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Upcoming Events

Upcoming New York Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

Congratulations to the 2016 ACAMS Award Winners

The Chapter was founded in November of 2005 by an Executive Board comprised of industry experts and law enforcement professionals in the AML and counter-terrorist-financing fields. The Chapter seeks to promote the overall mission of ACAMS that is, “to advance the professional knowledge, skills and experience of those dedicated to the prevention, detection and reporting of international money laundering” The Chapter also seeks to promote ACAMS as a platform for career development and professional networking for its members, by organizing meetings and events of local interest, where we will present speakers from the private sector, the supervisory and regulatory agencies and from law enforcement. We hope the Chapter will be an effective and productive resource for financial institutions and related businesses, and we welcome your participation.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming New York Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

FFIEC Manual Updates – Summary and Impact

In April, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council(FFIEC) released updates to the FFIEC BSA/AML Examination Manual (FFIEC Manual), which has served as one of the principal documents on which bank AML programs have built their U.S. policies and procedures. While only a relatively small portion of the FFIEC Manual was updated as a part of the April release, the revisions demonstrate a shift in examiner focus from the review of technical compliance processes towards the assessment of AML program effectiveness – particularly when reviewed in the context of the U.S. Department of Treasury’s 2020 Illicit Finance Strategy.

This event will be a panel discussion on the impact that experts anticipate the FFIEC Manual updates will have on how banks conduct their AML programs and, more broadly on how the updates may demonstrate a shift in the U.S’s AML regulatory regime.

Free for Chapter Members.

Please note that CAMS credit for this virtual event is available to members of the Chapter only.

Empowering Together: Women in AML Leadership

The reality still exists that women face social barriers in their careers and continue to be underrepresented in the workforce. In order to pave the path forward, not only do we need to understand those barriers and why they exist, but also how companies can continue to foster diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace.

Our panel will discuss a recent study focused on women in the AML field and the impact of mentoring relationships for women seeking career advancement while safeguarding against discrimination. Mentorship also provides important tools such as feedback, confidence, and strategic information on company politics.

Join us in taking another step forward to empower together!

Meryl Lutsky, Esq., Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director of Investigations, T&M Protection Resources, LLC

Panel includes:
Kerrian Gordon, First Vice President, Director of BSA/AML Compliance and Fraud, Amalgamated Bank
Marilu Jimenez, Esq., Founder & President at Financial Intelligence Network & Compliance Advisors (FINCAdvisors)
Angel Nguyen Swift, Independent Consultant at Enigma Technologies, Inc.
David B. Chenkin, Managing Partner at Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP

Olivia Conjeaud, Associate Partner at McKinsey and Company
Kate Robu, Partner at McKinsey and Company

The panel discussion will be followed by networking with light refreshments.

Admission is free for students as well as members of the law enforcement community. Please contact the chapter at for more information.

Earn One CAMS Credit for Attendance

Transaction Monitoring Challenges in the Next Decade

Transaction monitoring is a critical tool for financial institutions to protect themselves against illicit activity, such as money laundering, sanctions evasion, fraud, and human trafficking.

Our panel of experts will discuss transaction monitoring challenges for the next decade. Topics covered includes:

* Increased sophistication of bad actors;
* Use of digital and virtual currencies;
* New technologies (such as AI, RPA, and automation);
* Model validation and tuning; and
* Satisfying internal audit and your regulator


  • John MacKessy, Global Head of AML, Blackrock
  • B.J. Moravek, Director, Kaufman Rossin
  • David Hazen, BSA/AML Compliance Officer, Mega International Commercial Bank Co, Ltd. – New York Branch
  • Matt Herrington, Partner, Enforcement and Litigation Lawyer, Paul Hastings

Regulatory Landscape for Virtual Currency

The panel will explore the current regulatory landscape for virtual currency, both in the U.S. as well as internationally. They will also examine how the rise of virtual currency impacts AML programs, both at banks as well as non-bank FIs (including virtual currency businesses). The panel will also discuss practical methods that may be employed to detect and prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, and sanctions evasion using virtual currencies.

* Additional panelists to be announced

The panel discussion will be followed by networking with light refreshments.


  • Angel Swift, Independent Consultant at Enigma Technologies, Inc
  • Jesse Spiro, Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs at Chainalysis Inc.

The ACAMS New York Chapter Cordially Invites You To Celebrate With Us!

Join us for two hours of networking, food and drinks!

Current Events and Hot Topics in Sanctions

Please join us as our panel of experts discuss current events and hot topics in economic sanctions, including the latest developments in Turkey, Venezuela and Iran. They will also cover the Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments and how it will impact future enforcement and exams. In addition, we will hear sanctions and policy perspectives from a former member of the current administration.

The panel discussion will be followed by networking with light refreshments.

*Following our recent policy change providing free admission to members of the law enforcement community, please contact the chapter separately at for more information.

Sponsored by: Refinitiv / World Check


Howard Spieler, CAMS, ACAMS New York Chapter Co-Chair


  • Daniel Tannebaum, Partner, Americas Anti-Financial Crimes Leader and Global Head of Sanctions, Oliver Wyman
  • Holly Sais Phillippi, Partner and Market Development Director, Refinitiv
  • Howard Wachtel, Director of Global Sanctions Policy and Strategy, PayPal

New AML Typologies

The panelists will each bring unique perspectives from the law enforcement and banking communities on how financial institutions can effectively identify emerging money laundering and terrorism financing typologies that are relevant to their client, product and geographic risks. The discussion will also include information on the implementation of these typologies into productive transaction monitoring rules. Following the panel discussion will be Q & A and networking sessions.

The panel discussion will be followed by networking with light refreshments.


