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Upcoming United Kingdom Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

The ACAMS United Kingdom Chapter was formally established on 14 March 2011. The objective of the chapter is to support ACAMS in its mission to advance the professional knowledge, skills and experience of those dedicated to the prevention and detection of money laundering.

In addition, the chapter will:

  • Provide a United Kingdom perspective and input into regional and international standards for the detection and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Provide networking platforms through which AML/CTF professionals collaborate with their peers throughout the United Kingdom
  • Deliver United Kingdom focused member events

Upcoming United Kingdom Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

Source of Wealth: Understanding Wealth and How to Verify Its Legitimacy

Please register here to watch the recording.

Source of Wealth is a commonly used term in the financial industry, relating to a client’s accumulated portfolio. Any regulated party managing that wealth must understand how it was accumulated and where it originates from. The concept has increased in attention since the exposure of the Panama papers in 2016 and Paradise Papers in 2017. The release of millions of files of opaque ownership structures with names of owners that had been carefully hidden under layers of entities to confuse and conceal the origin of funds and source of wealth.

The ACAMS UK Chapter have invited Graham Barrow and David Balson to unpeel the challenges surrounding the identification of Source of Wealth and how to verify legitimacy. How much of assets does it take to consider it ‘wealth’? Why does it matter where funds are coming from? How do we identify Source of Wealth and what constitutes reliable verification of those assets? Can technology help us with that process?


  • Katarina Cook (Moderator), Chair of the ACAMS UK Chapter Board
    Katarina has 15 years’ experience of working in various financial crime prevention roles in the financial industry. Currently Head of Financial Crime and MLRO for Brewin Dolphin.

  • Graham Barrow, Director of The Dark Money Files Ltd and external Financial Crime adviser to Caspian
    Graham has experience working in senior roles across Global Banking, Global Markets, Corporate/Private/Retail Banking and Wealth Management – both for UK and large international banks. Graham currently works as financial crime specialist for a variety of NGOs and other industry institutions. He is also co-host to the popular ‘The Dark Money Files’ pod-cast covering all aspects of money laundering and financial crime.

  • David Balson, Director of Intelligence at Ripjar
    David works at Ripjar – a global company designing intelligence led solutions to prevent financial crime through machine learning and artificial intelligence. As their Director of Intelligence, David supports organizations and global institutions in their understanding of strategic issues to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges including money laundering and criminal behavior. Following a 10-year career within the UK Government’s security community, David has worked to build a range of operational data science and intelligence-led capabilities within the public and private sector including counter terrorism, financial crime and cyber security.

  • The 2020 Sanctions Horizon – Complexity and Expansion

    This event has been postponed until further notice.

    2019 was a complex year in global sanctions compliance, with increasing expansion, intensification, and divergence. Notable developments include the escalation of tensions between the US and Iran and accompanying US maximum pressure sanctions on Iran, ongoing Brexit uncertainties and complications, and increasing numbers of, and legal issues arising from, US secondary sanctions. 2020 already appears poised to continue with trend at an accelerated pace.

    This session will examine some of the most complex trends in global sanctions compliance and the regulatory landscape going forward, for example recent Iran developments such as the triggering of the dispute resolution mechanism, and what next steps we are likely to see from a sanctions standpoint. It will explore recently imposed US sanctions, such as those on Nord Stream II under the National Defense Authorization Act, with a particular focus on secondary sanctions and the increasingly prevalent conflict of law scenarios which result. To conclude the panel will cover issues related to the sanctions consequences from UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, particularly given that this will be a critical issue for the sanctions regulatory landscape in 2020, and financial institutions will need to keep closely aware of what path the UK will take, and how this may impact wider EU and US dynamics.

    Photography / Videography

    There may be photography and/or videography at this event. Registrations and attendance at, or participation in this event constitutes an agreement by the registrant to LexisNexis’ and ACAMS’ use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant or attendee’s image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions and audiotapes.


    • Justine Walker, Head of Global Sanctions and Risk at ACAMS
      Justine Walker is the recently appointed Head of Global Sanctions and Risk, ACAMS and is a globally recognised authority on Sanctions.Until December 2019 Justine was Director of Sanctions Policy at UK Finance. The former chair of the European Banking Federation Sanctions Expert Group, a position she held from 2015 until December 2019, Justine has held specialist policy positions in the United Kingdom at the Financial Services Authority and the Treasury’s Counter Terrorist and Proliferation Financing Branch and numerous other prominent roles including with the UN.

      Within ACAMS Justine is tasked with leading critical industry and public-sector relationships, including engagement with key international bodies and think tanks. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of St. Andrews and an M.Sc. from the University of Edinburgh.

