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ACAMS Global Ransomware Risks Survey Report

Insights on how financial institutions and other AFC
stakeholders view the evolving ransomware
threat and the steps needed to mitigate their
cyber- and compliance risks. 


    The ACAMS Global Ransomware Risks Survey comes at a time of heightened cyber-threats linked to the crisis in Ukraine and follows a sharp uptick in recent years of ransomware attacks on businesses around the world. As private- and public-sector organizations continue to grapple with the sanctions and financial-crime risks associated with ransomware, this global survey takes stock of perceptions within the AFC community of how such threats can best be mitigated.

    47% of respondents believe a ransomware attack is likely in the next 12 months



    Key Findings


    believe their organization is strongly shielded from ransomware attacks


    of respondents consider ransomware sanctions risks within their sanctions compliance program


    of FI respondents are familiar with the sanctions risks associated with making ransomware payments to cybercriminals


    of respondents have anti-financial crime training that addresses ransomware


    of respondents feel their national government is doing either an exceptional job or an adequate job in safeguarding companies against ransomware attacks


    of respondents think governments should prohibit ransomware payments in all cases

    Who Should Be Interested?

    Ransomware can impact any business, no matter its size or geographic location. As such, this report should be of interest to all organizations, in particular:

    • Financial institutions
    • Technology firms
    • Law enforcement
    • Financial supervisors
    • Corporates
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