  • John MacKessy, Director & Global Head of AML at Blackrock, Inc.
  • Pawneet Abramowski, Founder & Principal of PARC Solutions, LLC
  • David B. Chenkin, Managing Partner of Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP
  • Dennis M. Lormel, Founder and President of DML Associates, LLC

Best Practices for Effective Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are a critical exercise that institutions experience in a modern world. The panel will discuss:

  • Risk Assessments and Special Considerations for Branches of Foreign Financial Institutions Operating in the U.S.
  • Challenges of an OFAC Risk Assessment Prepared in the US for a Branch of an FFI
  • Are Risk Assessments Too Successful: Best Practices in Managing the Proliferation of Risk Assessments in Banking Organizations
  • Risk Assessment Automation
  • Dynamic/Real-Time Risk Assessments: Keeping a Pulse on the Environment for New and Emerging Threats and Risks
  • Are Risk Assessments Used to their Full and Intended Potential?
  • Demonstrating Linkage between Risk Assessments and Policies, Procedures, Training, Systems and Internal Controls


  • Jack Sonnenschein, Founder and Principal, Compliance Navigation LLC
  • Rachel Sloan, Head of AML Programs, State Street Bank
  • Eric Kaplan, Managing Director and Head of BSA/AML Compliance, Mizuho Americas
  • Miriam Ratkovicova, Managing Director, Deloitte

Keeping Pace with Global Regulatory Change

As the global political and regulatory landscape is in a constant state of change and evolution, financial institutions are continually challenged with regards to understanding and meeting disparate (and sometimes conflicting) regulatory expectations. Compliance and Operations organizations must be able to quickly identify, assess, and operationalize required program changes in order to ensure continued compliance with requirements.

Our panel will discuss many of the factors banks must consider, including:

  • Upcoming global Regulations and their impact
  • Industry Trends in Client Onboarding and KYC
  • Operational impact of constant regulatory changes
  • Role of IT in change implementation
  • Future of regulators focus and enforcement


  • Keith Harding, CAMS, Practice Lead, Anti-Financial Crimes Advisory Services, Dixon Hughes Goodman

Panel includes:

  • Brad Cohen, Associate, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Mayer Brown
  • Indira Mahadeo, Executive Director, Investment Management Operations, Morgan Stanley
  • Kate Salottolo, Global Head of AML, Brand Risk Management and Global Financial Crimes Compliance, PayPal
  • Ajit Tharaken, Senior Director, Client Lifecycle Management and KYC, Pegasystems

Summer Outdoor Networking Event – Sponsored by SSI People

The ACAMS New York Chapter and SSI People cordially invite you to join us at our annual Outdoor Summer Networking event.

There will be three hours of networking, food and drinks! As space is limited we ask that you please RSVP as soon as possible, and if you respond that you are attending, please make every possible effort to attend.

Cost: $25 for ACAMS New York Chapter Members* / $50 for non-members / Complimentary for active law enforcement officers who register and receive a ticket


* Due to security requirements of our host, online registration for this event is mandatory and no walk-ins can be accommodated. All participants will be required to present valid ID. Please do not arrive prior to 6:00 PM. Cancellations within 24 hours of an event will no longer be refunded and will be considered as nonattendance or a “no show”. For more information regarding ACAMS New York policies visit here:

**In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ACAMS New York Chapter will honor requests for reasonable accommodations made by individuals with disabilities. Requests can be served more effectively if notice is provided at least 5 days before the event. Please direct accommodation requests

***Members of the press please contact the ACAMS New York Chapter prior to quoting any speaker or panelist.

Please note: No continuing education credits will be awarded for attendance to this event.
The Plaza is one flight up escalators. In the event of rain, the event will be held on the 12th floor.

Tracing the Trade Flow – The Latest Trends in Trade-Based Money Laundering Including Wildlife Trafficking, Arts and Antiquities, Counterfeit Goods

Trade-based money laundering (TBML) is perhaps the oldest form of money laundering and often the hardest to detect. It remains a top concern for AML professionals around the world as criminals continue to evolve their practice of moving the proceeds of crime through the use of trade transactions, and hone in on vulnerable markets.

Join our panel as they discuss the latest cases, trends and risks for TBML in wildlife trafficking, arts and antiquities, counterfeit goods and other emerging risk areas.

The panel discussion will be followed by networking with light refreshments.


  • Angel Nguyen Swift, CAMS, Vice-President – Compliance and Financial Crime Solutions, Enigma Technologies
  • Ryan Conners, Trial Attorney – Environmental Crimes Division, US Department of Justice
  • Bonnie Goldblatt, Director of Global AML Investigations, Citibank
  • Michael Schidlow, Head of Financial Crime Compliance and Emerging Risk Audit Advisory, HSBC
  • Gail Fuller, Director, Financial Integrity Network

Digital Banking – How the FinTech Evolution Impacts Financial Crimes Risks

The Director for The Center for Professional Accounting Practices, Fordham University.

As technology continues to advance and the demand for faster service grows, digital banking has become a necessity for financial institutions to stay relevant and remain competitive. Compliance and AML organizations must quickly adapt to this new ecosystem of payments to ensure that terrorist activity and other prohibited payments are not processed.

Our panel will discuss the challenges banks are facing in this emerging field, such as those presented from processing cryptocurrencies, malicious cyber activity, identity theft, real time payments, increased use of AI, and the growing sophistication of criminals.


  • Keith Harding, CAMS, Practice Lead, Anti-Financial Crimes Advisory Services, Dixon Hughes Goodman
  • John MacKessy, Global Head of AML Compliance, BlackRock
  • Michael Sachs, Executive Assistant District Attorney, Chief of the Investigation Division, New York County District Attorney’s Office
  • Robert Hurst, Senior Director, Global Sanctions Compliance, PayPal

Financial Institutions and Law Enforcement: Partners in the Fight Against Financial Crime – Sponsored by Refinitiv and Thomson Reuters

Financial Crimes Compliance and Law Enforcement professionals are both critical players in the fight against terrorism and other criminal activity. The coordination between financial institutions, which detect and report activity, and the agencies that review this information and act upon it, is critical to enforcing the law and maintaining the integrity of our financial systems.

Our panel of experts, which includes former senior leadership at Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Department of Treasury, will offer their perspectives, insights and best practices on this important public-private partnership.


  • Meryl Lutsky, Former Chief, Crime Proceeds Strike Force, Anti-Money Laundering Investigations, New York State Office of Attorney General and ACAMS New York Chapter Co-Chair
  • Marcy Forman, Managing Director, Global Investigations Unit, AML Compliance, Citi, and former Director of Investigations at the Department of Homeland Security
  • Timothy P. Murphy, President of Thomson Reuters Special Services (TRSS) and former FBI Deputy Director (Ret.)
  • Chip Poncy, Co-Founder and President, Financial Integrity Network and former Director of the Office of Strategic Policy for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes at the United States Department of the Treasury

Strategies to Deter Terrorist Financing

While the total number of deaths from terrorism has fallen over recent years, the social, political, and economic impacts remain widespread across the globe.

