CAMS Examination Application

  • How can I access the exam application?

    You can access to the CAMS Exam application form here.

  • How do I log-in to the online CAMS application form?

    If you already have ACAMS account, please go here and login with your registered email (username) and password. If you are new to ACAMS and do not have any account, visit this page and select “Register” to create a new account.

  • Do I need to submit a completed application at the time of purchase, or can I submit the application at a later time?

    Candidates may pay for their certification prior to submitting their application; however, the application process is not complete until they have submitted their paperwork and ACAMS has approved their application.

  • Can I submit a digital version of my supporting documents?

    Yes, you are able to provide softcopies of your supporting documentation. Please submit and upload your application and supporting documentation via the online CAMS application form.

  • Where can I see the status of my CAMS application?

    You will be able to see the status of your CAMS application when you login to the online CAMS application form.

  • How long do I have to take the CAMS exam from the day I pay?

    You have 6 months from the day you purchase your examination package. As of November 18, 2019, we will no longer issue voucher codes. Instead, ACAMS will send eligible candidates’ names to Pearson VUE test center. You will then be able to schedule your test with Pearson VUE by logging on to the ACAMS website and accessing the exam scheduling system.

  • How can I submit my application?

    You can submit your CAMS Exam application here.

  • Is there a web form for the CAMS application?

    You can submit your CAMS Exam application here.

  • Do all professional references need to work at the same organization?

    No, we would prefer if they were not all from the same organization.

  • Is the CAMS application transferable?

    The CAMS application is not transferable; however, the CAMS Examination payment may be transferable. The individual to whom the payment is being transferred will need to submit his/her own application for approval.

  • Is there a government discount offered for the CAMS exam?

    Yes, you may view the public sector pricing here

  • In how many languages is the CAMS exam available?

    • Arabic
    • Bahasa Indonesia
    • Chinese – simplified
    • Chinese – traditional
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish

CAMS Examination Eligibility

  • What supporting documentation do I need to provide as proof of a higher education degree?

    Please provide ACAMS with official transcripts or copy of your diploma.

  • What are the eligibility requirements to take the CAMS exam?

    A full list of eligibility requirements can be found in the Candidate Handbook. However, at a minimum, you will need to be a member of ACAMS and qualify with a minimum of 40 credits.

  • Would you accept credits from outside training?

    Yes, you are able to apply credits from third party organizations towards your CAMS certification application.

  • Am I eligible to take the CAMS exam if I do not hold a higher education degree?

    Yes, you may qualify using a combination of other eligibility criteria categories. Please reference the Eligibility Criteria matrix in the CAMS Candidate Handbook.

  • Do I earn any credits for being an ACAMS member?

    Membership does earn credits towards recertification; however, it does not count towards the CAMS Examination Application.

  • Does the higher education degree need to be financially related in order to be eligible for CAMS credits?

    Qualifying degrees can be in any field of study; however, they must be issued by a college or university.

  • Would internship experience be eligible for the professional credit towards the 40 credit requirement?

    Yes, however, the internship would need to be related to AML.

CAMS Examination Study Tools

  • How do I access the CAMS study materials?

    Upon payment of your certification package, ACAMS will provide you with a link which will take you to a page where you can download the study material.

  • Is the study guide included in the CAMS exam price?

    Yes, the Study Guide is included in the CAMS Certification Package price.

  • Can I view the study guide on a kindle?

    Yes, the CAMS Study Guide PDF is viewable on most e-readers.

  • Where can I find examples of the CAMS exam questions?

    Chapter 6 of the CAMS Study Guide contains practice questions for your reference.

CAMS Examination Registration

  • How do I register to take the exam?

    You must first apply for the CAMS Examination. Once your application is approved and you have purchased your examination package, you will be emailed instructions on how to schedule your exam at the nearest Pearson VUE testing center.

  • When can I register to take the exam?

    Candidates are able to register for the exam as soon as they purchase their examination package.

Examination Scheduling

  • How do I find all available exam dates and locations?

    After you have purchased your examination package and your application is accepted, you will receive instructions via email regarding how to access the scheduling tool.

  • Is it possible to take the exam during a conference?

    The CAMS Examination is only offered at testing centers, so It’s not possible to take the exam during a conference. Our new test delivery vendor, Pearson VUE, provides a worldwide network that allow candidates for ACAMS certifications to schedule the exam at any of their 5,000+ worldwide testing centers. Find a testing center near you:


  • Would I incur a fee for rescheduling the CAMS exam?

    Candidates may reschedule their exam on the web at no cost to them prior to the 72-hour window. Cancellations and rescheduling prior to the 72-hour window can be done directly on the Pearson VUE site. You may also reschedule or cancel via the Pearson VUE call center (1-866-389-8339) up to 72 hours before the exam for a fee of US$20.

    If you cancel or reschedule an exam within 24 to 72 hours of your scheduled time, there will be a fee of US$100 collected by Pearson VUE. There is an additional fee for scheduling an exam by phone rather than by using the online system. Pearson VUE call centers will answer questions for assisting with online scheduling free of charge. However, if the exam is scheduled on the phone, there will be a US$20 fee collected by Pearson VUE.

    If you cancel your exam within 24 hours or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will need to contact ACAMS and you will be charged for a new authorization (US$299 private sector/US$199
    public sector).

    To schedule a re-take, the candidate must:
    (1) Request an invoice through the Contact Us page online;
    (2) Pay the examination fee for their new authorization to Test-  US$299 for Private members and US$199 for Public member;
    (3) Reschedule their exam through the test delivery website.

    extension for the CAMS exam?

CAMS Examination Extensions

  • Can I request an extension for the CAMS exam?

