Transaction Monitoring

The knowledge gained from this AML training helps your teams identify situations in which money-laundering alerts should be triggered, based on what the authorities expect. Teams learn to better identify unusual customer activity so they can more effectively control and report it.


Trade-Based Money Laundering

Your teams will learn and understand the different forms and methods of trade-based money laundering. Through this training, your teams will learn the skills needed to integrate trade-based money laundering controls within your existing AML/CTF programs.


Cyber-Enabled Crime

Learn to identify where your organization is most vulnerable to cyber-attack and create effective preparation and response plans to protect your organization, clients, and your reputation from being exploited. This training prepares your team to be a partner with law enforcement and collaborate with industry organizations in the identification and capture of cyber criminals.


Sanctions Compliance

Learn the crucial sanctions compliance principles all compliance staff should understand. The learnings gained from this course fit into any current sanctions compliance program, helping to improve your controls.



Improve customer due diligence by learning how to better assess what you need to know, explore where to find the answers, organize your customer information in a meaningful way, and present your findings and Customer Due Diligence requirements clearly to all stakeholders.


Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF)

This CTF training will give your team a clear understanding of how terrorism works and how it is financed. Your team will learn to identify possible threats to your institution through situational awareness, how to mitigate terrorist financing risk to your institution, and how to build a capable Rapid Response Team.


AML Foundations

AML Foundations is a stepping stone for entry-level employees not yet ready for CAMS certification and for business line staff who need solid AML training now so they can add more value on the job today.


ACAMS Certificate courses provide essential training in an engaging format that is perfect for compliance teams of any size. The courses appeal to early and/or intermediate compliance professionals and are a great refresher for more experienced staff.

Participants who successfully complete ACAMS Certificate courses receive:

  • A certificate of completion proving their commitment to protecting their institutions against money laundering, terrorist financing and other financial crimes.
  • Four CAMS credit hours to keep them on track towards CAMS certification or CAMS recertification.

Additionally, an introductory first year of ACAMS membership and all accompanying benefits is included with registration for ACAMS Certificates courses. Membership includes ongoing education and information resources on anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, and other financial crimes.

Certificate courses are typically spread out conveniently into four parts consisting of four training hours, across four weeks. The courses are delivered entirely in a digital format which eliminates the cost associated with other forms of live training.