ACAMS US Capital Chapter February Virtual Event: Domestic Terrorism

February 26, 2021
12:00PM - 1:00PM ET
1 ACAMS Credit


Overview: As was evidenced by the Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021, the threat of Domestic Terrorism has emerged as a more significant challenge to national security than anyone could have imagined as we entered the New Year. Threats posed by left and right wing extremist ideologies are extremely diverse and fragmented among various movements and loosely structured groups. The more decentralized and informal organizational nature of Domestic Terrorism makes it all the more dangerous. As with any form of terrorism, finance and communications are key vulnerabilities for domestic violent extremists. In that context, financial intelligence is critical in disrupting or reacting to domestic terrorist threats.

This timely session will discuss the evolving threat environment; focus on the transition of domestic radicals from activism to extremism and to terrorism; evolving group threats and threats by lone actors inspired by groups or movements; the decentralized and informal nature of group and individual interaction; and their reliance on social media and funding to carry out violent terrorist acts. The panel of subject matter experts will navigate through the sensitivities posed by domestic violent extremists by discussing the nature of the threat, who poses the threat and their funding requirements. In promoting threat awareness, who poses the threat and financial considerations there can be an informed discussion about developing strategies to deal with the threat through financial exploitation.


1 ACAMS Credit

**Please note that ACAMS credit for this virtual event is available to members of the Chapter only.