Recent events further highlight the difficult task law enforcement agencies and financial institutions are faced with in regards to counter terrorist financing. Challenges are significant: terrorist activity, at times, may be funded though legitimate sources; the rise in cryptocurrencies make funding more difficult to identify; and the low-cost nature of financing terrorist acts presents a significant challenge to banks and law enforcement agencies alike.

The ACAMS New York Chapter invites you to join us for an insightful session with two leading experts on the subject of Counter Terrorist Financing. During this session we will discuss the challenges, current trends, and practical approaches to detect and help prevent terrorist financing activities.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • Changes in money flows used to fund terrorist activities
  • The specific challenges of micro-structuring
  • Government agency information sharing with financial institutions
  • Examples of how terrorists are using cryptocurrencies
  • The impact of FinTech on terrorist funding
  • New approaches to tracking names associated with terrorist activities

Attendance will provide a unique opportunity to learn about critical opportunities to enhance the Terrorist Financing component of any AML program.


  • Peter D. Wild, FCA, CAMS Audit, President, Wild AML Solutions, LLC


  • Dennis Lormel, President, DML Associates, LLC.
  • Michael Emmerman, Intelligence Analyst, U.S. Department of Justice

Networking for AML professionals with less than 5 years experience


MJ Boyd Consulting

The ACAMS New York Chapter and MJ Boyd Consulting are excited to announce a networking event specifically designed for AML and financial crime professionals with less than 5 years experience. Reserve your spot now as space is limited for this exclusive event.

Come and meet the following special guests of the chapter, who have generously volunteered their time to be in attendance to mingle with guests, share experiences and answer any questions:

  • Kieran Beer – ACAMS Chief Analyst & Editor in Chief at
  • Chris Prokop – Managing Director, Head of AML Compliance Risk Management, Global Consumer Bank at Citi
  • Michael Schidlow – Senior Vice President and Head of Financial Crime Compliance at HSBC
  • Sal Scotto – Global Head of Sanctions at Bank of China
  • Angel Swift – Vice President of Compliance and Financial Crime Solutions at Enigma
  • Evan Weitz – Managing Director, Head of Controls, Financial Crime Compliance Europe and Americas at Standard Chartered Bank

In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet the following ACAMS New York Chapter Advisory Board Members:

  • Vasilios Chrisos – Principal at PwC
  • David Chenkin – Managing Partner at Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP
  • Hal Crawford – Managing Director of Financial Crimes at Alvarez & Marsal

As well as our Chapter Co-Chairs, Meryl Lutsky and Howard Spieler, and the rest of our all-volunteer Executive Board.

We encourage you to come with questions and learn about your options within this growing industry segment. There is limited space available for this event, so register now and join us. There will be ample opportunity to network with others in the AML industry so please remember to bring your business cards!

Event Details: $20.00 for an open bar from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, including appetizers. A cash bar will commence at 8:00 PM.

We encourage you to come with questions and learn about your options within this growing industry segment. There is limited space available for this event, so register now and join us. There will be ample opportunity to network with others in the AML industry so please remember to bring your business cards!

$20.00 for an open bar from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, including appetizers. A cash bar will commence at 8:00 PM.

The CDD Rule: Better or Worse Than Expected? Sponsored by PWC

Though the one-year anniversary of the CDD Rule is fast approaching, financial institutions still face significant challenges to ensuring compliance. Our panel of industry practitioners will discuss the practical methods they have undertaken to redesign their respective programs. The discussion will focus on the most significant operational challenges they have faced, initial feedback received from auditors and examiners, and what changes, if any, they would like to see in the regulatory requirements.


  • Elena Hughes – Executive Director, Head of AML – Institutional Securities Group, Morgan Stanley
  • Paul Khareyn – Senior Vice President, AML Policy Office, HSBC
  • Thomas Aspinwall – Vice President, Anti-Financial Crimes, Americas, Deutsche Bank

New York State of Mind: Model Validation and Section 504

We are quickly approaching the one-year anniversary of the New York Department of Financial Services’ (NYDFS) AML rule (Part 504) which requires submission of annual certification of AML compliance. New York-regulated financial institutions have (by now) implemented measures to certify the effectiveness of their AML programs including OFAC sanctions screening requirements.

Have you had your first exam yet? Were you given a free pass because of the newness of the requirement? Many have pointed out that Section 504 can easily be survived with strong AML/OFAC model validation and management. We hope to help you put everything into perspective.

Our panel includes representatives from small, medium and large financial institutions as well as consultants and examiners to discuss the importance of model validation in this process and will share actual experiences with challenges related to their most recent exam, risk model management, technological proficiency, data integrity and suspicious activity reporting.


  • Meryl Lutsky, ACAMS New York Chapter Co-Chair


  • Maleka Ali – CAMS-AUDIT, President, Arc-Serv
  • Lukas Babiak – BSA/AML Lead for International Banking Supervision out of New York, OCC
  • Maureen Mougios – VP, Compliance and BSA Officer, Hanover Community Bank
  • Monica LaCroix-Rubin – SVP, Chief Compliance Officer, BNB Bank
  • Evan Weitz – Managing Director, Head of Controls, Europe and Americas, Financial Crime Compliance, Standard Chartered

Detecting and Preventing Human Trafficking

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

As such, during the month of January, advocates, organizations and individuals are planning to unite to raise awareness about the issue of slavery and human trafficking.

To further that goal, we invite you to join the ACAMS New York Chapter for a spirited and interactive discussion regarding specific methods financial institutions can employ to detect, and help prevent, human trafficking.

Our panel will discuss:

  • Specific scenarios and typologies for transaction monitoring systems in order to better detect human trafficking;
  • Solutions that can help identity red flags which may lead to human trafficking activity; and
  • Examples of real cases and investigations which were aided by information provided by analysts and investigators at financial institutions.


