7th Annual Enhanced AML and Financial Crime Tools and Techniques – Tokyo Seminar

  • When: 8 September 2016
  • Where: Tokyo, Japan
  • Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo
    Marunouchi Trust Tower
    1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,
    Tokyo, 100-8283, Japan

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This targeted one-day seminar provides a forum for in-depth discussions covering key areas of AML compliance and financial crime prevention. Take advantage of the small group format and take away valuable tools and techniques to share with your team.

Our speaker faculty will share their expertise in a wide range of topics, including addressing regional compliance challenges, effective sanctions management, and an interactive workshop on implementing risk assessment processes.


(Simultaneous Translation between English and Japanese will be provided.)
シャングリ・ラ ホテル東京、 東京都千代田区丸の内1-8-3 丸の内トラストタワー

8.00 – 9.00

Registration and Morning Tea

9.00 – 9.10

Welcome Remarks
Masahiko Hibino, CAMS, Country Head of Japan, ACAMS
Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia, ACAMS

日比野正彦 CAMS、 ACAMS日本代表
Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia, ACAMS

9:10 – 10:00

Regulatory Update: Compliance Strategies for New Rules and Guidance
Speaker: Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia, ACAMS and regulator/law enforcement agency in Asia region.

  • Reviewing the latest developments relating to mutual evaluations and its impact in the Asia region
  • Evaluating sanctions oversight to incorporate changing rules by OFAC and other governing bodies relating to Russia, Iran, Cuba and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Meeting upcoming FATCA Deadlines on gross proceeds payments and strategizing for the upcoming OECD common reporting standard (GATCA) implementation
  • Analyzing recent regulatory changes within Hong Kong, Singapore and throughout the APAC region

講演1: 「最新規制動向:新たな規制・ガイダンスに対するコンプライアンス戦略」
講演者:Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia, ACAMS and regulator/law enforcement agency in Asia region.

  • アジア地域におけるFATF相互審査とその影響
  • 制裁管理評価―ロシア、イラン、キューバおよび、北朝鮮人民共和国に関するOFACおよびその他政府によるルール変更
  • FATCAグロス・プロシーズ・ペイメントの期限遵守とOECD共通報告様式(GATCA)実施戦略
  • 香港、シンガポールとアジア地域の規制変化の影響評価

10:00 – 10:30

Current Status and Issues of AML/CTF Developments Impacting Financial Institutions Financial Supervisory Agency – Japan
Speaker: Akiko Konno, Deputy Director, Inspection Bureau, Financial Services Agency-Japan

金融庁 検査局 総務課 課長補佐 昆野明子 氏 

10:30 – 10:45

Networking and Refreshment Break

10:45 – 11:45

Applying the Latest Intelligence to Detect and Prevent Cybercrime Activities
Speaker: Al Demeter, CAMS, Managing Director, Citigroup Security & Investigative Services (HK)

  • Understanding red-flags emerging from transaction monitoring systems to detect potential cybercrime activities
  • Capturing crucial customer information to improve Customer Due Diligence (CDD) practices
  • Dissecting recent cases to identify recurring patterns and pinpoint illicit transactions
  • Drafting reports and cooperating with law enforcement to aid in combating and prosecuting cybercrime offenses

講演3: 「サイバー犯罪対策に関する最新インテリジェンスの展開」
講演者:Al Demeter, Citigroup Security & Investigative Services (HK)

  • 潜在的サイバー犯罪検知の取引モニタリングからのレッド・フラグの理解
  • CDDプラクティス改善のための重要な顧客情報の取得
  • 繰り返されるパターンの識別と不正取引の特定:最近の事例分析
  • サイバー犯罪対策・訴追を助ける報告書作成と法執行機関との協力

11:45 – 12:45

Maintaining a High-Quality International Sanctions Program
Speaker: Daisuke Nakao, CAMS, Chief Advisor, AML Office, Global Compliance Division, The Bank of Tokyo –Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

  • Pinpoint crucial areas of weakness within your sanctions surveillance program
  • Map the steps to standardize your global, regional and local AML and sanctions operations programs
  • Ensure your sanctions controls guard against the concealment or removal of critical transaction information
  • Keep your sanctions management team current using the latest compliance training techniques

講演4: 「AML/経済制裁対応の新潮流」
講演者:三菱東京UFJ銀行, コンプライアンス統括部, AML室 チーフ・アドバイザー, CAMS, 中雄大輔 氏

  • 制裁管理プログラムの弱点
  • AMLプログラムと制裁管理プログラム標準化手順
  • 重要な取引情報の隠蔽・削除に対する対策
  • 制裁管理チームを最新の状態に保つコンプライアンス研修および手法

