Global Anti-Financial Crime Teams Choose CAMS

Internationally recognised, CAMS is a practical Anti-Financial Crime qualification that delivers new skills, knowledge and expertise, from the first day of study. AML professionals who earn the CAMS designation are seen as leaders in the industry, and valuable assets to their organisation.

CAMS covers:

  • What money laundering is, and how to spot it
  • An overview of international organisations and groups who set AML/CTF standards
  • How to establish an effective AML/CTF compliance programme in your organisation, including implementing the 4AMLD
  • Conducting and responding to AML/CTF investigations

Who is eligible?

  • Candidates must submit evidence of 40 ‘CAMS credits’ to apply, with credits allocated based on experience, education and previous professional training
  • Candidates must also submit three professional references
  • All CAMS candidates must be ACAMS members

CAMS study and exam FAQs

  1. How long does it take?
    60 hours of study is the recommended minimum, with candidates typically spreading this over a three-month period.
  2. How do I take the exam?
    Once you’re confident in the study material, you’ll book to sit the 3½ hour exam at one of our official testing centres. These are located throughout the world. You have six-months to book your exam appointment, after your CAMS application has been accepted by ACAMS.
  3. How many questions are in the exam, and what’s the pass mark?
    The exam has 120 questions and you must get at least 75 correct to pass.
  4. When do I find out if I passed?
    You’ll receive your results as soon as you complete the exam – on the test centre computer, and again by email shortly afterwards.

Start your CAMS journey today!

Download the Candidate Handbook for more details, and select ‘call-me’ to speak to one of our London-based staff.


The ‘Start Anytime’ package

A completely self-paced study option, including:

  • Study guide (pdf)
  • Flashcards (pdf)
  • Audiobook
  • Self-paced online prep webinars

The ‘Enhanced Learning’ package

Includes everything from ‘Start Anytime’, plus:

  • 6 x 2-hour weekly virtual classrooms (including live Q&A) with an expert instructor, to enhance your learning experience

Note – virtual classroom series run at set dates during the year