AML White Papers

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Read white papers from industry-leading ACAMS members who have successfully passed an advanced certification program. These white papers focused on topics such as audit, financial crime investigations and more provide in-depth research findings and valuable financial crime prevention tips.

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AML and Financial Crime Surveys

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Conducted periodically throughout the year, ACAMS’ surveys take the pulse of the compliance community and provide powerful insights into the biggest financial crime challenges. From the complexities of comprehensive AML risk assessment to the challenges faced by a volatile regulatory landscape, you’ll find helpful quantitative data to improve your compliance decisions.

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AML and Financial Crime Prevention Salary Survey

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Did you know that the median income for Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS) is 42% higher than those without the credential? Review the compensation statistics in the 2015 AML/FCP/CFT Compensation survey. Download the full report.