• What is required to join a Chapter?

    You must have an active ACAMS membership in order to qualify for an ACAMS Chapter membership. Chapter membership is $50 annually. These funds are collected and retained by ACAMS for the sustainability of the Chapters.

    ACAMS members with less than 12 months remaining on their membership can prorate their chapter membership to renew on the same day as their ACAMS membership.

    Please contact info@acams.org or chapters@acams.org for more information on chapter membership proration.

  • Are non-members allowed to attend chapter events?

    Yes, non-ACAMS members are welcome to attend chapter events.

  • If so, what will costs be to non-members?

    The fee can vary by event and are set by the Chapter.

  • Will non-members get email invitations so they can elect whether to attend events?

    Due to privacy and anti-spamming laws, invitations will only be sent to ACAMS members and Chapter members. However, all events are posted online, here.