12:45 – 13:45

Networking Luncheon for all Participants

13:45 – 15:00

PANEL SESSION: Practical Examples and Best Practices for Implementation of the Latest Japanese Regulations

  • Identifying current challenges to effectively implement most recent regulatory developments in Japan
  • Understanding the latest KYC/CDD requirements and their impact on your AML Program
  • Addressing technology and system issues to meet the latest requirements
  • Evaluating your AML model to meet global standards in ultimate beneficial ownership


  • Yoshiaki Nishi, CAMS, Manager, AML Office, Global Compliance Division,The Bank of Tokyo –Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Teppei Tsujimoto, CAMS & Attorney at Law NY, Head of Group, AML Planning Dept., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
  • Taeko Hori, CAMS, Senior Manager, Compliance Promotion Division No.2, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.


  • Chiharu Yamazaki, CAMS, CFE, Managing Director, Financial Services, KPMG AZSA LLC.

パネル・セッション: 「本邦最新規制への対応実例とベストプラクティス」

  • 現時点での規制対応の課題
  • 新規KYC/CDD要件とAMLプログラムに対する影響
  • 新規要件を満たすための技術的・システム面の問題と課題
  • 真の受益者のグローバル・スタンダード対応のためのAMLモデル評価

三菱東京UFJ銀行、コンプライアンス統括部、マネー・ローダリング防止対策室、グローバルAMLグループ、調査役、CAMS、西好昭 氏
三井住友銀行、総務部、AML企画第一グループ、グループ長、ニューヨーク州弁護士、CAMS、辻本哲平 氏
みずほ銀行、コンプライアンス推進第二部、マネー・ローンダリング対策室、参事役、CAMS、堀多恵子 氏

有限責任あずさ監査法人、金融アドバイザリー部、マネージング・ディレクター、CAMS、CFE, 山崎千春 氏

15:00 – 15:20

Networking and Refreshment Break

15:20– 16:50

Interactive Workshop:
Second Key Pillar of RBA: Designing an Effective Risk-based AML Compliance Program

Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia, ACAMS
Emma Hunter, Senior Associate, Baker & McKenzie (Australia)

Determining your institution’s exposure to risk with regard to its customers, geographies, products and operations is a daunting challenge. Yet developing a risk-based AML compliance program is the most effective way to block criminal activity and minimize your institution’s exposure to regulatory scrutiny. How can you ensure the appropriate risk-based controls are being used to identify and manage customers that pose a higher risk to your institution? What is the best approach to creating an AML risk management program with policies and procedures that strike the right balance between compliance and cost? Join this hands-on workshop to receive detailed instruction on creating and implementing an effective risk-based program, with special emphasis on:

  • Evaluating the benefits of a risk-based approach: how is this defined and when should it be used?
  • Identifying the key components of an effective AML risk management program: what should be considered and why?
  • Understanding the current standards and regulatory guidance pertaining to AML risk management
  • Dissecting real-life examples of effective risk-based compliance programs 
  • Analyzing lessons learned from international enforcement actions

「RBA 第2のキーピラー: 効果的なリスクベースAMLコンプラインスプログラムの設計」

Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia, ACAMS
Emma Hunter, Senior Associate, Baker & McKenzie (Australia)


  • リスベースアプローチの利点の評価:どのように定義され、いつ用いられるべきか
  • 効果的なAMLリスクマネージメントプログラムのキーコンポーネントの特定:考慮されるべきものと何故
  • 効果的なリスクベースAMLコンプラインスプログラムの実例
  • 世界のエンフォースメント・アクションからの教訓と分析

16:50 – 17:00

Wrap-Up & Key Take-aways
Masahiko Hibino, CAMS, Country Head of Japan, ACAMS
日比野 正彦 CAMS, ACAMS日本代表


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Hue Dang
  • Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit

  • Head of Asia


Ms. Dang is the Head of Asia of ACAMS, having established its regional head office in Hong Kong in 2008. Ms. Dang has more than 20 years’ experience in banking and finance. Prior to ACAMS, she was a Bank Examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Manager with Barclays Capital’s Investment Banking Division in Singapore, Director for Business Development at Citibank’s Global Consumer Banking Group in Singapore and Director of Business Development, Asia/Pacific, for Thomson Financial in Hong Kong. Ms. Dang holds educational degrees from the US, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with honors from Amherst College and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government.

