; however, the only personal information visible is a nickname. From here the process is quite straightforward.

    • If the employer is interested in a resume, he/she will “Add to Cart.” Once the employer has selected all of the resumes of interest, he/she will go to the Resume Cart and check off the candidates to contact.
    • In order to contact these candidates, the employer will click on “Contact Checked Candidates.”
    • From here they will be brought to a page where they can fill out a form including job description, travel, salary details, etc.

    Once complete, a request will be delivered to the candidate(s). The email will state that Employer ABC is interested in his/her resume. At this point, the jobseeker will have two options: one link to click if he/she is interested and one link to click if he/she is not interested.

    If the jobseeker states that he/she is interested, the contact information will be released automatically to the employer and the employer will be charged the connection fee of just $35.00.

  • What is the difference between the $35 resume purchase and the $250 30-day Resume Database Access?

    Accessing the resume database (resume bank) is free; however, in order to access a jobseeker’s contact/personal information, you will need to pay (since this information is hidden). There are two options to choose from if you wish to view a jobseeker’s contact information:

    Option 1: Pay $35 for each candidate you wish to view

    Option 2: Pay the 30-day ($250) database access to view any contact information for any candidate in the resume bank

    The 30-day options are the best choice for those that will be looking through a lot of candidates. However, if only a few candidates will be requested, the $35 option would be the better option.

My Account

  • Can I edit my account settings/information such as my email address or name?

    Yes. Once you login to your Employer/Recruiter account and click on the My Account tab you will see a section labeled Quick Links. Under this section there is a link that says “Edit Account Settings.” Clicking on this link will allow you to change information such as your email address, name or password.

  • How can I change my password?

    To change your password, login to your Employer/Recruiter account, go to My Account, and in the Quick Links area, click on the “Edit Account Settings” link. On this page, you can change your password.

  • I no longer want notifications sent to me. Is there a way that I can turn that off?

    Yes. You need to log into your Employer/Recruiter account, go to My Account, and in the Quick Links area click on the “Edit Account Settings” link. On this page, scroll down to the “Preferences” area and uncheck the Email settings option. Please note that this will only prevent you from receiving general informational emails from us.

  • How do I delete my account?

    To delete your account, first login. Once logged in, go to My Account. In the Quick Links section, click on “Delete Account.” This will bring you to a page to confirm that you want to delete your account.

    Please note that by deleting your account, you will no longer have access to your jobs, candidates, messages or anything else from your account.

  • What is “My Message Inbox?”

    This is an organized and convenient method of keeping track of incoming messages. This area will contain messages sent from candidates and from the administrator. You will be notified by email if a new message exists in your message inbox.

  • What are “My Resume Contacts?”

    These are candidates you contacted through the Resume Bank.

  • What are “My Candidates?”

    Use this area to find new candidates and to search through your existing candidates.

  • What is “My Company?”

    Within this section you can manage your Company Profile, which jobseekers view to learn more about your company. You can also add/manage your billing and resume contacts and connect your account with those of your colleagues in order to share data, jobs and jobseeker information.

  • What is “My Templates?”

    “My Templates” helps make your recruitment process easier by allowing you to reuse templates for common tasks. There are three different templates: 1) My Letter Templates, which can be used when drafting emails to candidates, colleagues and others; 2) My Job Templates, which can be used to easily build your job postings; and 3) My Filter Templates, which are pre-screen filter templates that you can use to pre-screen applicants.

  • What is a “Filter Template?”

    Filter Templates can be created under the tab “My Templates.” By clicking “Create Filter Template” you can ensure that job applicants are qualified for the position you are offering. You can ensure this by designing a brief test that includes questions and disqualifying values. Thus, when a jobseeker applies for your job, they must first complete this filter. Test questions include, true/false, multiple choice, multiple answers, short response, long response and ratings from 1-10.

ACAMS Virtual Career Fair

  • What is the Virtual Career Fair?

    The Virtual Career Fair will connect your company with top talent from our vast community of professionals representing all sectors around the country. This online format provides an easy and effective way to discover top talent from your community. This is a unique opportunity to recruit, all from the comfort of your home or office.

  • When is the Virtual Career Fair?

    The ACAMS Virtual Career Fair occurs either the first or second quarter of every year. The upcoming Virtual Career Fair will take place on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. (EDT).

  • Who should attend the Virtual Career Fair?

    • Employers seeking to chat one-on-one directly and candidly about their career opportunities
    • Employers seeking to fill their pipeline and hire top talent
    • Employers wishing to enhance their brand by giving candidates access to their company
  • How does this virtual event work?

    At the event, you will receive a fully customized employer booth—complete with your logo, images, open positions, videos and other information—to make your career opportunities stand out. During the live event, you will receive recruiter seats. Here recruiters will connect directly with jobseekers in one-on-one chats to discuss career opportunities and to determine if the candidate is a good match for any openings.

