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Upcoming Greater Salt Lake City Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

The Greater Salt Lake City Chapter of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists is dedicated to support the financial community in Utah by developing and strengthening relationships between financial professionals, with the objective of increasing knowledge of money laundering trends, and methods to detect and prevent financial crimes.

Upcoming Greater Salt Lake City Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

ACAMS Greater SLC 2019 Chapter Appreciation Event

On December 3,2019 the Greater Salt Lake ACAMS Chapter held a member appreciation event. Those in attendance were treated to a catered luncheon, prize giveaways and a presentation on artificial intelligence (AI). Aaron Stroud, EVP Sales North America, RDC gave the presentation entitled “The impact of AI on our industry and YOUR JOB: What is it? How does it work? Is my job going to change? Is the Terminator coming to get me?” Aaron’s presentation addressed some of the concerns AML professionals may have about incorporating AI into their job. The event was sponsored by RDC.

Fraud Prevention and Trends

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  • Misun Blanchard, Director Consumer Lending Operations, Discover Financial Services
  • Shawn Cortes, Department Manager, US Cards-Customer Service and Engagement, Discover Financial Services

2019 Financial Crimes Conference

Current Trends in Cybercrime


The Greater Salt Lake City ACAMS Chapter held a one-day financial crimes conference on June 21, 2019. The event was the first of its kind for the chapter and was a big success. Those in attendance were treated to a variety of topics including discussions on Virtual Currency, fraud and cybercrime, exam do’s and don’ts with FDIC examiners, Dark Web, and Anatomy of an MSB.

The day started with a presentation on Virtual Currency by Eric Vogeler of Bitsy which was a total hit. As the Chief Compliance Officer for Bitsy, Mr. Vogeler talked about the current state of cryptocurrencies and what the industry is doing to ensure the viability of virtual currency moving into the future. In addition to sharing his insights from the perspective of an exchange, he also talked about what exchanges can do to address AML issues.

Attendees were then treated to an interesting discussion on fraud and cybercrime from Special Agent (SA) Paul Bingham of the FBI. His presentation covered topics such as: phishing, hacktivism, organized crime, state-sponsored cybercrime, and business e-mail compromises. SA Bingham talked about the international nature of cybercrime and how this is a worldwide problem. He advised participants on how to look for these typologies in their institutions and to protect their customers from falling victim to scams and fraud. He also suggested that attendees consider joining into the FBI’s public/private partnership, InfraGard which is set up to protect the infrastructure of the United States.

Following the presentation on fraud and cybercrime, there was a group discussion with FDIC examiners Dan Hastings and John Murphy. The examiners provided good information about how institutions can prepare for examinations and talked about how keeping an open channel of communication with your examiners will lead to successful partnerships. There were many questions from the audience ranging from how institutions should be handling the new Customer Due Diligence to FinCEN’s joint statement on developing innovative approaches to reporting and detecting money laundering.

The next presentation was by Tyler Knotts, VP of Compliance at TAB Bank. Tyler gave a presentation about the Anatomy of an MSB. Before his current job, Mr. Knotts worked as a senior BSA Compliance manager for a money transmitter. He shared his in-depth knowledge about the functions of MSB agents and what is being done in the MSB space to combat money laundering and fraud. He spoke about the use of money orders and fund remittances in complex schemes to move illicit funds.

Our next presenter was Aaron Sherman, Senior Director of Cyber Security at Brain Trace. Aaron gained his expertise in cyber security during his time with the FBI and the Army National Guard. He led a great discussion about the Dark Web and how institutions may proactively use it to search for fraud involving their institution. He gave a live demo of how to use the dark web and pointers on what to look for. With that bit of information, he also cautioned that if a financial institution utilized the dark web for research that they access it from a device not on their network and use the buddy system.

To close out the day was a panel discussion with a diverse group of experts in the AML/financial crimes community. Included in the panel were: Terry Baker-Smith, Chief BSA/AML Officer at Zions Bancorporation; Darin Jarrett, Deputy BSA/AML Officer at American Express; Debbie Booth, Information Specialist at Utah Department of Human Services; and Tiffany Chesnos, VP at The Data Initiative. The panel spoke on a broad range of financial crime topics covering marijuana banking, best practices with auditors and examiners, elder financial exploitation, innovation in AML technology, and many more.

It was a full day of AML knowledge sharing and networking within the close-knit Greater Salt Lake AML community. All in attendance learned crucial information that will help them better detect and report suspicious activity, and they also earned 5 CAMS credits toward certification. The Chapter would like to thank the event sponsors TAB Bank & Web Bank, presenters and attendees for making the event a success.