A.R. Demeter
  • A.R. Demeter, CFE, CAMS

  • Managing Director
  • Citigroup Security & Investigative Services (Hong Kong)

Taeko Hori
  • Taeko Hori, CAMS

  • Senior Manager, Compliance Promotion Division No.2
  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Emma Hunter
  • Emma Hunter

  • Co-Head Global AML/CTF Group
  • Baker & McKenzie (Australia)

Akiko Konno
  • Akiko Konno

  • Deputy Director, Inspection Bureau, Financial Services Agency
  • Japan

Daisuke Nakao
  • Daisuke Nakao, CAMS

  • Chief Advisor, AML Office, Global Compliance Division
  • The Bank of Tokyo–Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd

Yoshiaki Nishi
  • Yoshiaki Nishi, CAMS

  • Manager, AML Office, Global Compliance Division
  • The Bank of Tokyo–Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd

Teppei Tsujimoto
  • Teppei Tsujimoto, CAMS & Attorney at Law NY

  • Head of Group, AML Planning Dept.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Chiharu Yamazaki
  • Chiharu Yamazaki, CAMS, CFE

  • Managing Director, Financial Services


有限責任 あずさ監査法人



KPMG AZSA LLC hold approximately 5,600 people in major cities in Japan, providing audit, attestation, and advisory services such as financial advisory services and preparation for initial public offerings. We also offer professional services in specialized fields including financials, manufacturing, retail, IT, media, government, and healthcare.
As a member of KPMG International, KPMG AZSA LLC provides clients with a consistent set of professional services globally through a network in 155 countries.

有限責任 あずさ監査法人は、全国主要都市に約5,600名の人員を擁し、監査や各種証明業務をはじめ、財務関連アドバイザリーサービス、株式上場支援などを提供しています。

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters


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Lexis Nexis


LexisNexis Business Insight Solutions offers a suite of risk, research and reputation solutions that help power your business decisions. Our information covers over 36,000 international news and business sources, as well as thousands of business-relevant web sites, blogs and forums. With more than 3,000 customers in over 60 countries we are the leading global provider of business insight solutions.


SWIFT について



SWIFT is a member-owned cooperative through which the financial world conducts its business operations with speed, certainty and confidence. More than 10,800 financial institutions and corporations in over 200 countries trust us every day to exchange millions of standardised financial messages. SWIFT’s Compliance Services unit manages a growing portfolio of financial crime compliance services that address our customers’ needs in the areas of sanctions, Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML. Learn more at www.swift.com/complianceservices.

SWIFT は会員制協同組合であり、200 を超える国と地域にある、11,000 以上の銀行や証券会社、企業をつなぐ通信プラットフォーム、製品、サービスを提供しています。SWIFT を活用することで、ユーザーは標準化された財務情報を自動で安全かつ確実に交信でき、結果的にコストや業務リスク、運用面での非効率性を削減することが可能となります。また、SWIFT は、協働による市場慣行の形成や基準の設定、互いに関心がある問題についての議論を推進することで、金融コミュニティを一つにする役割を担っています。 詳しくは www.swift.com/complianceservices

Dow Jones Risk and Compliance
ダウ・ジョーンズ リスク・アンド・コンプライアンス

Dow Jones Risk and Compliance


Dow Jones Risk and Compliance is a global provider of risk management and regulatory compliance solutions. With a global team of expert researchers covering more than 60 languages, we deliver structured risk data, investigative research tools and professional services to organizations around the world. Our market-leading data solutions help companies navigate Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Economic Sanctions, Third Party Due Diligence, and Commercial Risk operations. Providing compliance professionals with flexible delivery options and a professional services offering, our compliance solutions empower fast and informed decision-making – without compromising on coverage.

ダウ・ジョーンズ リスク・アンド・コンプライアンスはリスクマネージメントと規制対応のソリューションを提供するグローバルプロバイダーです。60以上の言語をカバーする専門のグローバルリサーチチームを持ち、構造化されたリスクデータや調査ツールなどのプロフェッショナルサービスを世界中の企業にご提供しています。業界のマーケットリーダーであるダウ・ジョーンズのデータソリューションは、アンチ・マネー・ロンダリング、贈収賄防止、経済制裁、第三者デュー・デリジェンス、コマーシャルリスクなど様々な規制リスクからお客様を守ります。ダウ・ジョーンズのコンプライアンス・ソリューションは柔軟な配信オプションとプロフェッショナルなサービスを提供し、コンプライアンス・オフィサーの皆様が素早く、豊富な情報に基づいた意思決定を下すことを可能にします。