Finding Practical Measures to Improve Financial Access for NPOs

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are one of the sectors particularly affected by de-risking, since they are often at the forefront of conflict situations in geographical locations that are considered by financial institutions to pose elevated levels of money laundering or terrorist financing risks. Factors such as weakened state institutions, diminished rule of law, lack of financial transparency, and the threat of criminal and terrorist groups and activities contribute to potential risk. It is vital that humanitarian organizations and charities maintain timely access to financial services in order to provide humanitarian services, particularly in situations of crises. Thus, practical measures that promote access to financial services for NPOs is important in order to foster relationships between NPOs and financial organizations, improve the regulatory and policy climate for financial access for NPOs and to build coalitions to create opportunities for sharing information and good due diligence practices.

In order to determine and introduce measures that would ensure more timely financial access for NPOs, it is first important to understand the challenges that NPOs face. ACAMS, in partnership with a number of prominent organizations such as the World Bank, is working to bring clarity and to help illuminate the challenges and offer recommendations to improve financial access for NPOs. The following are essential resources for all interested in learning about the challenges and promoting access to financial services for NPOs.

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