ACAMS Nordics Chapter


Upcoming Nordics Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

The ACAMS Nordics Chapter aims to serve members from the entire Nordic region and will be co-located in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

At the founding meeting, on 16 September 2016, ACAMS Nordics Chapter co-chairs, Karl-Johan Karlsson and Marie Lundberg, together with chapter board members Julia Jensen, Tiffany L. F. Ikkala, Håkan Svensson and ACAMS Head of Europe and CIS, Angela Salter, posed for a celebratory photograph. The founding board has since been joined by Migdalia Rojas.

The board directors possess a diverse mix of skills and experience from a range of organisations, including banks, consultancies, funds management, LEAs, MSBs, FinTechs and tech companies, and are currently located or have recently worked closely with several areas of the Nordics, ensuring good member representation across the region.

Nordics Chapter Mission

The ACAMS Nordics Chapter will support ACAMS in its mission to advance the professional knowledge, skills and experience of those dedicated to the prevention and detection of money laundering and financial crime.  In addition, the chapter will:

  • Provide a Nordic perspective and input into regional and international standards for the detection and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Offer networking platforms through which anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) professionals can collaborate with their peers throughout the Nordic countries.
  • The chapter will also deliver Nordic-focused member events on a regular basis and welcomes inquiries from potential speakers, trainers and sponsors.

All ACAMS Nordics Chapter events will take place in English.

For further information about the ACAMS Nordics Chapter, please contact us at

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Nordics Chapter Presentation

Upcoming Nordics Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

Half-day seminar on AML/CTF

More than a 130 people from different sectors and companies participated in ACAMS Nordics Chapter’s half-day seminar on 22 February at the premises of our sponsor SAS Institute, in Solna, Sweden.

Participants had the opportunity to listen to Grahame White who talked about to Terror Cell Identification (TCI) to prevent the financing of terrorism. Thereafter Håkan Svensson made a fascinating presentation on the private and public perspectives regarding counter terrorism financing (CTF) which was followed by an interactive panel discussion on overcoming challenges in CTF.

Marie Lundberg, co-chair of Nordics Chapter, introduced a practitioner’s view on the use of analytics in AML. Finally, Miriam Gyllenros addressed auditing AML and CTF as the third line of defense.

Delegates had the chance to mingle with peers, presenters and Chapter board members under the breakfast and lunch.


Breakfast Seminar With the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

The ACAMS Nordics Chapter breakfast seminar was held on 18 October in the Stockholm City Center, Norra Latin, where our guest speaker Ronny Gustavsson from the Swedish FSA presented how the FSA use a risk based approach in AML supervision.

It was an interesting seminar where more than 100 participants from different sectors and companies learned about: the risk based supervision process, what financial institutions should expect the FSA visits and what happens after the visit.

When the seminar started and after having welcomed the audience and the guest speaker Chapter co-chair, Marie Lundberg, gave a brief presentation about the Chapter and ACAMS. After the main speaker presentation Marie also conducted a very interesting and participative Q&A session.


Entity Resolution in Anti Money Laundering


Martin James, Pitney Bowes

Attendees at this session will learn:

  • How to accelerate KYC and CDD processes
  • How to identify non-obvious connections across transactions and parties
  • How applying a robust data quality strategy will improve TMS effectiveness

The evening will also offer an opportunity to mingle with AML/CTF peers from the Nordic region, discuss with the guest speaker, and meet with the ACAMS Nordics Chapter Board members.


Karl Johan Karlsson

Karl-Johan Karlsson, CAMS-Audit
Danske Bank (Sweden)

Karl-Johan Karlsson is a Senior Risk Officer at Danske Bank which is the largest bank in Denmark. He started working in the financial industry sector in 2001 and have since then held several positions in both risk and compliance. Karl-Johan was among the first in Europe to earn the Certified Advanced AML Audit Specialist (CAMS-Audit) credential from the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).


Marie Lundberg

Marie Lundberg
Transcendent Group (Sweden)

Marie Lundberg is the manager for Forensic Services Business Area and senior consultant within Anti Financial Crime at Transcendent Group. Marie is a firm believer of using analytics and knowing your data to help combat financial crime as one of many other tools. She is a Subject Matter Expert and a known public speaker. Before joining Transcendent Group, Marie has more than 20 years of experience within the Financial Sector, including Investment firms, large Internet Banks, traditional banking and Payment Service Providers both from various line functions including top management and as a management consultant/partner. She also has serval years of experience from working at and with Software developing companies. She has been responsible for building up internal financial intelligence units and educating staff of all levels including senior management and board of directors within the Anti Financial Crimes area. Marie has several years of international experience, mostly from the European market.