  • Howard Spieler, CAMS, CFE, ACAMS New York Chapter Co-Chair
  • Angel Swift, Vice President, Compliance and Financial Crime Solutions at Enigma Technologies, Inc
  • Bonnie Goldblatt, Director, Global Investigations Unit, AML Compliance, Citigroup
  • Nishi Gupta, Vice President, GFCC Data Capabilities & Intelligence, American Express

ACAMS New York Chapter Holiday

Current Events and Hot Topics in Sanctions

Sponsored by Thomson Reuters and Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters’ Financial & Risk business)

When the Smoke Clears: Challenges with Banking Marijuana Related Businesses

The tension between federal and state law regarding the criminal status of marijuana creates uncertainty and risk for financial institutions.

Most financial institutions have policies against banking entities directly involved in the cannabis business. However, they are already likely banking marijuana related/ancillary businesses without being aware of it. This is proving to be a vexing issue for financial institutions and has recently been addressed by the President, U.S. Attorney General, FinCEN and the Department of Justice.

Join us for a discussion of what financial institutions need to do today, along with predictions for the future impacts on business activities and BSA/AML programs.

The panel discussion will be followed by one hour of networking with light refreshments.


  • Howard Spieler, Co-Chair, ACAMS New York Chapter
  • David B. Chenkin, Esq., Partner, Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP
  • Robert Goldfinger, Global Expert Financial Crimes Solutions at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

A Modern Approach to Managing AML Auditing

Significant AML developments during the previous year have led to an impact on the AML audit approach. A panel of leading senior AML Audit Leaders will discuss these topics and provide suggestions on how AML Audit Management can respond and how AML stakeholders can prepare.

Topics include:

  1. The California Pacific Bank decision
  2. Has audit scope evolved beyond what is included in the FFIEC Manual?
  3. Current regulator expectations
  4. Integrating IT Audit
  5. Consent Order Validation
  6. Auditing Data Management


  • Peter D Wild FCA, CAMS Audit, Founder, Wild AML Solutions LLC Speaker
  • Jack Sonnenschein CPA, CAMS Audit, Compliance Navigation
  • Eric Small CIA, CFSA, CAMS, Managing Director, Global Head of Legal/Compliance/AML Audit, BNY Mellon


Director for The Center for Professional Accounting Practices, Fordham University

Chapter Member Summer AML Networking Event – Sponsored by Bloomberg

Please join us for a fun evening of networking as Bloomberg proudly hosts an exclusive networking event for members of the ACAMS New York Chapter.

Please send any inquiries to

4th Annual ACAMS New York Chapter Dinner

Meryl Lutsky and Peter Wild, along with the Executive Board of the ACAMS New York Chapter, invite our Chapter members and their guests to join us at our Annual Gala Dinner. We take this opportunity to celebrate our continuous efforts to provide our membership with excellent education, regulatory updates and critical solutions to AML compliance challenges.

C-AML: Explore the Next Frontier of Crypto-AML

Please join us for an evening highlighting the emerging technology behind cryptocurrency transactions and AML transaction detection. This event will bring together a panel exploring how cryptocurrency impacts financial crimes, methods of detection, and how to surface intelligence through connected data.

Cryptocurrency continually tops the list of hot topics in AML—bring your questions and learn from our experts on transformations taking place in:

  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions
  • AML transaction monitoring
  • Ontologies, entity resolution, and connected data trends in financial crime

To ensure our panelists address what’s top of mind for you, we will collect questions in advance through a survey to all registered attendees a week before the event. The panel discussion will be followed by one hour of networking with light refreshments.

Please send any inquiries to

What Financial Institutions can do to Identify and Prevent Human Trafficking

Please join our panel for a group discussion on what financial institutions can do to identify and prevent human trafficking. Some of the questions discussed by our panel will be:

  • What is the human and social impact of human trafficking?
  • What are the trends and patterns of the flow of money into and out of bank accounts that are key indicators of human trafficking?
  • How do criminals and terrorists succeed in using financial institutions to further their illicit activity?
  • How is AI suited to assist in identifying human trafficking?


Howard Spieler, Executive Board Member, ACAMS New York Chapter


  • Richard Lee, Director of Church Mobilization for International Justice Mission
  • David McLaughlin, Founder and CEO at QuantaVerse, LLC
  • Tom Countermine, Group Supervisor, United States Department of Homeland Security
  • Peter S. Vincent, General Counsel, Thomson Reuters Special Services, LLC

The panel discussion will be followed by one hour of networking with light refreshments.

*As a New York Chapter member you receive first opportunity to sign up for events as well as the $10 discounted ticket price.

Please send any inquiries to


Hot Topics and Current Trends in AML

Our panel of industry leaders will discuss what’s relevant across the AML landscape as well as what’s trending for the future. Topics to be covered include FINCEN’s recent CDD guidance; how AI is changing AML (and what a compliance officer job may look like in five years); and the intersection of AML, OFAC, and Anti-Corruption compliance. The panel will also take questions from the audience.

Please send any inquiries to


Director for The Center for Professional Accounting Practices, Fordham University


Howard Spieler, Executive Board Member, ACAMS New York Chapter


  • Peter D Wild FCA, CAMS Audit, Founder, Wild AML Solutions LLC
  • Scott Horton, Associate General Counsel and Global Head of the Financial Crimes Group, AIG
  • John Mackessy, Director, Financial Crime, Global Head of AML Compliance at BlackRock

Embracing Financial Services Fintech Disruption


Irina Samoylova Kunces – Regional Head of Financial Markets, Corporate Finance, and Segments, Standard Chartered Bank


  • Patricia Sullivan – Regional FCC Head for Europe and Americas, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Delia Pawelke – Financial Crimes Manager, Stripe
  • Vikas Agarwal – Financial Crime Technology and Analytics Leader, PwC
  • Kevin Bogdanov – Director, Market Development: Client and Third Party Risk, Thompson Reuters


The panel will focus on the following topics:

  1. How the financial industry is embracing FinTech disruption and transforming to address the dynamics of the increasing regulatory landscape;
  2. What does it mean to bank FinTechs? Disrupt or be disrupted;
  3. Innovation in the RegTech space − Implementation of instant payments and technology transformation of cross-border payments are driving the emergence of RegTechs and the regulatory sandboxes to address arising risks;
  4. Blockchain and cryptocurrency risk management.

