CAMS - The Gold Standard of the AML Field

CAMS CredentialRecognized worldwide by employers in both the private and government sectors and acknowledged by regulators, examiners, and law enforcement, the CAMS credential denotes proven knowledge in the detection and prevention of money laundering and positions certified AML professionals as leaders in the industry.

According to the ACAMS AML Compensation survey, respondents who had been CAMS-certified made up to 33% more than their non-certified counterparts.


“I can say (CAMS) is quickly becoming the industry standard as a required professional qualification for a BSA Officer. The CAMS credential definitely helped me in getting my present job.”

  - K.D. Mehra, CAMS Director of Compliance Services

“A short note to let you know how thankful I’m to have worked with your organization to obtain the CAMS Certification… My banking institution is undergoing a Safe and Soundness Examination. In today’s environment it is crucial to do well in every area of review.

I’m happy to report that my area of BSA/AML did very well and the CAMS Certification is no doubt one of the tools that helped me achieve the results.

Not only it helped me with the vast amount of knowledge and information acquired by the course, the studying, the test and the conferences, but with the respect of being CAMS certified.

Your organization may not be totally aware that the certification carries a lot of weight, but it certainly does. The examiners asked for (and took) a copy of the certificate. I also heard a comment about wishing to do it themselves…”

  - Marina B. Rodriguez Vice President BSA/AML Officer Sunstate Bank