Thank you for visiting the new ACAMS Greater Twin Cities Chapter website! The Chapter was launched on October 27, 2011 by an Executive Board composed of professionals from the AML field in the Minnesota/Wisconsin region. The Chapter seeks to be a professional resource that can provide support, guidance, training, and peer interaction for industry professionals. One of our Chapter’s goals is to promote ACAMS as a platform for career development and professional networking for our local AML community by organizing meetings and events of interest for members and non-members. We’ll have a variety of events in multiple locations and present various speakers who are subject matter experts in the industry so all participants can benefit. We believe this Chapter will be an effective and productive resource, and we strongly encourage your involvement.

Reasons to join the ACAMS Greater Twin Cities Chapter:

  • The Chapter will provide ACAMS members a local forum to facilitate networking and discussion on AML topics of interest among AML professionals from the various industry lines.
  • The Chapter provides an opportunity for AML professionals to share best practices for prevention, detection and reporting of financial crimes and fraud.
  • The Chapter will offer educational opportunities focusing on region-specific topics of interest and provide an opportunity to have your questions answered by AML industry professionals, members of law enforcement, and the regulatory agencies.
  • The local Chapter provides the AML, fraud, and anti-terrorism financing community with professional resources, member support, guidance on new regulations and emerging issues, and career development related training.
  • Most events will be free of charge to Chapter members, providing a great value for your $50 annual membership fee.
  • Many of the training and workshop events will provide an opportunity to earn continuing education credits to maintain your CAMS designation.

Board 2014

Not pictured left to right: James Cummans, Michael Moore, and Keith Sjostrom
Pictured left to right: Ryan Montgomery, Michael Campion, Shannon Bennett, Sande Bayer, Matt Johnson, Kami Belchak, Carrie Rosvold, Jessica Baglo, and Tim Charbonneau.

Not For Sale

Together, we can end slavery in our lifetime.

Upcoming Greater Twin Cities Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

Beneficial Ownership – Are you Ready?

As we are all aware, the requirement to comply with the Beneficial Ownership Rules with respect to the Customer Due Diligence Requirements is soon approaching with a little over a year remaining. As part of that ongoing preparation, the ACAMS Greater Twin Cities Chapter invites you to join us for a 90 minute lunch and learn on that topic. The event will have an overview of the requirements from Dennis Dullinger, a regulatory expert from Wolters Kluwer, followed by an open conversation with your peers on some of the challenges and best practices on implementing the new rules. The discussion will be split into three groups: large banks, small banks/credit unions/MSBs and broker/dealer.

Sponsored and hosted by:

Human Trafficking Learning Event and GTC ACAMS Chapter Member Appreciation


Simone Bell
A survivor of Canadian domestic human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and a key member of Roos-Remillard Consulting Services

Sargent Grant Snyder, Minneapolis Police Department

Sargent Sean Johnson, St. Paul Police Department

Special Agent Tonya Price, Department of Homeland Security

AML Officer Sande Bayer, US Bank

Alan Schienberg, RDC

For more information on Roos-Remillard Consulting Services, visit their website.

The First Annual Public-Private Partnerships Summit– Fighting Financial Crimes & Terrorist Financing

Please join Thomson Reuters in an exclusive event highlighting the importance of effective Public-Private Partnerships. This year’s Summit will focus on addressing the challenges organizations face solving some of the toughest issues of our day and how the partnerships between law enforcement and the financial industry are critical to combat the financing of criminal activity and terrorism. Plan to join our faculty of recognized experts and officials as they discuss trends and how to develop successful relationships between government entities and financial institutions.

You will also hear from law enforcement officials on the ground on December 2nd, 2015, as they share first-hand accounts of how the tragic terrorist attacks in San Bernardino highlighted many examples of successful public-private partnerships, including how private sector technology helped put an end to the tragedy and save lives.

Plus, you won’t want to miss the riveting insights from two of the most notable former federal law enforcement officials in the country on the topic of the capture of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Learn what partnerships were leveraged and how banks can be even more vigilant to stop international money-laundering. From the cameras of 60 Minutes to your stage…

Law Enforcement Appreciation Event (GTC)

Partnering with Law Enforcement – Our Mission and Appreciation as a Community

The event includes participation from and recognition for both local and national (i.e. IRS, FBI, US Postal Inspector) enforcement agencies. Attendees will have an opportunity to directly network with law enforcement.

Whether it’s detecting and reporting possible financial crime or terrorist activity, the partnership between law enforcement and the financial industry is built on trust and respect, with our mission being to protect the community, institution and country. As we continue to combat this effort together, the ACAMS Greater Twin City Chapter (GTCC) would like to celebrate this partnership with a half day learning event, followed by networking and the opportunity to end the day with a Minnesota favorite pastime of enjoying a Twins baseball game.