AML & Financial Crime Trends


Michael Pickett, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI

The Greater Salt Lake City Chapter invited FBI Supervisory Special Agent Michael Pickett speak on financial crime investigations. Agent Pickett spoke about various cases he has worked and shared valuable investigative insights for the AML professionals in attendance. It was a pleasure to hear Agent Pickett’s stories as he underscored the key role the AML community plays in stopping financial crime.

Mitigating Customer Risk

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On October 26, the Greater Salt Lake ACAMS Chapter co-hosted a half-day event with Bankers Toolbox.  The event included group discussions on beneficial ownership, high risk customer identification, and ongoing due diligence.  Closing the event was a presentation by an IRS Special Agent who emphasized the importance of BSA reports in investigations.  This was a great learning/networking event, and a good time was had by all!

Emerging BSA Issues in 2018

The Greater Salt Lake City ACAMS Chapter was pleased to hear from the happily-married, FDIC-examiner duo of Danielle and Michael Norton. The Nortons spoke extensively about FinCEN’s CDD rule and what financial institutions can expect in their upcoming exams with respect to the CDD rule. They also shared valuable insights on AML monitoring systems—including discussion on common findings and recent FinCEN enforcement actions. All in attendance enjoyed hearing from the examiners.

NOTE—No examiners or bankers were harmed in the making of this event.

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Industry Trends and Hot Topics


Michael Shepard, Principal, Deloitte Advisory
Michael is Deloitte’s Global Financial Crime Leader. He has led a wide variety of anti-money laundering, sanctions and financial crime related projects and investigations at numerous global and US financial institutions.

Holiday Breakfast Social

Sponsored by Regulatory Data Corp. (RDC)

Implementing FinCEN’s Final Ruling on Beneficial Ownership

The Greater Salt Lake City ACAMS Chapter held another successful learning event regarding implementing FinCEN’s Final Ruling on Beneficial Ownership on Friday, October 27, 2017. Nearly 50 attendees came out to enjoy breakfast and the opportunity to network with others from different financial institutions.

We heard from Dana Twomey, Director at West Monroe, formerly CAST Management Consultants. Dana provided valuable information and clarification regarding beneficial ownership and the implementation. Please see the attached presentation for your reference:

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Thank you to Goldman Sachs for hosting this event and to all those who attended.

Presentation on Human and Sex Trafficking

The Greater Salt Lake City ACAMS Chapter held a Human and Sex Trafficking learning event on Friday, June 30, 2017. Nearly 50 attendees came out to enjoy breakfast and the opportunity to network with others from different financial institutions.

We heard from Kevin Pepper who is the Supervising Special Agent of the SECURE Strike Force with the Utah Attorney General’s Office. Kevin addressed trends, indicators, and a case involving, detecting and fighting human and sex trafficking.

Thank you to Discover Financial Services, Inc. for hosting this event and to all those who attended.

Please see the attached presentation as well as the following helpful links:

Case example:

FinCEN red-flags for human and sex trafficking: /

Hot Topics Trending in AML

The Greater Salt Lake City ACAMS Chapter held a learning event on Friday, March 31, 2017. Nearly 70 attendees came out to enjoy breakfast and the opportunity to network with others from different financial institutions.

We heard from Sterling Daines, Managing Director, Global Compliance Division, Goldman, Sachs & Co. Mr. Daines is Deputy Head of the Global Financial Crime Compliance program of Goldman Sachs. He also manages the firm’s global Anti-Money Laundering/Suspicious Activities Group, which is responsible for executing the firm’s anti-money laundering and sanctions program firm-wide.

Sterling addressed the following Hot Topics:

  • NYDFS Rule, regarding transaction monitoring and filtering programs and its applicability to all institutions
  • De-Risking best practices and the differences between analyzing individual risks vs not providing certain banking services. Additional discussion covered what continues a “reasonable” amount of due diligence.
  • Effects of Cyber-Crime on surveillance and SAR filing and current 2016 FinCEN guidance on this topic.
  • New CDD Rule, regarding beneficial owners and the challenges most banks continue to experience as they work to implement the “customer profile” and “refresh” portions of this rule.

Thank you to Goldman Sachs for hosting this event and to all those who attended.

Refugees and the Banking Industry: A Look at Banking and Finance Challenges Faced by the Refugee Community

Please join the ACAMS Greater Salt Lake City Chapter on Thursday, December 15, 2016, for a special breakfast-networking event and presentation by guest speaker Solomon Awan, a Sudanese refugee working as a job developer at the Utah Division of Workforce Services. Solomon will detail the many challenges faced by the refugee community in banking and finance and highlight the unique money laundering and fraud risks that follow the movement of refugee funds across the globe.

