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    As crypto markets change, you need to be ready to react. Our new, crypto-focused AFC certification will help you future-proof your AML expertise.

    About CCAS

    When combined with 18 months to two years of financial crime compliance experience, earning the Certified Cryptoasset AFC Specialist (CCAS) Certification means that an individual has the knowledge necessary to manage the risk of, and comply with regulations related to, financial crime in the context of the crypto sector.


    CCAS has been developed in conjunction with representatives from the cryptoasset sector, AML/CTF professionals, and other subject matter experts from a regulatory and law enforcement background. CCAS fills a gap in the market for a cryptocurrency AML certification – for both individual AML professionals and entire cryptoasset compliance functions.


    This cryptocurrency compliance certification program enables organizations to contextualize the threat cryptoassets pose, establish an effective risk appetite, and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Benefits of Obtaining CCAS


    For professionals

    ACAMS certifications are internationally renowned and recognized. Those who earn the CCAS designation will be distinguished as authorities on AML/CFT in the crypto space.


    Earning CCAS provides many career benefits for professionals, including:

    Meeting mandated AML training requirements through preparation and study, and increasing professional value

    Proof of AML and cryptocurrency compliance expertise, which can be provided to examiners and regulators

    An enhanced ability to protect their institution from money laundering threats and minimize financial crime risks


    For organizations

    As well as providing your employees with training and awareness in a fast-evolving environment, CCAS offers future proofing against exposure to cryptoassets.


    By employing those who have attained this crypto certification, organizations can demonstrate that their employees meet a specialized standard of knowledge relating to managing the risk of, and complying with regulations related to, financial crime. 

    Who is CCAS For?

    CCAS is designed for professionals working in the crypto sector, with responsibility for cryptocurrency compliance and managing the risks of cryptoasset-related financial crime.

    This cryptocurrency AML certification is also appropriate for individuals who want to expand their knowledge and better apply their skills to the crypto sector. This includes CAMS, CKYCA, CTMA, or CAFCA certified.


    Applicable job titles include:

    • AML or KYC analyst
    • Transaction monitoring analyst
    • AML investigator
    • AML management
    • Fraud investigator
    • AML officer
    • Chief compliance officer
    • Audit, special investigations
    • SAR/STR reporting officer
    • Regulatory examiner
    • Law enforcement
    • Blockchain technologist
    • Systems designer
    • Legal counsel
    • Intelligence analyst
    • Cyber security professionals

    CCAS Course Content

    This certification program includes key topics relevant to the cryptoasset sector. The training course incorporates three ACAMS online certificate courses:

    Candidates will also receive study materials to help them prepare with confidence for the exam.

    How to Get Certified

    Join ACAMS

    We certify the achievements of our members. You must be an ACAMS Member to apply.

    Submit your application

    Are you eligible? Submit your application outlining your qualifications - you need 40 eligibility credits to apply.

    Study, then schedule your CCAS Exam

    You can choose self-study or enhanced learning paths. Take the exam when you’re ready.

    Are you eligible to apply? Use our calculator to see if you have 40 ACAMS credits.
    Professional Experience
    Education & Training

    CCAS Exam Packages

    Standard Package
    Virtual Classroom Bundle
    Electronic Study Guide (PDF)
    E-Learning Course
    Review Questions
    Practice Exam
    Six 2-hour Live Online Classes
    The CCAS Exam
    Private Sector
    Public Sector
    Standard Package
    Electronic Study Guide (PDF)
    E-Learning Course
    Review Questions
    Practice Exam
    The CCAS Exam
    Private Sector
    Public Sector
    Virtual Classroom Bundle
    Electronic Study Guide (PDF)
    E-Learning Course
    Review Questions
    Practice Exam
    Six 2-hour Live Online Classes
    The CCAS Exam
    Private Sector
    Public Sector
    ACAMS offers online proctoring for all candidates taking their certification exams. For more information, visit the FAQ page.

    Optional Upgrades

    CCAS Virtual Classroom Series

    A live web-based study course, which provides candidates with additional guided instructions to help retain and reinforce key concepts covered in the main CCAS examination Study Guide.

    CCAS Exam Retake
    CCAS Exam Extension

    Practice Exam

    Developed to the same quality standard as the certification exam, the practice exam is included in your certification package as part of the study materials, and will provide you with the best chance of getting certified by:

    • Exposing you to samples of certification exam questions
    • Building confidence in readiness for the certification exam
    • Helping you study in an interactive e-learning environment
    • Covering the topic areas included in the actual exam


    Visit the FAQs section for more information.

    CCAS Virtual Classroom Series Schedule

    Virtual Classroom is a live web-based study course. 2-hour virtual classes every week, over a six-week period. It provides candidates with additional guided instructions to help retain and reinforce key concepts covered in the main CCAS Examination Study Guide.

    Session Oct 17 - Nov 21, 2023, 6 PM ET - English
    Session Nov 7 - Dec 12, 2023, 6 PM HKT/10 AM GMT - English

    Disability Service Accommodations

    Requests for Disability Service Accommodations:

    ACAMS is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities as defined by local, applicable law. Our intent is to ensure that everyone who makes a request for accommodations is advised of the accommodation process as promptly as possible. If you have a disability as defined under local, applicable law, please contact the Accommodation Coordinator for a request form and information.



    The first step in the accommodation process is to contact our Disability Services.


    Disability Services Accommodation Coordinator

    Phone: +1 786 871 3062


    Fax: +1 866 494 0040


    After you initiate contact, the Accommodation Coordinator will ask you to complete the accommodation request form specifying your impairment and the requested accommodation. In addition to the form, you must provide recent (generally no more than five years old) certification and/or documentation from a qualified medical or educational professional that (a) provides a specific diagnosis; and (b) recommends specific accommodations that might be helpful to the applicable setting and request based on the diagnosis.


    When completing the form, add your application number (e.g., CAMS099887766), and submit it to to ensure ACAMS properly receives your accommodation request. The Accommodation Coordinator will contact you with further information.The Accommodation Coordinator will evaluate your request and supporting documentation and request or obtain any additional input, including supporting documentation as appropriate to determine whether your request can reasonably be granted. If your request is granted, the Accommodation Coordinator will work with you to implement the request. If your request is denied or deemed unreasonable, the Accommodation Coordinator will engage in a dialog with you to explore any alternative reasonable accommodation options, if appropriate.


    Once accommodations have been implemented, you should continue to work with Disability Services on any accommodation-related needs. If you experience difficulty in implementing or obtaining approved accommodations, you must notify the Accommodation Coordinator immediately upon identification of concern for assistance in rectifying the situation as appropriate.


    Requests are reviewed on an individual and rolling basis. Please note, the time for approval could potentially affect the timeframe for testing with approved accommodation.


    If you have a complaint, please contact If you believe you have been discriminated against due to a disability you should contact to address the immediate situation. You will be contacted by the Certification Manager.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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