The learning event will kick-off with a discussion on the recent terrorist activity (i.e. San Bernardino, Paris) with Dennis Lormel. Dennis is retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), following over 30 years of government service, almost 28 years as a Special Agent in the FBI. Immediately following the terrorist attacks of September 2001, Mr. Lormel formulated, established and directed the FBI’s comprehensive terrorist financing initiative. Dennis was the first chief of the FBI’s Terrorist Financing Operations Section. Mr. Lormel will share some best practices in helping your institution identify the red flags in detecting possible terrorist activity.

The learning event will also include different law enforcement panel discussions related to some of the current scams and crimes they are seeing here in Minnesota and across the nation. Law enforcement will share related case studies and the SAR Review Team will discuss what information and data provided in the SAR draws their attention to your case. The discussions will include:

  • IRS scams
  • Business email compromise scams
  • Elder abuse
  • Human trafficking
  • Important data to include on a SAR

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AML Year in Review featuring Ralph Wright


Ralph Wright,
Crowe Horwath

Learning Event luncheon | Session A: Model Validation | Session B: MSBs | Session C: Securities

Learning Event

  • Law enforcement case studies presented by the St. Paul Police Department
  • Best practices used among peers when working with law enforcement

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AML Year in Review

Today’s Threat Environment… Does it impact your SAR Narrative?

Mark Twombly

Mark Twombly

(L) Matt Johnson; (R) Mark Twombly

(L) Matt Johnson; (R) Mark Twombly



Never Unarmed Event at Sealed Mindset

Learning Event featuring Dennis Lormel: Getting Ahead of Illegal Online Activity

2013 Chapter of the Year Celebration

Fraud and AML – The Super Heroes in Partnership Luncheon

Twins Day

REBBL is a beverage company launched by Not For Sale to create job opportunities and social programs in the most vulnerable communities of the world.

“REBBL is a beverage company launched by Not For Sale to create job opportunities and social programs in the most vulnerable communities of the world.”

Mark Wexler speaks on the cause to end human trafficking during the home plate ceremony

“Mark Wexler speaks on the cause to end human trafficking during the home plate ceremony”

The Not For Sale logo appears during the home plate ceremony recognizing the organization

“The Not For Sale logo appears during the home plate ceremony recognizing the organization”

Founders of Not For Sale and Members of the GTC ACAMS Chapter gather at Lyon's Pub

“Founders of Not For Sale and Members of the GTC ACAMS Chapter gather at Lyon’s Pub”

A Panel Discussion with Local and Federal Law Enforcement Personnel

Learning Event: US Bank Plaza – formerly the Pillsbury Plaza

Shannon L Bennett

Shannon L. Bennett, CAMS, CRCM
U.S Bank

Shannon rejoined Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (WKFS) in August 2012 as the Director of Financial Crime Control Strategy and Consulting, serving as a senior advisor and strategist to clients in preventing, identifying and resolving opportunities for fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes in banking, securities, insurance and other financial service organizations.

Prior to her current position, Shannon was the Senior Director for Law Enforcement Liaison and Technical Strategies for MoneyGram International, where she was responsible for building the company’s relationships and working closely with law enforcement agencies, as well as overseeing and globally centralizing the subpoena processing team. She focused her efforts on leveraging law enforcement input and knowledge to advance company efforts to systemically prevent fraud and manage compliance. During her six years at the company, Shannon served in a variety of compliance leadership roles, including overseeing agent oversight, compliance technology initiatives, government reporting, and transaction monitoring functions, most recently as Sr. Director, AML Compliance Operations and Technology.

Shannon joined MoneyGram from Wells Fargo’s Home and Consumer Finance Group in 2006 where she was a Vice President in the Enterprise Risk Management Group (ERMG) leveraging common technology and building capabilities across HCFG’s real estate lending business and implementing a global delivery strategy. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, she was the Financial Intelligence Compliance Manager at WKFS and focused on the provisions, requirements and implications of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and the USA PATRIOT Act on financial institutions.

With her entire career spent in the financial services industry, she has significant experience in providing a wide range of compliance advice and technology guidance. She frequently presents at industry seminars and conferences.


Sandra Bayer

Sandra (Sande) Bayer, CAMS
US Bank

Sande has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry including insurance, brokerage products, and the banking industry. Her roles and responsibility have included management, training and compliance oversight. Sande’s current focus includes AML oversight for payment products including credit card, prepaid/stored value systems and the on-boarding of mobile payment systems at U.S. Bank. Additional responsibilities include AML compliance oversight for mergers and acquisitions. She is also actively involved with the Minnesota Region Chapter of Not For Sale (NFS), an organization to raise awareness and increase efforts to cease global human trafficking.


Maria Dolor
Wells Fargo


Ashley Fink

Ashley Fink, CAMS, CFE
Wells Fargo Financial Crimes Audit Team


Angela Jensen, CAMS, NCCO, CUCE
Co-Programming Director
Connexus Credit Union

Angie is currently the Compliance Officer at Connexus Credit Union where she directs all aspects of regulatory compliance including BSA and AML compliance. In her position, she is responsible for reviewing policies and procedures, updating risk assessments and developing, reviewing and recommending necessary changes to mitigate emerging risks as well as being responsible for understanding and implementing regulatory changes across the organization. Angie has worked in the financial services industry since 1999. She is a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) and is a Certified Anti- Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), a NAFCU Certified Compliance Officer (NCCO) and a Credit Union Compliance Expert (CUCE).