3rd Quarter Session Event at Zions Bank

“BSA & Marijuana – a ‘High’ Risk?”

Quarterly Education Event: “What you may have missed at the Vegas ACAMS Conference.”

Breakfast with the ACAMS Greater Salt Lake City Chapter

How Digital Currency Changes the Money Laundering Landscape

Salt Lake City ACAMS Chapter Launch Event

Kenzie Mexican

Kenzie Mexican

Kenzie Mexican has 12 years of BSA/AML experience that includes BSA program management, BSA/AML quality assurance, and suspicious activity investigations. Kenzie is currently a BSA/AML Compliance Supervisor at Zions Bancorporation responsible for managing SAR detection and filing for the AML and fraud realms. Prior to joining Zions Bancorporation, Kenzie held an AML Compliance Manager position at a Forex Investment Firm where she was responsible for developing, implementing, and managing a BSA program. Kenzie has been a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS) since 2008.


Leslie Pinnau

Leslie Pinnau
Zions Bancorporation

Leslie Pinnau is a BSA/AML Compliance manager for Zions Bancorporation, currently overseeing the CTR and MIL processes. Leslie has nine years of banking and AML experience and has taken on multiple anti-money laundering roles in operations, governance, and management positions. Leslie holds dual bachelor’s degrees from the University of Utah in Political Science and Gender Studies and has been a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) since 2015.


Maria Elder

Maria Montoya-Elder
Programming Director

Maria Montoya-Elder is an AVP Risk Testing Manager for FinWise Bank. Before serving in this capacity, Maria was a BSA Compliance Manager for WebBank. Maria is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) and offers more than 18+ years of diverse experience in a broad range of competencies such as BSA/AML Compliance Management /Operations, broker-dealer compliance, risk management and planning and execution of strategic projects. Maria has worked in other Financial Institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. She earned an MBA in Business Management and a Financial Services Certificate from Westminster College in 2006. When she is not working, she is usually at her kid’s high school football games, track meets, or whatever sport is in season.


Tyler Knotts

Tyler Knotts
Co-Programming Director
TAB Bank

Tyler Knotts joined TAB Bank in 2017 as Vice President of Compliance and manages the Bank’ AML and regulatory programs. Prior to TAB, Tyler was at Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City, UT for a short time but most of his professional life has been with Western Union at their headquarters in Denver. During his nearly 12 year tenure, he was a founding member of their FIU, he built and directed their domestic based AML investigations team and managed nearly 80 infield investigators. He has presented too, collaborated with and advised variously state and federal law enforcement agencies on a variety of AML/BSA related cases. He is both CAMS and CFCS certified.


David Clark

David Clark
Co-Programming Director
Carta Securities

David Clark is a senior financial crimes prevention specialist with experience in fraud prevention, anti-money laundering (AML/BSA), terrorist financing, and sanctions. He has over 20 years of experience in areas of policy development, strategic advisory, risk management for a variety of financial institutions. Before moving to the private sector, he was an economic crime investigator with The Federal Bureau of Investigation. David is currently the Director of Financial Crime Controls and AML officer at Carta Inc.


Matt O'Toole

Matt O’Toole
America First Credit Union

Matt O’Toole is the BSA Compliance Administrator at America First Credit Union where he oversees all aspects of the Bank Secrecy Act program.  He has 10 years of BSA/AML experience.  He has been in the financial industry for over 20 years with experience in retail banking, lending and compliance.  Matt received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Weber State University.


Shanna Hall

Shanna Hall
Membership Director

Shanna Hall is a Project Manager for Compliance Testing in the Corporate Risk Management Group at Discover Financial Services.  She has worked in many areas/positions of Financial Services Industry including Branch Banking, BSA/AML Officer, Business Analyst, Compliance Manager, Investment & Trust Operations, Mortgage Operations, Securities Operations and Training.  Shanna holds both CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) and CSOP (Certified Securities Operations Personnel) Certifications and is a Six Sigma Champion.  Shanna has participated in exams on Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS) with regulators from the FDIC, FINRA, OCC, SEC and State Examiners.  She has also been involved in a CFPB exam related to the Home Mortgage Act (HMDA) and Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA).


Jeff Walk

Jeff Walk
Wells Fargo
Communications Director

Jeff Walk is a Vice President/Financial Crimes Manager at Wells Fargo Bank managing a Financial Crimes Liaison Team for Wells Fargo Commercial Capital. Jeff has worked in various BSA/AML positions for over 10 years. Prior to becoming an AML/BSA professional, Jeff spent 10 years in retail banking. Jeff is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) as well as a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) .