    Yes, however, the price for a one-month extension is $100.

CAMS Examination

  • What is the duration of the CAMS exam?

    Test takers will have 210 minutes (3.5hours) to complete the CAMS Examination.

  • How long is my CAMS certification valid thru?

    The CAMS certification is valid for a period of (3) three years. However, certified members will be required to further their knowledge through continuing education. Members will need to recertify upon the conclusion of this 3-year cycle. Please see CAMS Recertification for more information.

Examination Day

  • What should I bring to be admitted the day of the exam?

    Please bring two forms of a current and valid government-issued identification bearing a photograph and a signature. The name on the identification must match the name used for registration.

  • What am I able to bring with me into the testing area?

    You are not allowed to bring anything into the testing area. You will be provided with a secured area where you can leave your personal belongings including cell phones. Anyone caught with a cell phone on their person during the examination will have their examination cancelled and will be asked to leave the testing center immediately.

  • Where can I park on the day of the exam?

    All test center locations must have onsite or nearby parking available for test takers.

  • Will the computer/equipment be provided at the test center?

    Yes, all test centers are fully equipped with computers and other necessary hardware/software.

CAMS Examination Results

  • What is the passing score for the 6th Edition CAMS exam?

    Test takers will need to earn a 75 or higher in order to pass the 6th Edition CAMS exam.

  • When will I know my test score?

    Your score is displayed upon submission of your examination. You will also receive a printed score report at the test center, and it will be emailed to you shortly after your examination. This email will state your exam results and how to maintain the certification up to date.

  • Do you disclose test results by question or topic?

    According to our policy which is designed to protect the integrity of the CAMS examination, we do not disclose the exam question content.

  • Are the test results disclosed to third parties? Are the test results public?

    Test results are not released to the public. However, ACAMS may disclose exam results to those organizations subsidizing the certification for their employees.

CAMS Certificate

  • Do you provide a certificate upon passing the CAMS exam?

    Yes, members can expect to receive their e-certificate within a week from the day they passed the exam.

  • Can I receive a digital copy of my CAMS certificate?

    Yes, members can expect to receive their e-certificate within a week from the day they passed the exam. Process might change based on region.

  • Can my company issue a press release announcing that I achieved my CAMS?

    Yes, a press release will be mailed to you with your CAMS Certificate. However, this is only a suggested template. Your company is welcome to use their own version.

  • Do I receive additional credits for passing the CAMS exam?

    Candidates do not receive credits for passing the exam.

CAMS Examination Retake

  • What happens if I failed the test?

    Candidates who fail are able to retake the examination 30 days after first attempt, 60 days after second attempt, and 90 days after 3rd and each following attempt. The cost to retake the exam is $299 for private sector members and $199 for public sector members. Please visit visit this page and submit a query to request an invoice and if you have questions.

  • How long must I wait to retake the exam from my previous attempt?

    After a first failed attempt, the mandatory waiting period is 30 days. After a second failed attempt, the mandatory waiting period is 60 days. After a third failed attempt, the mandatory waiting period is 90 days. A candidate is not allowed to take the examination more than three consecutive times; there are no exceptions allowed.

CAMS Graduate List

  • Is there an online directory of CAMS graduates?

    Yes, you may access the CAMS Graduate list here The graduate list updates bi-weekly. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your name to appear on the website. If your name does not appear within 2-3 weeks of having successfully completed the CAMS Examination, please visit this page and submit your inquiry. In order to remain on the CAMS graduation list, you must maintain an active ACAMS membership.

CAMS Recertification

  • What are the recertification requirements?

    60 recertification credits are required. You can gain a certain number of those credits based on work experience and a certain number based on membership in ACAMS. Additionally, 12 of the education credits have to come from ACAMS-provided offerings.

  • When is my recertification due?

    Members are due to recertify every (3) three years from the year of their certification. For example, if Mary certified in 2014, her recertification year would be 2017.

  • How do I recertify?

    Certified members will need to complete the recertification application online in order to recertify. A recertification application cannot be finalized until payment is received.

  • Do I need to submit supporting documentation with my recertification application?

    You will not need to submit supporting documentation with your application. However, ACAMS conducts an audit of each recertifying class. Anyone selected to participate in the audit will need to provide all of their supporting documentation. Members who are not able to provide supporting documentation may be at risk of becoming decertified.

  • Do credits earned the same year I became CAMS count towards my recertification?

    Yes, as long as the credits were earned after you passed the CAMS Examination.

  • How can I earn online training credits towards my recertification?

    ACAMS has a full range of webinars for members to choose from as well as online certificate courses. Please visit the ACAMS training page ( on our website for more information.

  • Do other affiliations count towards recertification? (ACFE)

    Members may use other professional certifications towards recertification as long as these are related to financial crime prevention.

  • How do I declare continuing education credits?

    You do not need to declare continuing education credits earned through ACAMS events. Please keep track of credits earned through outside organizations as these cannot be registered on your ACAMS profile.

  • How can I see the continuing education credits I have earned?

    You are able to view your ACAMS continuing education credits through your member profile in the Community section of the ACAMS site. To access your profile, please click on the “Community Login” option located at the top of the ACAMS site.

CAMS Credits

  • Are ACAMS credits valid towards ACFE?

    Please contact the ACFE to inquire.

  • Do I earn credits by enrolling in any free webinar offered by ACAMS?

    Your individual ACAMS membership includes the ability to take unlimited free ACAMS webinars, including past webinars archived on our Learning Management System, and count those webinars towards recertification.

ACAMS Members are only eligible to receive up to 2 credits per year for participating in free webinars.

Enterprise members are eligible to receive credits for participating in any free/paid webinar.