Carrie Rosvold

Carrie Rosvold
US Bank

Carrie is the Compliance Manager for Prepaid products within the Retail Payment Solutions business at U.S.Bank in Minneapolis, MN. Her team is responsible for regulatory compliance and operational risk management including first line of defense quality assurance, audit and exam management, change control, and third party risk management. Prior to joining U.S. Bank, Carrie was Assurance Manager for Target Corp Financial and Retail Services where her focus was on operational audits, regulatory compliance, and fraud prevention for credit cards, debits cards, prepaid/stored value cards, and mobile payment products. Previous to that, Carrie worked for MoneyGram as the FIU Manager where she managed a team of Analysts responsible for MoneyGram’s global AML risk assessment, investigations of higher risk activity (corridors, agents and consumers) and implementation of risk mitigation strategies. Carrie has 14 years of internal audit and risk assessment experience primarily focused on fraud and AML risk in financial services and retail industries. Carrie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and her MBA from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. Carrie is also a Certified Internal Auditor.


Paul R. Achman

Paul R. Achman, CAMS
TCF National Bank

Paul R. Achman is the Senior Manager of the BSA Department at TCF National Bank, based in Minneapolis, MN. He has had various roles during the past twenty years that have culminated his current position. In his current role Paul oversees the customer due diligence, currency transaction reporting, enhanced due diligence, and AML investigations functions. His teams are responsible for regulatory screening, including 314(a), OFAC, Senior Foreign Political Figures, and negative news, establishing risk ratings and conducting the respective initial and ongoing enhance due diligence and transaction monitoring, investigation and filing of SAR’s. Prior to joining TCF, Paul worked as a Vice President at M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank and held operations management positions at US Bank. Paul is a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), and Greater Twin Cities ACAMS executive board member. Paul is a native Minnesotan and is passionate about his family and a dedicated father to his adopted son.


Michael Moore

Michael Moore, CAMS
Membership Director
TCF National Bank

Michael is the FIU Technology and Projects Manager for TCF National Bank, in downtown Minneapolis. Michael has over ten years of banking experience, specializing in Fraud, and AML/OFAC Compliance. In his present role, Michael manages the group responsible for the development and tuning of the bank’s anti-money laundering surveillance applications. Michael also has experience with AML investigations, High-Risk customer management, and other BSA-related topics. Michael has been a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) and is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).


Jessica Kelly

Jessica Kelly, CAMS, CFE
Co-Membership Director
MoneyGram International

Jessica is currently the Global Security & Investigations Operations Manager at MoneyGram International. She oversees a team which is responsible for responding to law enforcement requests received by MoneyGram from the United States, Canada, all Latin American, and many European and Asian countries. In this position, she works collaboratively with regional compliance teams and law enforcement agencies internationally. She is responsible for creating and maintain cohesive policy and procedures within the Security and Investigations department globally. Jessica has been with MoneyGram for 14 years in various positions from Compliance to Fraud. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and Certified Fraud Examiner(CFE).


Angela Jensen
Programming Director
Connexus Credit Union


Kelly Halvorson
Co-Programming Director
Wells Fargo


Deb Koehler
Event/Speaker Director
Midwest One Bank


Thor Nelson
Event/Speaker Director


Christina D’Ambrosio
Law Enforcement Liaison Director
U.S. Marshals Service


Jennifer O’Donnell
Co-Law Enforcement Liaison Director
Saint Paul Police Department Criminal Proceeds Unit

Jennifer joined the Saint Paul Police Department in 1995. She currently serves as a Sergeant with the Saint Paul Police Department Criminal Proceeds Unit (CPU). Jennifer is also a Task Force Officer with the United States Secret Service (USSS) and a member of the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force. Jennifer was instrumental in building the department’s CPU and currently oversees the unit’s day to day and supervises assigned staff. The CPU is responsible for conducting financial investigations involving money laundering as it relates to narcotics distribution, human trafficking, identity theft, wire fraud, bank fraud and many other federal and state statutes.

Sergeant O’Donnell has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from the University of Minnesota. She is also a graduate of Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). She is currently seeking an Accounting Certificate at the University of Saint Mary’s.


Andi Wentworth

Andi Wentworth, CAMS
Communications/Technology Director
MoneyGram International

Andi is currently the Supervisor of Global Subpoena processing at MoneyGram International. In her position, Andi supervises a team that responds to Law Enforcement inquires such as FinCEN 314a requests, National Security Letters (NSL) and Grand Jury Subpoenas. Andi has been with MoneyGram for 13 years in various compliance related positions from transaction monitoring to financial intelligence. She is a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) and is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).


Jenna Willie
Co-Communications Director
TCF National Bank