    1. Register—Provide information about your organizations to jobseekers
    2. Attend—On the event date and time, login and join the live session from anywhere
    3. Connect— During the event, engage with attendees through your own discussion feed and one-on-one chats
    4. Follow up— Use the follow-up tools to directly reach out to top-rated jobseekers

    To learn more about how this event works, click here and watch the video at the bottom of the page.

  • How do I register for this event?

    1. To register, visit the Virtual Career Fair page.
    2. Click on “Employer Registration.”
    3. There are four booths to choose from for this event:
      1. Early (expires March 1)– $900
        1. Fully customized booth
        2. Two recruiter seats
      2. Standard- $1,000
        1. Fully customized booth
        2. Two recruiter seats
      3. Silver- $1,200
        1. Fully customized booth
        2. Two recruiter seats
        3. Full resume database
        4. Second tier lobby
        5. Second tier lobby
      4. Gold- $1,500
        1. Fully customized booth
        2. Two recruiter seats
        3. Full resume database
        4. Second tier lobby
        5. Second tier lobby
        6. Free 30-day job posting on ACAMS’ Career Center
    4. Once you choose which booth you would like to purchase, you will be asked to provide information such as company name, address, number, etc.
    5. For any questions on pricing or our booths, contact Nick Alfera at nalfera@yourmembership.com or at +1.727.497.6565 X3305. You may also contact us at careerevents@yourmembership.com.
  • What are the pricing options to set up a virtual booth?

    1. There are four booths to choose from for this event:
      1. Early (expires March 1)– $900
        1. Fully customized booth
        2. Two recruiter seats
      2. Standard- $1,000
        1. Fully customized booth
        2. Two recruiter seats
      3. Silver- $1,200
        1. Fully customized booth
        2. Two recruiter seats
        3. Full resume database
        4. Second tier lobby
        5. Second tier lobby
      4. Gold- $1,500
        1. Fully customized booth
        2. Two recruiter seats
        3. Full resume database
        4. Second tier lobby
        5. Second tier lobby
        6. Free 30-day job posting on ACAMS’ Career Center
    2. For any questions on pricing or our booths, contact Nick Alfera at nalfera@yourmembership.com or at +1.727.497.6565 X3305. You may also contact us at careerevents@yourmembership.com.
  • It says I already registered, but I do not remember my password.

    If you do not remember your password, click on “Register Now” and then “Forgot password?” You will be asked to submit your email address and a reset password email will be sent to that address.

  • I did not receive an email to reset my password.

    Be sure to check your spam folder in your inbox. If you still have not received an email, click here to manually reset your password by entering your email address.

  • What do I do on the day of the event as a representative?

    We recommend completing your registration before the start of the event. In the confirmation email sent to you after you were added as a representative, there is a link to the event page. When you go to the event page, you can login with your email address and password and then enter your booth.

    When the event goes live at the start time of the event, your status on the left side of the page will display as “Available.” When you enter each booth, you will see a button that says “Chat” on the right side of your page, which you will need to click to get in line to chat within that booth. Please note that this will not appear until the event starts.

    As participants get in line in your booth, they will be randomly distributed amongst your booth’s representatives. Chats are all one-on-one through text and last for a set chat time established by the event host. You will not need to select a participant to start a conversation. If you ever need to step away from the event, you can set your status to “Away.”

  • I received an invitation to chat and clicked “Accept.” Why was I not placed in a chat?

    This could have happened for a variety of reasons, which are explained below:

    1. Bad connectivity: There could be Internet connectivity issues on either your end or the other user’s end of the connection. Double-check your Internet connection to make sure the issue is not on your end.
    2. Chat declined: The other user clicked “Decline” on the chat invitation.
    3. Chat invitation timed out: If the other user does not take action to click “Accept” on the chat invitation, the chat invitation will time out.
  • My chat suddenly ended, what happened?

    It is possible that you or the person you are chatting with lost connection resulting in the ended session. Please check your Internet speed settings and refer to the system requirements. Click here to test your Internet speed.

  • How do I use the Discussion Feed?

    The Discussion Feed can be used to talk with jobseekers. Please note that not all events have the discussion feed enabled.

  • How do I delete my browser cookies?


  • Is the information I enter protected?

    Absolutely. Our Privacy Statement clearly states that we will not sell your contact information to third parties for the purpose of marketing directly to you.


  • Is there a customer service number I can call?

    Yes. Call us at (U.S.) 860-437-5700 (Monday through Friday 7:30am – 7pm EST) or (Europe) +0207-956-8888. For customer support, please contact us by email at clientserv@yourmembership.com.