Careers in Financial Crime Prevention in Europe



A career in financial crime prevention is your chance to make a difference. Our members help to fight terrorist financing, fraud, money-laundering and more. It’s also an intellectually fulfilling career with truly global opportunities. Join us for this webinar to learn how you can become an elite Anti-Financial Crime professional too.

Our expert panel will talk about the steps to beginning your career – whether transitioning in as a graduate, or as an experienced professional in a different discipline. We’ll also cover paths to progress, so if you’re already in a financial crime prevention role and interested in advancing your career, there will be plenty of tips for you as well.


Learning Objectives

The different areas of opportunity – including Customer Due Diligence, Transaction Monitoring, Fraud, Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABC), Sanctions, Policy, Risk and Governance, Internal Audit, Investigations and Internal Financial Intelligence Units (FIU)

The employment market in the Europe, from Paris to Frankfurt and from Milan to Stockholm including financial institutions, FinTech’s, consultancies, managed service providers and other leading sectors

The skills, training, networking and continuous learning that will set you up for success and how ACAMS can support you on your professional journey

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Who Should Attend?

New graduates, Experienced professionals wanting to transition into a financial crime prevention role, Current financial crime prevention professionals interested in taking their career to the next level


Global appeal, Fintech, Banking, Law enforcement, DNFBPs, MSBs, Consulting