    • Henry Smith, Partner, Control Risk Group
      Henry is the head of our Europe, Middle East and Africa business intelligence and due diligence practice. Henry leads an integrated team of country experts, business intelligence specialists and researchers in London, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Lagos, Berlin, Moscow, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan and Dubai. The team provides varying depths of due diligence to help clients make decisions about business relationships with companies, people and governments, or to meet their compliance requirements; decision-making advice with regards to third party risk management; intelligence to inform the evaluation of growth and expansion opportunities; and intelligence to resolve problems and crises affecting their organisation.

      Henry has extensive experience providing advice to senior decision-makers in private sector and government-owned entities, including on critical investment decisions, country strategies, problem resolution, risk management and sanctions compliance. He was previously based in the Dubai office from where he led our political risk consulting in the Middle East and North Africa. This included designing and running our due diligence and political risk consulting for clients that were considering business with Iran under the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal. Henry has significant experience advising clients on compliance with UN, US and EU sanctions regimes alongside their in-house and external counsel.

    • Chloe Cina, Director Global Sanctions & Embargoes, Deutsche Bank
      Chloé Cina is a Director at Deutsche Bank in the Global Sanctions & Embargoes Team. She is a barrister of 13 years Call and sanctions expert. She was the former UK Head of Sanctions at HSBC. She obtained her European Master’s Degree in Human Rights at the Venice Human Rights Centre and worked for UNESCO in Paris from 2000-2004. She practiced at the Criminal Bar before joining the UK Treasury Solicitor’s Department in 2008 where she worked in the National Security team on terrorism and sanctions related litigation. She joined the Foreign & Commonwealth Office as a legal adviser in 2014, advising on financial sanctions and security policy in the EU and UN. She led the Iran nuclear legal team for the UK before joining HSBC in 2016. She regularly speaks at international conferences and has been a key contributor to the ACAMS international courses on sanctions.



    Trafficking and Convergence in the Context of Financial Flows and Money Laundering

    On 2 October, the ACAMS UK Chapter held a joint event with Standard Chartered Bank discussing the convergence of trafficking enablers. With a very diverse panel we covered human, illegal wildlife, narcotics and illicit antiques trafficking. These crimes often share criminal networks, transport routes and other enablers such as corruption. Challenges such as developing scenarios for transaction monitoring, how to eliminate silos and the demand of subject matter expertise of antiques were discussed.


    • Patricia Sullivan, Managing Director and Global Co-Head of FCC at Standard Chartered


    • Denisse Rudichn, Senior Advisor for The Sentry, an NGO focusing on investigations and policy relating to the financial proceeds of corruption
    • Anthony Jefferson, Head of the Joint Slavery and Trafficking Analysis Centre at the National Crime Agency
    • Janet Ulph, Professional of Commercial Law at the University of Leicester and author of books such as The Illicit Trade In Cultural Property: Money Laundering, Criminal and Civil Liability, and Recovery
    • Nick Mays, Manager in Western Union's Financial Intelligence Unit
    • Olivia Randell, Head of Outreach in the Intelligence Development and Investigations team at Barclays

    Thanks to Standard Chartered Bank and our Chapter Board for organizing such a great event.


    Connecting the Dots:
    How AI & Data Analytics Help Combat Financial Crime Compliance’s Toughest Challenges

    We had a fantastic evening on the 11th of July at the ACAMS UK Chapter event at London’s iconic City Hall. A panel of leading industry experts discussed how AI and data analytics can help solve some of the toughest and most common financial crime compliance challenges in practice.

    Our distinguished panel members were:


    • Samar Pratt – Managing Director, Exiger and ACAMS UK Board Member


    • Jurriaan van der Stijl – Program Director, Group Compliance Digital & Data Analytics, BNP Paribas SA
    • Brandon Daniels – President, Global Technology Markets, Exiger
    • Chris Brannigan – CEO & Founder, Caspian
    • David Ng-Fat – Vice President, Anti-Financial Crime Data Mining and Analytics, Deutsche Bank
    • Paul Horlick, Director – Head of Financial Intelligence Unit, Barclays

    Thanks to Exiger and our Chapter Board for organising such a great event.

    We looking forward to seeing you again at our next event in October 2019.

    FATF Mutual Evaluation Report – UK 2018
    What is it actually telling us?

    On Tuesday 12 March 2019, the ACAMS UK Chapter held another successful Chapter event on "FATF Mutual Evaluation Report – UK 2018, What is it actually telling us", which was hosted and sponsored by EY in their London office’s. Our eminent panel members were:

    Katarina Cook, CAMS – Head of Compliance and MLRO, Europe Arab Bank and ACAMS UK Chapter Vice Chair – chairs our panel of eminent speakers:

    • Giles Thomson: Deputy Director, Sanctions and Illicit Finance, HM Treasury and UK’s Head of Delegation to FATF
    • Helena Wood: Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and former National Crime Agency Policy Officer
    • Jackie Harvey: Professor of Financial Management and Director of Business Research (AFC/AML), Newcastle Business School
    • Mark Turkington: Global Head of Transaction Monitoring Controls, HSBC

    The panel was chaired by Katarina Cook (Head of Compliance and MLRO, Europe Arab Bank and ACAMS UK Chapter Vice Chair).

