General Questions

  • How do I register for the classes?

    Your will automatically be registered for the CAMS Virtual Classroom series upon receipt of payment for the course.

  • How many credits will I earn for participating in the series?

    The CAMS Virtual Classroom Series is worth 12 CAMS credits.

  • Do I need to request my credits for the class?

    ACAMS automatically adds 12 CAMS credits to your account upon conclusion of the series.

  • Will I need a microphone?

    You do not need a microphone.

  • Will I need video access?

    No, only the instructors will have access to video.

  • When will I receive access to the recording?

    Recordings will be made available via the LMS, shortly after the class has taken place and will remain available for 3 additional weeks upon completion of the final class.

  • How will I receive the homework exercises?

    The pre-class assignments are available on the Learning Path in the LMS. 

  • Do I need to submit my homework?

    You do not need to submit your homework.

  • When will we review the homework exercises?

    During the class.

  • How soon after the Virtual Classroom should I schedule my exam?

    Every individual is different, however, candidates are provided with a 6 month timeframe to prepare and sit for the exam.

  • Are we able to download the virtual classes?

    The virtual classes can only be streamed through the LMS.

  • Do I receive a certificate for completing the series?

    Participants will have the ability to download the certificate of participation upon conclusion of the series via the LMS.

  • Are there any homework assignments I should complete before the live session?

    Yes. You will need to access the Lesson Sheet, Pre-Class Assignments, and Student PPT presentation, and mark them complete, before you attend the live session.

  • The LMS learning path isn’t allowing me to access ______.

    The LMS unlocks a document after you complete/view the previous document. Be sure you have completed the previous parts—including clicking the “MARK AS COMPLETE” button where instructed to do so.

  • I watched the video but it doesn’t show as completed.

    If you quit the video before the end, you will not be able to move on to the next session. If you already watched all the video, and continue to experience any issues, please reach out to us via the contact us page.

  • What if I miss a live CAMS Virtual Classroom session?

    A recording will be available to you on the learning path immediately following each live session. Whether you attend live or watch a recording, you will still receive credit for this session.

  • How long can I access the recordings?

    The recordings will expire 3 weeks from the date the last session takes place.

  • I never did start the course (e.g., because I forgot or didn’t know I was enrolled). What are my options?


    • We can extend the due date in the LMS by 1 week from the original due date. You can quickly complete all parts. If you missed live event(s), you would need to watch recording(s).
    • We can re-enroll you in the next available series (probably starting within a month or two).