Transaction Monitoring is a Risky Business

A robust money laundering/terrorist financing (ML/TF) risk assessment is the cornerstone of a sound compliance program. With more reliance on automated transaction monitoring systems, it is more important than ever to ensure that your transaction monitoring program is properly configured and aligned to the ML/TF risk profile of your institution. With the first annual certification of compliance with NYDFS Part 504 due by April 15, 2018, this panel will provide best practices for bridging identified ML/TF risks to your transaction monitoring program and discuss the implications of not getting it right.


Peter D Wild FCA, CAMS Audit, Founder, Wild AML Solutions LLC


  • Juan Azel, Counsel, Hunton & Williams LLP
  • Jason Chorlins, Principal, Kaufman Rossin
  • Viviana M. Perez, Senior Compliance Risk Associate,Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Zachary Plotkin, Senior Manager, Infinity Consulting Solutions, Inc

The Annual Holiday Reception of the ACAMS New York Chapter

Meryl Lutsky and Peter Wild, along with the Executive Board of the ACAMS New York Chapter, invite you, as our guest, to join us and celebrate our continuing efforts to serve our membership by providing excellent local education on AML/CFT and Sanctions topics.

Blockchain Transformation: Opacity to Openness, Peril to Protection Transforming Customer Due Diligence As We Know It

Blockchain, since its inception, has been associated with the anonymity and opacity of crypto-currencies and deep-web darkness. Learn how this same technology is being transformed to assist institutions in fulfilling their Customer Due Diligence obligations and really knowing their customers! This presentation will be followed by one hour of networking, including appetizers and light refreshments.

Sponsored by IBM


Jack Sonnenschein, Compliance Navigation LLC


  • Daniel W. Bingham, IBM, Executive Consultant, Strategy and Market Development, Industry Platforms
  • Tim Howard, Assistant US Attorney Southern District of New York
  • Boris Kusovski, IBM, Senior Solution Executive – Industry Solutions and Business Development, Industry Platforms

Current Events and Hot Topics in Sanctions

Scared of economic sanctions risk? Do you find the current political climate spooky? If so, then come to the ACAMS New York Chapter’s Friday the 13th learning event where a panel of experts will discuss current sanctions topics such as Venezuela, North Korea, Iran and Cuba.


  • Howard Spieler, Executive Board Member, ACAMS New York Chapter
  • Jesse Spiro, Thomson Reuters
  • Daniel Tannebaum, PWC
  • Michael Zytnick, Deutsche Bank

Industry Overview and Career Paths for New AML Professionals

Rooftop Chapter Social

The ACAMS NY Chapter cordially invites you to the Rooftop Social hosted by GQR Global Markets, The Financial Crime Staffing Experts.

Open Bar and passed Hor D’ouvres

The ACAMS New York Chapter 2017 Annual Gala

Meryl Lutsky and Peter Wild, along with the Executive Board of the ACAMS New York Chapter, invite our chapter members to join us and celebrate our continuous efforts to provide the membership with excellent education, regulatory updates and critical solutions to AML compliance challenges.


The New York Chapter of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) and MJ Boyd Consulting are excited to to announce an exclusive networking event for Junior AML Professionals. This event will be geared towards professionals with five or less years of experience in the industry.

Executive members of the New York Board will be present to share their professional experience/career path and entertain questions. The benefits of ACAMS membership and the CAMS designation will also be highlighted. We encourage you to come with questions and learn about your options within this growing industry segment.

We only have limited space available to this event, so register now and join us. Attendees will also have the opportunity to enter a raffle where several different prizes can be won. There will be ample opportunity to network with others in the AML industry so please remember to bring your business cards!

The Challenges of Terrorist Financing Typology Design

This session will discuss the challenges associated with designing and maintaining transaction monitoring typologies to identify potential financing of terrorism.

Examples of the financial transactions associated with some previous terrorist attacks will be discussed. The session will explore some alternatives that a financial institution can use to identify transactions that are potentially indicative of terrorist financing.

The panel discussion will be followed by a networking reception.


  • Dennis Lormel, DML Associates, LLC
  • Martin Cunningham, Deutsche Bank

Data Science and AI applied to AML

Data Science, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. How real is the promise for KYC and AML?

A number of Data Science, Deep Learning, and AI techniques promise to revolutionize identification of bad actors and transactions in financial services for a fraction of the cost of existing techniques. How real is this promise and how does industry view these advances?


  • Kamil Kaluza, Anti Financial Crime Leader and Principal at Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
  • David McLaughlin, Founder and CEO at QuantaVerse, LLC
  • Kieran Beer, ACAMS Chief Analyst & Editor-in-Chief at

A networking reception with light refreshments will follow the learning event.

Hosted by: Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

* Note: Due to security requirements of our host, online registration for this event is mandatory and no walk-ins can be accommodated. All participants are required to present valid ID to building security. Doors open at 5:30 PM and will close at 6:00 PM. Please do not arrive prior to 5:30 PM, and attendees arriving after 6:15 PM may not be able to gain entry.

Data Management Front to Back in Financial Crimes

Panelists will discuss enterprise data quality management programs and how these programs are leveraged to implement controls over transaction monitoring and filtering programs.The panel discussion will be followed by a networking reception hosted by Ernst & Young, including appetizers and refreshments.


  • Peter Neilson, JP Morgan
  • Kristin Milchanowski, Ernst & Young
  • Carl Case, Ernst & Young
  • Chris Siddons, Lexis Nexis
  • Matt Michaud, Capital One

Reg. 504 – Transaction Monitoring and Filtering Program Certification: What’s New,What’s Not and What Regulated Institutions Should Be Doing Now!


  • Peter Wild FCA, CAMS Audit, Wild AML Solutions LLC
  • Matthew Connolly, Vice President – Internal Audit Group, American Express
  • Meryl Lutsky, Chief, Crime Proceeds Strike Force, Office of Attorney General
  • Jack Sonnenschein, Financial Crime Risk Management Audit, Consulting and Training

ACAMS New York Chapter Holiday Party

Sanctions and AML Screening: Essentials and Best Practices

Financial Crime Risk Assessments: What to Start, Continue and Stop!

ACAMS NY Chapter Continuing Education Event

On September 13, ACAMS New York Chapter was proud to present: Financial Crime Risk Assessments: What to Start, Continue and Stop. The evening was graciously hosted by Deloitte at their Rockefeller Center offices and was attended by one of our largest turnouts of approximately 175 people.