    After the panel discussion, Nicholas Joseph (Chair of ACAMS UK Chapter and Global Head of Client Intelligence Unit at Deutsche Bank) announced the winner of the ACAMS training voucher raffle.

    We looking forward to seeing you again at our next event in June/July 2019

    Counter Terrorist Financing
    Finding a Needle in a Haystack

    On Tuesday 13 November 2018, the ACAMS UK Chapter had another successful Chapter event on Counter Terrorist Financing "Finding a Needle in a Haystack", which was hosted and sponsored by Protiviti in their Shard office’s in London. Our eminent panel members were Andy McDonald (Consultant), Dr Samir Puri (Lecturer in War Studies, King’s College London), Matthew Redhead (Associate Consultant, FINTRAIL) and Matt Taylor (Managing Director, Protiviti). The panel was chaired by David Rowe-Francis (UK Chapter Board Director and UK Head of AML, HSBC/UK). After the panel discussion, Nicholas Joseph (Chair of ACAMS UK Chapter and Head of Client Intelligence Unit at Deutsche Bank) announced the winner of the ACAMS training voucher raffle. We’re looking forward to seeing you again at our next event in February/March 2019.

    Anti-Financial Crime Careers Webinar
    How to develop a career in the AFC sector

    Register here to access a recording of the webinar.

    The ACAMS UK Chapter brings together a senior financial crime professional and two recruitment specialists to:

    • Discuss the ups and downs of the AFC job market
    • Provide tips on CVs and interviews
    • Answer any questions

    Date: Tuesday, 17 July 2018
    Time: 1-2pm


    • Nigel Coles, Managing Director at Mowley Risk & Compliance Ltd
    • David Paine, Business Director Financial Crime Compliance at Hays
    • David Symes, Managing Director at Compliance Recruitment Solutions

    RegTech: A Reality Check
    How RegTech Can Help The Fight Against Financial Crime

    Much has been written about RegTech as the solution for tackling financial crime and streamlining compliance. The ACAMS UK Chapter brings together a panel of leading industry experts to cut through the hype and help demystify RegTech.

    Joanna Jenkins – Compliance Product Manager, RailsBank – chairs our panel of eminent speakers:

    A strategic overview of cybersecurity risk facing financial institutions

    The ACAMS’s UK Chapter Cyber Security event was a great success.

    Brian Lord, MD PGI and former GCHQ Deputy Director of Intelligence (classified) and Cyber Operations, presented on the range of cyber threats currently facing organisations, and the risk of increased attacks on personal data as penalties for data privacy breaches rise to 4% of revenue under GDPR. We all learnt a lot including what script kiddies are, why today’s super cyber criminals don’t get out of bed for less than a billion pounds, and why terrorist organisations have focussed more on the money they can raise through cyber than attacking national infrastructure targets. A fascinating presentation, by a compelling speaker, and a great evening networking with fellow Anti-Financial Crime professionals over drinks and canapes, in ACAMS European HQ in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf.

Katarina Cook

Katarina Cook, CAMS®
ACAMS® UK Chapter Chair

Katarina is working as Head of Financial Crime at Brewin Dolphin. Previous roles include Head of Compliance for Europe Arab Bank, Dep MLRO for Bank ABC and Head of Conduct & Regulatory Affairs for RBS Netherlands in Amsterdam. Originally from Sweden, with a degree in Political Science and Russian, Katarina moved to London in 2005. She held a number of different KYC and AML related roles in ABN Amro/RBS, which sparked her interest in financial crime and led to a career in financial crime prevention for financial institutions. Katarina was a board member for ACAMS® Netherlands Chapter whilst working in Amsterdam (2016/17). Now a proud Co-Chair for the UK Chapter, excited to support ACAMS® and industry practitioners to stay informed of regulatory change, trends and best practices.

Samar Pratt

Samar Pratt, CAMS®
ACAMS® UK Chapter Vice-Chair

Samar leads Exiger’s financial crime compliance advisory practice, specializing in audit and assurance.

Since joining Exiger, Samar has served as the Deputy Monitor on behalf of the US Department of Justice, led independent examinations for the Financial Conduct Authority and New York Federal Reserve Board, and also helped clients to strengthen their financial crime compliance controls across the three lines of defense. Her work has also brought her into contact with regulators in Europe and Asia Pacific, providing her with insight into current regulatory expectations. Having previously served in senior compliance assurance and audit roles, most recently as the Global Head of Compliance Assurance at Barclays, Samar brings over two decades of experience in financial services. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS®) and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Audit Specialist (CAMS®-Audit).”

