• What is required to join Chapter?

    You must have an active ACAMS membership in order to qualify for an ACAMS Chapter membership. Chapter membership is $50 annually. These funds are collected and retained by ACAMS for the sustainability of the Chapters.

    ACAMS members with less than 12 months remaining on their membership can prorate their chapter membership to renew on the same day as their ACAMS membership.

    Please contact us for more information on chapter membership proration.

  • Are non-members allowed to attend chapter events?

    Yes, non-ACAMS members are welcome to attend chapter events.

  • If so, what will costs be to non-members?

    The fee can vary by event and are set by the Chapter.

  • Will non-members get email invitations so they can elect whether to attend events?

    Due to privacy and anti-spamming laws, invitations will only be sent to ACAMS members and Chapter members. However, all events are posted online, here.

  • Can I register for multiple people at a time online?

    No, if registering multiple people, please submit a query with the name and email addresses of the attendees.

  • Can registration for an event be closed before the registration deadline?

    Yes, registration can be closed due to reaching maximum capacity prior to the registration closing date.

  • Why can’t I see the event I’m trying to register for in the online store?

    The event registration has been closed or you have already been registered for the event.

  • When will I receive credit for attending a credited event?

    Credit will reflect 2-4 weeks post event.

  • Can payment be submitted at an event?

    We recommend prepayment as onsite payment options may vary by Chapter.

  • Do I need to purchase multiple chapter memberships in order to receive the discounted rate for other events*?

    No, once you are a chapter member the discounted rate will apply to ALL chapter events that provide a discounted rate.

    *There are exceptions based on the number of seats available

  • Will I be notified that my membership is due for renewal?

    Yes. A renewal notice will be sent via email 30 days prior to expiration.