Risk Assessments (RAs) being the critical exercise with which institutions start their AML, Sanctions and ABC risk management activities have received focus and attention from boards, senior and business manager and regulators. A panel of experts offered their advice and opinions on what financial institutions should start doing, continue doing and stop doing. Our panelists included:

  • Anders Hansson, Associate General Counsel and Director, Compliance Risk Management at AIG
  • TJ Huntley, Managing Director, Corporate Compliance Group – Risk Assessments at Citigroup
  • Miriam Ratkovicova, AML Senior Manager – AML, Economic and Trade Sanctions Group at Deloitte

The session was moderated by Jack Sonnenschein, Global Head FCC Audit Advisory at Standard Chartered Bank.

Highlights and Takeaways on Best Practices:

  • Risk Assessments should:
    • Find the right balance between Quantitative Data and Qualitative Analysis.
    • Continue to be data driven to give the results a level of required objectivity.
    • Leverage qualitative aspects including understanding corporate strategic efforts such as business expansion or de-risking of clients, products, geographies.
    • Be an iterative process that is continually re-evaluated and updated as necessary.
    • Allow for a level of judgmental input with overrides clearly explained and documented.
    • Tie to the institution’s regulatory framework but with a focus on key but not all regulatory requirements.
    • Assess and analyze results for trends internally and against industry benchmarks where possible.
    • Considered horizontal topics and products should be mapped to the business lines.
    • Explain gaps in data and ensure these are communicated to the first line of defense.

  • Importance of Communication across and Convergence with the three lines of defense
    • The risk assessment methodology and results need to be socialized.
    • There needs to a level of accountability and credible challenge for both the risk assessment methodologies as well as the results.
    • Colleagues within each line of defense should have a clear understanding of their role and responsibility in the RA process.
    • Risk assessment results should be assessed against a company’s risk appetite statement or defined risk tolerance.
    • Developing a common taxonomy across all lines of defense so that metrics/KPIs and testing results can more easily inform the Risk Assessment.

  • Best Practices
    • There should be a focus on directional and informative metrics where we monitor against established thresholds.
    • As the risk assessment program matures it should strive to get to a point where risk assessment results can periodically and selectively be refreshed.
    • Internal audits, compliance monitoring reports, and other quality assurance reports developed by the businesses should be reviewed and considered as part of the RA process and feedback loop.
  • What FIs should stop doing
    • Stop discounting the importance of adequate time, and budgets and incorporate people, technology and other resources as needed.
    • Producing risk assessment reports that include volumes of paper…look to ways to better present the results and analytics.

Thanks again to our panelists for sharing their insights and expertise, our gracious host for the facility and refreshments, and the untiring efforts of the Chapter Board Members that worked to make the evening the success it was.

Rooftop Social

The Bangladesh Bank Cyberheist

2nd Annual Gala

Gala booklet

On Wednesday, June 29, 2016, the ACAMS New York Chapter – ACAMS’ first and longest running chapter – celebrated its 11th anniversary with a Gala dinner at the the Union League Club in New York City.

The extravaganza was a celebration of the Chapter’s continuing achievements in providing its members and others in the NYC Metropolitan area AML community with excellent education, regulatory updates, networking opportunities and critical solutions to AML compliance challenges.

Chip Poncy and Rohan Kohli held an engaging fireside chat to discuss “The Future of AML” and the event included a networking event in the Union League Club library as well as a formal dinner.

The Chapter Executive Board extends a special thanks to the event sponsors, listed below in alphabetical order:

  • Capital One
  • Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS)
  • IPSA International
  • PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC)
  • Regulatory DataCorp (RDC)
  • Safe Banking Systems (SBS)
  • Stroz Friedberg

Gala photos

Emerging KYC Challenges

Model Risk Management

Current Events and Hot Topics in Financial Crimes Facing AML Professionals

ACAMS New York Chapter Holiday Party

ACAMS NY Chapter November Learning Event: The New Age of Transaction Monitoring

10th Anniversary of the ACAMS New York Chapter

The ACAMS New York Chapter celebrated 10 years of continuous efforts to bring excellent education, regulatory updates and critical solutions to AML compliance challenges. The Anniversary Gala focused on the history and achievements of ACAMS in general and the New York Chapter in particular and their dedication to the AML community.

Breaking the Bank: Cybersecurity and the Financial Services Industry

From Russia to Cuba – A Complex Tale of Old Friends & Sanctions

Download Presentation

Meryl Lutsky

Meryl Lutsky
Board Co-Chair

Meryl currently serves as the Managing Director of Investigations at T&M Protection where she supervises and conducts financial crime investigations, serves as monitor, and provides individual attention, training and guidance to individuals and institutions with potential criminal, civil or regulatory liability.

Meryl began her legal career at the Queens County District Attorney’s Office. After conducting felony trials for three years, Meryl was promoted to the Investigations Bureau where she conducted and supervised numerous long-term confidential and sensitive organized crime and fraud investigations.

She next worked at the NYS Organized Crime Task Force where she directed organized crime and financial fraud investigations.  She was cross-designated as a Special AUSA in both the Southern and Northern Districts of New York, presenting international criminal findings in federal courts throughout the US and creating successful partnerships with foreign law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Meryl was promoted to Chief of the Money Laundering Investigations Unit and Chief of the Statewide Crime Proceeds Strike Force.  These multi-agency units investigate and prosecute violations of money laundering as well as violations of the Banking and Tax laws.  She led a task force of regulatory, civil and criminal investigators, agents, auditors, and attorneys. She maintained Top Secret Clearance while conducting investigations with the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
Ms. Lutsky is also a noted public speaker and subject matter expert in the field of money laundering and financial crime, speaking at conferences throughout the United States.  She is a past recipient of the ACAMS Anti-Money Laundering Professional of the Year award.

Howard Spieler

Howard Spieler
Board Co-Chair

He is currently a vice president in the sanctions advisory and oversight group at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG). In that role he is responsible for providing economic sanctions advisory support as well as providing overall program oversight. Previously, he was a senior vice president at Citibank, supporting AML-related obligations as required by its regulators. Prior to that, he was the sanctions compliance officer within corporate compliance’s financial crimes group at American International Group (AIG), acting as a liaison within the company for both the commercial and consumer businesses on various global economic sanctions matters. In addition, he was the senior vice president and head of compliance at the New York City Economic Development Corporation where he helped develop the company’s risk-based compliance program and was tasked with regulatory reporting, as well as the ongoing monitoring and assessment of a $30 billion portfolio of public-private real-estate transactions.

