ACAMS provides multiple types of questions as part of most programs’ study materials. 

  • Review Questions – These are designed as “formative” questions, meaning that they are designed for learning, and the correct answer is provided.  However, these questions are not written to the same, robust standard as our certification exam questions. They are intended to help you practice the knowledge you are gaining from the study materials, as opposed to measuring your competency.
  • Post-Assessment Questions – ACAMS’ certification study materials contain a “post-assessment.”  Each certification program consists of a training component and a certification exam component. Post-assessments are not proctored and are designed to confirm that you have engaged in the training component. They do not provide answers and learners can take this assessment multiple times until passing. Upon successful completion of the post-assessment, you will be awarded continuing education credits and a certificate for completing the training component of the program. This does not mean, however, that you have attained the certification or “designation” (the credential such as “CAMS” that you put after your name). In order to earn the certification credential, you must pass the formal, proctored certification exam.
  • Practice Exam Questions – These are questions written to the same, rigorous standard as questions on the certification exam.  In most cases, these are questions that have been retired from the actual certification exam question bank.  When provided (newer certification programs may not have them), these questions can be taken either in a way that enables you to see the correct answer after each question, or as a practice test to gauge your overall readiness to take the formal, proctored certification exam.