Dr Annalise Vineer

Dr Annalise Vineer FCII, CAMS®
ACAMS® UK Chapter Vice-Chair

Annalise Vineer originally commenced her career in insurance, dealing with complex fraud investigations and contentious claims. She began to undertake professional qualifications and became a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner. She then embarked upon an MSc in Forensic Accounting which enabled her to transition into AML investigations in banking. She then moved to the Financial Conduct Authority, where she worked in Supervision, overseeing the behaviour and practices of a portfolio of firms. Having completed her MSc, she transitioned back into banking and joined her current employer HSBC, where she was initially the European AML Risk Models Manager. At the same time she started a Professional Doctorate in Criminal Justice. She then became the Regional Head of Strategic Analysis for the Financial Intelligence Unit and most recently has been employed as Senior Risk Quality Assurance Manager within the Business Financial Crime Risk team in HSBC. In 2018, she completed her ACAM® qualification and passed her Professional Doctorate, with a thesis entitled ‘The Awkward Question: An Examination of Questioning Techniques Used by Banks to Prevent Financial Crime’.

Michael Harris

Michael Harris, CAMS®
ACAMS® UK Chapter Board Director

Michael Harris is currently Director of Financial Crime Compliance at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions in the UK. He is a specialist in ‘know your customer/anti-money laundering’ (KYC/AML) and ‘anti-bribery and corruption’ (ABC) compliance and previously held senior roles in those fields at Thomson Reuters and World-Check. Michael’s work is mainly external facing and he supports clients and the LexisNexis Risk Solutions sales team alike providing expert input and drawing on his knowledge and experience to assist in the use of the company’s products and services. With a career spanning three decades in international business, he brings a unique insight into the changing geo-political risk landscape, the evolution of financial crime and the history of AML regulation and ABC laws from their earliest days.

Michael is a regular speaker on financial crime topics at events and conferences and has had the honor of speaking all over Europe on a range of financial crime topics.

Nicholas Joseph

Nicholas Joseph, CAMS®
ACAMS® UK Chapter Board Director

Nicholas is the former chair and co-chair of the ACAMS® UK Chapter from September 2017 to September 2019. He is currently the Global Head of Anti-Financial Crime Evaluation Team for Deutsche Bank. Before joining Deutsche Bank, he was the Global Markets Compliance leader and MLRO for a new business division of GE Capital. He was also the chief compliance officer for GE Capital Ltd and the CF1, CF10 and CF11 for this FCA regulated entity. Prior to this, Nicholas provided risk management and external affairs advice to board members of a former FTSE 100 energy company. Before joining the former FTSE 100 energy company, Nicholas was a senior British diplomat for over 13 years for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, where he focused on geopolitical, intelligence and global financial crime issues (e.g. sanctions, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering issues). Nicholas also represented the UK Government on the UN Security Council in Geneva, Switzerland, where he participated in nuclear disarmament and export controls negotiations.

David Rowe-Francis

David Rowe-Francis
ACAMS® UK Chapter Board Director

David Rowe-Francis, was recently appointed Head of Transactional Monitoring (HK), having worked as the Head of AMLTM for HSBC (UK). His connection with financial crime burgeoned as a criminal defence, white collar crime solicitor specialising in fraud, AB&C and complex crime. An earlier member of the ICAEW’s Fraud Advisory Panel, David continues to write articles for The Panel, as well as Informa and formally ACFE’s UK Chapter on Money Laundering. In 2016 David join an amateur AI & Machine Learning researchers adding to the discourse on ethics and the use AI in the FIn/RegTech sector. Shortly after the enactment of the 2003 Money Laundering Regulations David joined the Law Society of England & Wales, as the Senior Money Laundering Advisor (fondly not the MLRO), providing guidance to fellow practitioners on their conformance with and the impact of the expanded legislation. During that time David was a part-time lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. However, as the legal profession’s knowledge of PoCA & the Regulations matured and a renewed passion for other things financial crime David joined the Royal Bank of Scotland, to manage Fraud, Conduct, Investigation and Whistleblowing risks initially in its Market’s arm before moving to Commercial division as the bank’s strategy changed. Throughout his career at RBS and beyond David remains eager to participate in rational debate that helps advance an understanding of the risks, benefits, consequences, opportunities and harm associated with financial crime.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor
ACAMS® UK Chapter Board Director

Matt is a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Risk and Compliance team in London. He joined Protiviti in 2005 prior to which he worked for Arthur Andersen and Deloitte. Matt specializes in helping organizations design and implement sustainable risk management arrangements.