• How do I register for the classes through WebEx?

    The WebEx registration link will be included in the ACAMS confirmation email. You will only need to register once for the entire series.

  • How many credits will I earn for participating in the series?

    The CAMS Virtual Classroom Series is worth 12 CAMS credits.

  • Do I need to request my credits for the class?

    ACAMS automatically adds 12 CAMS credits to your account upon conclusion of the series.

  • If I miss a training session due to work commitments, am I still eligible to receive the 12 CAMS credits?

    You are able to miss 1 live session and still earn the 12 CAMS credits.

  • Can I attend if I am on a Mac?

    You are able to attend using a Mac OSX or above.

    • JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled
    • Requires Apple Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 or higher
  • What do I do if I have technical difficulties with WebEx during class?

    • Please work with your IT department early on to ensure your video and audio are working properly
    • Please test WebEx on your computer by clicking on this link: http://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html\
    • To avoid possible log-in and audio issues, please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to access the class. Firefox is not recommended
  • Will I need a microphone?

    You do not need a microphone.

  • Will I need video access?

    No, only the instructors will have access to video.

  • When will I receive access to the recording?

    We will provide everyone with access through our Learning Management System (LMS). Recordings will be made available 48-72hours after the class has taken place and will remain available for 3 additional weeks upon completion of the final class.

    Link: https://acams.exceedlms.com/
    Username: Your Email
    Password: ACAMS Member Number

    If you do not know what your member number is, please contact us for assistance.

  • How will I receive the homework exercises?

    The assignments are distributed (1) one week prior to each class. If you do not receive them prior to class, please contact us to obtain the pre-class assignment documents.

  • Do I need to submit my homework?

    You do not need to submit your homework.

  • When will we review the homework exercises?

    During the class.

  • When will the full slide deck be made available to everyone?

    The final deck with answers to the practice questions and homework exercises will be made available 24-48hrs upon completion of the class. It will be sent by the class coordinator in the class recap email.

  • How soon after the Virtual Classroom should I schedule my exam?

    Every individual is different, however, candidates are provided with a 6 month timeframe to prepare and sit for the exam.

  • Are we able to download the virtual classes?

    The virtual classes can only be streamed through the LMS.

  • Do I receive a certificate for completing the series?

    Participants will receive a certificate of participation upon conclusion of the series.