Howard authored "A Global Review of Sanctioned Countries" and “The Impact of the U.S. President on Economic Sanctions”, both published by ACAMS Today.

Drew Bach

Drew Bach
Executive Board Member

As an Assistant Vice President and BSA Manager for The First National Bank of Long Island.  Drew plans, organizes, and controls the Banks day-to-day administrative and operational BSA compliance activities. He participates in various audits, reviews, and examinations, and collaborates with the Bank Secrecy Act/OFAC Officer, Privacy Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer. Other responsibilities include oversight of the AML Program as well as training different business areas to foster understanding of regulatory compliance requirements. He conducts internal/external BSA and Fraud related investigations and reports to Management on appropriate corrective actions needed.  Drew has been an active and certified member of ACAMS since 2010, as well as a member of the executive board of the New York Chapter of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. His credentials also include the American Bankers Association’s designation of CRCM, Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager.

Tina M Rampino

Tina M. Rampino
Executive Board Member

Tina M. Rampino is a senior compliance professional with 15 years of experience in anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) and sanctions compliance.  She manages and oversees multiple financial crimes compliance (FCC) training engagements with FIN’s global clients.

During her career, Tina has developed extensive experience managing the training elements of regulatory remediation efforts for financial institutions under critical enforcement orders. Prior to joining FIN, Tina was Vice President and Head of Compliance Training and Policy at Commerzbank AG, New York Branch. In this role, Tina was responsible for managing the development, implementation, and execution of the regulatory remediation-focused Compliance Training Program. Tina also led efforts to implement global “Culture of Compliance” initiatives, communications campaigns, and outreach with law enforcement and financial industry peers to identify FCC-related best practices for financial institutions.

Before Commerzbank, Tina was Vice President and Director of Compliance Communications and Outreach at HSBC, where she developed and implemented the Compliance Outreach Program in order to enhance HSBC’s capacity to address regulatory expectations and more effectively engage employees, law enforcement, and industry partners. Tina has also held positions in AML Compliance at Standard Chartered, Capital One, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (HIFCA) Task Force.

Tina is a member of the Executive Board of Directors for the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) New York Chapter and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).  She earned her BA from Fordham University.

Lindsay Dastrup

Lindsay Dastrup
Executive Board Member

Ms. Dastrup (CAMS, CAMS – Audit, CAMS – FCI, CRCM, CIA, CFSA) is an Audit Leader within the Internal Audit Group at American Express.  She oversees the Global Corporate Services (GCP) and Global Merchant & Network Services (GMNS) audit portfolios, in addition to leading the Strategic Partnerships, Operational Risk Management, Global Privacy, and Global Information Management audit areas.

Prior to her current role, Ms. Dastrup led the AML Audit team and was responsible for leading the Enterprise AML audits and the international AML audits. Ms. Dastrup served as a key contact for regulators for external AML exams and was responsible for ensuring all regulatory findings/recommendations were addressed by the business.

Ms. Dastrup is activity involved in the ACAMS Organization, including being an Executive Board Member for the New York ACAMS Chapter and CAMS-Audit Review Board Member.  She is also an instructor for the CAMS Exam On-line classes. She is also adjunct faculty at Columbia University where she teaches graduate level risk management classes.

John MacKessy

John MacKessy
Advisory Board Member

John MacKessy has over 20 years of regulatory and compliance experience and is currently a Director and Global Head of AML for BlackRock, the largest global investment manager. Prior to joining BlackRock, John has held compliance leadership positions with Citi and MasterCard. Prior to joining MasterCard, John was a regulatory consultant assisting financial firms with complying with regulatory enforcement actions and non-prosecution agreements. He has led the investigation of numerous complex financial crimes and was a member of the monitorship team for the Bank of New York Mellon NPA agreements. John holds a B.A. from the University at Albany and an M.B.A. from Baruch College. He is a Certified Antit-Money Laundering Specialist and is an Advisory Board member of the ACAMS New York Chapter.

Jack Sonnenschein

Jack Sonnenschein
Advisory Board Member

Jack is the Founder of Compliance Navigation LLC, advising, training and assisting financial institutions, compliance and independent testing professionals in developing and implementing leading edge financial crime compliance risk management and independent testing and training programs.

Jack was most recently the Global Head, Audit Advisory for Financial Crime Compliance at Standard Chartered Bank. Previously, as Chief Auditor for Compliance at Citigroup, he had global responsibility for anti-moneylaundering, anti-bribery and corruption, sanctions and consumer and institutional compliance audits.

In a prior role at Citigroup, Jack drove the development of technology solutions for customer acquisition and identification programs, transaction monitoring, suspicious activity reporting and USA Patriot Act compliance. He has worked extensively in developing country, product and customer risk assessments and models to integrate and support customer due diligence and monitoring systems.

At American Express, Jack developed and implemented enterprise-wide compliance risk management programs building legal, regulatory and control inventories and risk assessments, compliance monitoring and testing, third party compliance oversight and compliance training.

As Client Service Partner in Chase’s General Auditing Department, he was responsible for delivering financial and technology audit services to Global Private Banking, Consumer Banking, Credit Card and Mortgage Banking clients.

Jack is certified as CAMS-Audit and is a member of the NYC ACAMS Chapter Board. He was a contributor and inaugural instructor for CAMS-Audit and continues to teach and serve on the CAMS-Audit Review Board. He started his career at Deloitte & Touche in Quebec and New York where he earned his chartered accountancy and certified public accountant designations.

Harold A. Crawford

Harold A. Crawford
Advisory Board Member

Harold A. "Hal" Crawford is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal Financial Industry Advisory Services in New York.  He specializes in financial crime prevention, anti-money laundering, sanctions, and complex regulatory matters affecting banks, custodians, gaming companies, foreign banks and private funds.  

