Does this course fit my needs?

  • Who can attend? Are there prerequisites?

    Prerequisites are rare, and are identified in the syllabus for each course. Most courses start with the “Essentials” and works up to just the right depth for staff at all levels to apply to your specific programs and systems.

  • Is this appropriate for people who are CAMS?

    • “AML Foundations” is explicitly aligned with CAMS and could be good preparation for the exam.
    • All other Certificates are ideal for CAMS graduates because the courses have much more depth about each specific topic than did the exam prep materials.
  • Is the course appropriate for my country/region?

    The course is written and presented by subject matter experts working around the world. It pulls examples from many countries, and is globally appropriate.

  • Is the course appropriate for my industry?

    Yes, the lessons and examples are relevant to any industry. A primary focus is “financial institutions” (in all varieties).

  • Does the course contain downloadable content for future reference?

    Yes, key content in PDF format is provided to course participants. Do not distribute elsewhere.

  • What part of the course do I do first/next?

    The LMS learning path will guide you. ACAMS might email you occasional reminders, especially before live events.

  • The LMS learning path isn’t allowing me to access ______.

    The LMS unlocks parts when you finish the ones before it. Be sure you have completed the previous parts—including clicking the “MARK COMPLETED” button where instructed to do so.

  • The learning path shows that I completed _____ but I haven’t yet.

    You might have accidentally clicked the “MARK COMPLETED” button for that part. It’s OK. You can still access that part, so follow the instructions to complete the work. When finished, just move on.

  • I watched the video but it doesn’t show as completed.

    If you quit the video before the end, watch the rest of the video by clicking the progress bar to jump to where you stopped earlier. If you already watched all the video, click the “MARK COMPLETED” button.

  • I can’t complete the homework because I can’t access/find the specified discussion forum on

    The LMS learning path has a PDF homework assignment with links to the discussion forum. Follow the homework instructions carefully.

  • I lost my LMS password.

    On the LMS login page, click the link that says, “Request a new password here.” Or you can open a browser and manually type

  • What if I miss a live event?

    A recording will be available to you on the learning path a few days after each live event. Whether you attend live or watch a recording, you still get credit for participating in that event.

  • Can I purchase after the start date?


    • If you intend to participate in live events, we recommend that you do them in sequence, which means you might have to hurry to catch up with other learners.
    • If you do not intend to participate in live events, you have more flexibility but must still complete all parts of the learning path before the expiration date.
  • How long can I access the course?

    Access to course materials expires on the License Expiration date shown on the LMS learning path, typically 4 weeks from the course start date. To earn the certificate, you must complete all parts of the learning path before License Expiration.

  • I started the course but did not complete on time. May I get an extension beyond the deadline (e.g., because I was out sick on the last day of access, or I miscounted the weeks, or I keep failing the assessment)?

    YES. We can extend the License Expiration date in the LMS by 1 week from the original date.

  • I never did start the course (e.g., because I forgot or didn’t know I was enrolled, or I paid after the due date). What are my options?


    • We can extend the License Expiration date in the LMS by 1 week from the original date. You can quickly complete all parts. If you missed a live event, you would watch a recording.
    • We can re-enroll you in the next available series (probably starting within a month or two).
  • Can I get a refund?

    ACAMS current refund policy is at

Assessment / Credits

  • What is the minimum score for the assessment?

    • For AML Foundations there are 40 questions. You must earn 80%. Multiple attempts are allowed, so review the material and retake the test.
    • For all other Certificates there are 20 questions. You must earn 80%. Multiple attempts are allowed, so review the material and retake the test.
  • How can I return to the assessment for future reference, or to see which questions I missed?

    You cannot. The assessment is confidential and cannot be accessed once you pass it. That’s intended to protect the integrity of the assessment.

  • How do I get my certificate? Does it expire?

    Download a PDF directly from the ACAMS learning management system. It will appear when you successfully complete the course. The Certificate does not expire.

  • What CAMS credits do I get? How do I request those? Do they expire?

    ACAMS automatically adds 4 CAMS credits to your account when you complete the course. CAMS recertification requires CAMS credits earned in the previous three years.

Technical requirements

  • Can I view the course on my (iPad, phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)?

    YES. ACAMS Certificates are compatible with most operating systems, browsers, and devices to make it easy for everyone to participate. Contact your organization’s IT department for assistance. The ACAMS Learning Management System (LMS) is

  • What do I do if I have technical difficulties?

    Contact your organization’s IT department for assistance. You may also contact ACAMS Customer Service at