Julia Boe Jensen

Julia Boe Jensen, CAMS
Nordea Bank Denmark
Co-responsible for programming

Julia Boe Jensen is a Customer Due Diligence Expert at Nordea Bank Denmark. She is recognized for the ability to check legal contracts and agreements being fully compliant with all relevant regulations of the country concerned. Julia has extensive experience undertaking KYC and due diligence investigations.

Prior to joining Nordea, Julia B. Jensen worked as a Senior Settlements Specialist in Danske Bank and was responsible for settlement in Emerging Markets and monitoring of equities transactions that may violate anti-money laundering (AML).

Julia B. Jensen is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering specialist (CAMS). Julia has a law degree from Vilnius University, holds diploma in social sciences from Roskilde University and diploma in political studies from Lund University.


Tiffany Ikkala

Tiffany L. F. Ikkala
Nordea Bank Denmark
Co repsonsible for programming

Tiffany Ikkala, Senior Compliance Officer at Nordea Bank, a Global Systemically Important Bank (G-SIB) represented in 16 countries with over 10 million customers, was hired in July 2013 to manage the development of a comprehensive AML program across business areas. As a Senior Compliance Officer in retail banking, Tiffany is responsible for guiding and facilitating the business in a range of compliance areas to include AML, sanctions, FATCA and other US applicable laws. Tiffany has more than five years of financial compliance experience from both sides of the Atlantic.

Before joining Nordea Bank, Ikkala worked as a financial consultant at Ernst & Young, New York, where she advised in regulation, compliance, and AML while serving the largest banking and financial institutions in the US. Prior to her role at Ernst & Young, Tiffany served as a Captain in the US Air Force which included highly regulated activities in the aviation industry and international agreements.

Ikkala earned a MBA from Oklahoma City University and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the US Air Force Academy. She is CAMS/ACAMS certified. Ikkala is also an active member in her local expat community theatre group and Danish rowing club.


Hakan Svensson

Håkan Svensson, CAMS, CFCS
Western Union (Sweden)
Chapter Member Communications

Senior Compliance Manager at Western Union with regional responsibilities in Europe. Managing a growing team of compliance officers operating in the Nordic countries and responsible for compliance functions, systems, policies and procedures. Extensive experience of working with Nordic Financial Supervisory Authorities and the single point of contact for authorities and regulators in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Håkan holds a bachelor’s degree in international law. He is a former Swedish police officer and senior crime intelligence analyst, who previously worked with the Swedish National Economic Crime Authority, working with both strategical and tactical operations and investigations against international organized and financial crimes. An example is the annual Swedish National Financial Crimes Risk Assessment and the development of a Swedish Crime Intelligence Centre, responsible for develop methods to integrate different authorities and their systems, knowledge and resources. The Police, Tax Authority, Police Security Service, Financial Crime Authority, Customs and the Revenue authority are today working together analysing classified and open source information related to organized and financial crimes.

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS) – Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).
Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) – Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS)


Migdalia Rojas

Migdalia Rojas, CAMS, MICA, MCR – AML Officer
SKAGEN Funds (Norway)
Chapter Member Communications

Migdalia Rojas is the AML Officer in SKAGEN Funds, a privately owned asset management company based in Norway with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam. She was hired in January 2007 to work with compliance for the international division of SKAGEN and in the same year was appointed AML responsible for the clients outside the company home markets (Norway, Sweden and Denmark at that time). Her tasks included: CDD/KYC for international clients; staff training and batch screening of clients against sanctions and PEPs lists as well as follow-up international developments in AML/CTF. As AML Officer, Migdalia is responsible for overseeing SKAGEN’s AML/CTF program; coordinating the AML team; reporting to senior management /Board of Directors and managing the company transaction-monitoring operations among others.

Before joining SKAGEN Funds, Migdalia worked as an independent legal advisor in her homeland Venezuela where she got a translation and a law degree. She also holds a MBA from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom. Additionally she has undertaken various courses in compliance including all the AML qualifications provided by the International Compliance Association (ICA). Migdalia is also a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), a certification from the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). She is currently member of the ICA (accredited MICA), the Compliance Register (accredited MCR) and ACAMS.

Migdalia is an active participant in various AML/CTF conferences and seminars in the associations she is member of; the AML Professional Forum (AMLP Forum) as well as Finance Norway.