With more than 25 years of international regulatory experience, Mr. Crawford has served as the Global Director of AML, Sanctions, and banking compliance for Brown Brothers Harriman. Mr. Crawford also served as the Director of Risk Management for the firm’s US and Cayman Trust companies.  Mr. Crawford worked as a National Bank Examiner with the Comptroller of the Currency, was a Managing Director with a New York Based Intelligence firm, and held senior compliance roles at UBS Investment Bank and the US Trust Company.

Mr. Crawford earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the State University College at Oneonta and is a 2014 recipient of the school’s Distinguished Alumni Award.  He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), a member of the New York ACAMS Chapter Board and a former member of the SIFMA AML Committee. He has volunteered with the Boy Scouts of America for more than 30 Years and is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Islands Investment Advisory Board.  Mr. Crawford is a well know international speaker and writer in the areas of compliance and money laundering.

David Chenkin

David Chenkin
Advisory Board Member

David B. Chenkin is the managing partner of law firm Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP, and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. Chenkin represents major financial institutions and individuals in civil, criminal, regulatory and compliance-related investigations initiated by Congress and federal, state and local prosecutors and regulators. He also provides financial crime training to law enforcement, the private sector and other law firms. Chenkin is the recipient of Homeland Security Investigation’s 2017 HSI-New York Citizen’s Legacy Award, which he received for his efforts in counseling HSI agents in building relationships with the financial community.

Vasilios Chrisos

Vasilios Chrisos
Advisory Board Member

Vasilios is a Principal in the Financial Crimes Unit of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (“PwC”). He brings to his engagements over 26 years of experience assisting both financial institutions and non-financial companies on all aspects of financial crime compliance with a particular focus on anti-money laundering (AML) and sanctions matters.

In his work, Vasilios advises clients on developing comprehensive financial crime risk management frameworks. He and his teams assist clients in designing and implementing AML and sanctions compliance programs, including: creating AML and sanctions governance structures, identifying inherent money laundering vulnerabilities, developing policies and procedures, evaluating controls, establishing customer risk ranking and due diligence protocols, and integrating transaction-monitoring capabilities.

Vasilios also brings value to his clients by guiding them on communication strategies with the applicable regulatory authorities, including regular updates and submissions on the progress of remediation efforts.

Clients appreciate Vasilios for his accessibility, commitment, and leadership. Seen as thoughtful, engaging, and highly personable, he is adept at establishing productive working relationships and bringing out the best in others. With his strong commitment to service and to doing what’s right, clients value him as a trusted advisor. In that role, he is sensitive to their concerns, and able to guide them in managing the risks often associated with their businesses.

Prior to joining the firm, Vasilios was the Americas Financial Crime Director for Macquarie, Australia’s largest investment bank. In that role, he was responsible for managing the company’s AML, sanctions, and anti-bribery and corruption (AB&C) compliance programs across all business divisions and legal entities in North and South America.

Vasilios is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). He is currently on the Global Advisory Board of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).  In 2012, Vasilios received the prestigious ACAMS "Al Gillum Volunteer of the Year Award" for his significant contributions to the AML, sanctions, and financial crime fields.

Vasilios has authored AML thought leadership which has been published in various trade periodicals and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and seminars.

Alex Pole

Alex Pole
Board Member

Alex is a Partner at MJ Boyd Consulting, a boutique staffing firm specializing in AML Compliance. Alex has a Master’s in Criminal Justice and Security from the University of Edinburgh and is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). Alex worked in Management in the UK before he relocated to New York in 2011. Since then, he has been working in the AML industry and has led much of his company’s growth in the sector.

Gurran Kane

Gurran Kane
Board Member

Gurran is an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and Certified Project Manager (PMP) experienced in managing complex projects with diverse stakeholders.

In his current role as a Compliance Officer at AIG, he advises U.S business partners on Economic Sanctions, Anti-Money Laundering, Export Controls, and other corporate policy requirements. He has extensive experience in screening-related matters and leads data quality improvement projects across the organization resulting in increased screening efficiency. Gurran also evaluates risk assessment data and ensures controls are in place to address risk and strengthen the program.

Formerly at Natixis Wholesale Banking, within the Core Compliance Group, he led a project to ensure all policies and procedures were updated annually and progress was communicated across the international organization. He also analyzed risk assessment data to identify potential issues, managed FINRA licensing processes, monitored employee personal account trading and led weekly new hire compliance trainings.

Gurran has an MBA from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business and a BA in Psychology & Sociology from University of Massachusetts.

Slav Shcherbakov

Slav Shcherbakov
Board Member

Slav Shcherbakov is an Advisory Manager with Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP and advises clients on AML matters. During his professional career he has worked and helped to a different variety of Banks, Insurance Companies and Government Institutions. He has helped his clients in the response to a different type of Consent Orders, variety of MRAs and AWCs. He has performed several AML compliance program evaluations, transaction monitoring look-backs, Know Your Customer (“KYC”) remediations, and assessment of transaction monitoring rules. Slav holds a B.A. of Accounting and Finance from the Rutgers Business School at Newark, NJ. He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, Certified Fraud Examiner and is a board member of the ACAMS New York Chapter.

Slav Shcherbakov

Keith Harding
Board Member

Keith Harding is Practice Lead, Anti-Financial Crimes Advisory Services for Dixon Hughes Goodman, the 17th largest accounting firm in the nation.

In his role at DHG, the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) provides risk advisory services to top-tier financial institutions across multidisciplinary risk domains. Keith specializes in anti-financial crimes, enterprise risk management and operational risk, with a focus on delivering strategic enhancements by driving change through transformation initiatives and regulatory response efforts.

Before joining DHG, Keith worked as a business risk and control manager within Global Liquidity & Cash Management (GLCM) at HSBC, where he helped business partners identify, assess and mitigate risks within business processes and operational functions. He also was a primary contact for the OCC, FRB and HSBC’s DOJ-mandated independent monitor for GLCM during regular review cycles and ad hoc examinations.

Highly active throughout the compliance community, Keith is a board member of the ACAMS New York Chapter and he serves as the Director of the board’s Virtual Currency Committee. Keith’s interests are in the identification, and mitigation, of emerging risks posed by FinTechs within the payments landscape, as well as the disruption of human trafficking operations through advanced typologies.

Before starting his career, Keith earned a Bachelor’s in urban planning and a Master’s in management information systems from the State University of New York at Buffalo.